One month with the Microsoft Band - Was it worth the effort?

The Microsoft Band has been on the market since last November and I finally got my hands on one by driving to a Microsoft Store in a neighboring State. I've had the Band for a little over a month and as inventory levels start to climb, I wanted to share my impressions of the Band.

For the most part I have been very impressed with the Band, but as we often seen with first generation devices, there is always room for improvement. But was it worth calling Microsoft Stores in neighboring States and driving two hours to finally get my hands on one?

As far as fit and feel are concerned, it does take a little time to get used to the thickness of the Band. The Band does have a bit of heft to it but nothing that makes you feel as though you are wearing a boat anchor.

I did find that the Band is sized a little smaller than other fitness bands. I'm not sure if it's the bulk of the electronics or just a sizing discrepancy. Where I wear a large with the Fitbit devices, a large Microsoft Band was noticeably too large and I had to go with the medium for proper fit.

Microsoft Band

The Band's fit doesn't need to be snug and a little wiggle room will not cause issues with the sensors. However, if the wiggle room is too great the sensors won't be able to do their thing and you will start receiving "Where did you go?" messages.

As far as what I like the most about the Band, I really like the large display and feel it's just about the right size for a fitness/smart band. It compliments all the features of the Band nicely and, for someone with aging eyes, is easy to read.

I do wish Microsoft had used Gorilla Glass for the display though. If you purchase a Microsoft Band and it does not come with a complimentary screen protector, buy one. I'm using the Invisible Shield protector that was a freebie with the Band. It is easy to put into place, doesn't impact the screen's view or sensitivity and protects it from those pesky hairline scratches.

Microsoft Health

As far as functionality is concerned, step counts are fairly accurate and the heart rate monitor is about par for a skin sensor. I do like having the ability to disable tiles/features that I don't use through the Microsoft Health app. This ability helps reduce some of the clutter un-used tiles can create. It would be nice to be able to move the settings tile towards the front of the line though.

I did have a little concern over the Band's battery life. Two days sucks when compared to the seven days other bands get out of their batteries. However, I'm finding that this isn't that big of an issue. Much like Sam Sabri discovered, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer during the day - time where the Band is simply keeping track of time and my heart rate.

I can keep track of time on my computer and as long as I can do that, I know my heart is still ticking. So for those times I'm camped out in front of my computer, I have developed a habit of putting my Band on the charger. I don't think my Band's battery has ever dipped below 40%.

Microsoft Band

While I am impressed with and like what Microsoft has done with the Band, there is always room for improvement. If I had to pick three things to change about the band they would be adding the Gorilla Glass, make the Band water proof and enable the accelerometer to activate the Clock mode.

The Microsoft Band replaced my wristwatch that was waterproof. I wouldn't think twice about washing the dishes, taking a shower, going swimming or any other activity that involve water while wearing my watch. I now have to make a conscious effort to remove my Band before hanging around water activities. I know with the exposed sensors it might be difficult to make the Band water proof but it sure would be nice.

While I like the Watch mode, I would like to see Microsoft enable the accelerometer to activate the clock display. Garmin's VivoSmart{.nofollow} has a feature that when you flick or raise your wrist, the time is displayed briefly. I don't always have a hand free to press the button to activate the screen and having a hands-free glance feature would be a welcomed feature.

Microsoft Band

Bottom line, was the Band worth the headache of finding one in stock and $199 price tag?

I still think Microsoft dropped the ball in a major way by not having enough inventory to meet demand, but after all the frustration, irritation and effort to get a Band I think it was worth it. After using the Microsoft Band for a month, I have no regrets making the purchase and feel a little out of place when I don't have it on.

Favorite feature? That is a tough one to answer but if I had to choose the one feature that tipped me off the fence with the Microsoft Band it would be the caller notifications. I don't always hear or feel my Windows Phone for incoming calls or text messages. Having the Band vibrate when I receive calls or new text messages helps my day to day life a lot. The downside of it all is that I no longer have an excuse for missing my wife's calls.

If you are new to the Microsoft Band or have been sporting one since day one, let us know in the comments below what your impressions are with the Band. The Microsoft Band is available at Microsoft Retail Stores (opens in new tab) (best to call first to make sure they are in stock) and should be back in stock through the [Microsoft Online Store](/e? "in early 2015".

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

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  • Heck ya!  Love my Band!  I just wish I could look at my data like I did on my FitBit....Please make a more intensive database on the web MS!  
  • Only yesterday they repeated that this was coming.
  • Love mine as well. I used to wear a Citizen EcoDrive watch before I started using Microsoft Band. That watch is so heavy, the Band seems half the weight. So that's no issue.
    Battery is no problem if you don't keep the heartbeat sensor on all the time. With the sensor disabled, I get four days out of it with no recharge. I recharge when the battery dips below 30-40%.
  • I like seeing that Auburn logo considering we beat them last night in basketball 75-55.   GO GATORS!!!!!
  • I enjoyed Georgia beating their rejected thief of a quarterback.
    I really enjoy my Band too.
  • My issues witht the band are mostly software related. with my only hardware issue being the screen and the need for a protector which is just silly. Software however is clunky, stutters and generally doesn't feel fully realized. However it is a great tracker. It keeps me up to date about my body and my notifications. MSB 2 is going to be a great product.
  • Funny, my band isn't clunky or thing, you just have to know where to touch the band to swipe left or right.
  • War Eagle!!!
  • im waiting on a smartwatch...thought about getting the band but I just didnt like the screen...
  • The screen makes a lot of sense to me, but I'd be open to other form factors.  This watch is quite svelt... Its lack of WP support, however, means I am unlikely to get it.  I get it. The band is a fitness device and smartwatches are smartwatches. Even the Apple iWatch or whatever its call looks quite impressive even if it isn't (or won't be) competing in the same space presently.
  • The next Model I hope will be thinner and have a larger screen that wraps around the wrist. Microsoft devices sometimes start off chunky and mature and get thinner and better. The Surface pro 3 is an example of that.with a broadwell M CPU Microsoft coud make a thinner more battery life efficient Surface pro full Windows 8.1/Windows 10 tablet Hybrid. I think it should however keep it current thickness if making it thinner cause's it to loose it's full size USB port which is a PLUS feature the Surfce pro's has 
  • Really hoping SP4 doesn't have core M
  • Is MS still having the plan to launch "Surface Mini" or did they dropped the plan just like McLaren?
  • That was leaked before last year's BUILD, right? I think they dropped it
  • The Surface 2 is thinner and still has the full size USB Host port.
  • I got mine the day it was released. It has sat on my desk for the last month and a half doing nothing. Not that I don't like it, but I am a work-at-home entreprenuer on the computer all day long. I was using the sleep tracking for a while but that was... depressing. So now it just sits.
  • Why was it depressing? I found the sleep tracker quite useful.
  • I was not able to get used to wearing band while sleeping. I only wear during the day and have to take off when I am coding.
  • I could not get used to wearing a watch but almost instantly got used to wearing a Band. Also while sleeping.
  • because it showed how little sleep i actually get :)
  • Sounds like you are just sitting right next to your band!   ​ ​
  • Willing to sell? :)
  • Right with you on depressing sleep. I do work from home, but as a new dad the most sleep I got was at CES. You know it's bad when you go to CES hoping to enjoy sleep :P
  • I too have pretty much stopped wearing it at night because I hated seeing how much little sleep I was getting. Yes silly but I'm tired of seeing the bad news regarding my lack of sleep. I love the step and calorie counters. I phone is never on ring so I often missed calls as well as texts but that has all changed because of the band. I love the meeting reminders as well. I wouldn't want to go back to living without it.
  • Wana sell it?  I mean if it is really just sitting, I would take it off your hands if the price is right.
  • So go for a run and get away from your pc. That's primarily what its for. Brilliant tracking runs - my favourite feature by far. Notifications should sync better with your phone. If I dismiss a reminder set by Cortana on the watch, it should dismiss it on the phone too. Currently doesn't do that. I keep telling my band to 'set timer for 10 minutes' when I cooking or something... Really wish they would add timer commands..
  • What do you do?
  • I'd be happy to buy it off you and pay the shipping to Australia. :-)
  • I think I've lost 5lbs just trying to acquire a #MSBand whew...
  • Microsoft way of keeping us fit.
  • LOL
  • Good one!:)
  • Any sign of a European release?
  • At this point (now the initial excitement has died down) I'm hoping that they won't do a UK release until v2. I know I'd buy one as soon as they come out here, but most reviews (like this) seem to be of the it's good, but the next version "should" be great variety!
  • The way I see it, id rather benefit from the features now. The band is great if you wear it right, screen down, its no worse than an ordinary wrist watch. I'm enjoying the experience now and the next products should be even better.
  • I love the notifications, I've become dependent on them. The GPS for running is the key for me. I hate running with a phone, and this was the perfect fit for me. Waiting for tech to keep getting better!
  • Very true. That's why I bought the band in the first place, it was the only fitness tracker that have onboard GPS/HR then, before Fitbit Surge in the markets.
  • GPS. Me too. Sole reason and feature that makes the band stand out from the rest
  • I got a fitbit only because their service integrates with Virgin Pulse.
  • Love my band, having it on my wrist since the launch day. The features you mentioned are essential, as well as the automatically detecting sleep mode., also more application of these data, or perhaps integration with fitbit/Health&fitness/sensorcore data.
  • I like the band because it track gps and heartrate, which are 2 elements that make it useful for people who ride bikes and want to track their fitness. I do wish they or someone developed a cyclist interface, whiched shows watts, not calories(a simple conversion, but one that cyclist tend to use), would be compatible with strava, or export the track as a gpx or or klm file. also, i'd like to know at a specific location what my heartrate was. I think there's good potential, and i hope that there will be more apps that utililize the functionality of the band. however, i cannot, for the life of me, where the band while I'm at my desk typing/working. it's way to annoying, and i take it off to recharge it. I suppose this is a good thing, since like the author said, my physical activity is at a minimum, and i have a good idea of whats going on anyway.
  • Thanks for your comment. I was wondering what a cyclist take would be on this. I like to road bike about 2-3 a week and I would love to get away from using my bike computer and (sometimes) phone for stats. Supposedly, MSFT made this with 3rd party support in mind. So, hopefully if there is enough traction some of the third party apps will doing some integration and manipulation of data. Fingers crossed. 
  • Yep, this is pretty much what I'm waiting for. If I can track my rides and upload to strata, its a sale.
  • I got mine about a month ago off of ebay. They weren't available on line from MS and the closest store was two hrs away. There ought to be as easy to order online from the brick and mortar store and have it shipped out held for pickup
  • I bought the last 2 at my local store yesterday :)  Loving it so far.
  • How does it rate against the competition?
  • Nice-TO!!!
  • Qi charging option would have set the Band apart from the competition. Using another proprietary cable stinks. It's just one more thing to tote around and forget. Other than the battery life I am happy too. 2 days is short, it's not enough time to remember to put it on the charger before it dies. With fitbit, if it has 25% left I know that I can put it in the charger tonight or tomorrow. With Band, it's more like you better charge it in a few hours.
  • Can I change the units °F and miles to °C and Kms? I want to buy one but I can't get used with these US units...
  • Sim, eu comprei uma no dia 01 de venda. Vendi semana passada. Sorry about portugese, folks.
  • Por quanto? Eu queria tanto uma! :(
  • R$700
  • You can change these within the Health app.  Whether that reflects on the band I'm not sure.
  • Yes, you can change units of measurement from the Preferences option on the Settings (Hamburger) menu on the Windows Health phone app. It allows for changing Weight (Pounds or Kilograms), Temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and Distance & Height (Imperial or Metric). The changes are then sent to the Band via Bluetooth.
  • Been wearing mine for 3 weeks, barely notice it when it's on. I'm average size and I find it very comfortable. I keep the display on the inner wrist.
  • I love my Microsoft band. I never was really into the whole calorie counting thing, I didn't even know what my resting heart rate was. When I started using the band it changed the way I worked out. I love the features that come with it also. It made me a better phone user. I tend to leave my phone laying around and always miss calls or text. Now with the band it notifies me! The only problem I have is I can't seem to take it off because I love it so much.
  • Didn't recall the band being that dog ugly but then realized it was just background image :)
  • I love mine
  • How is it compared to a real sports tracker like the Garmin Forerunner?
  • "real" is subjective. the forerunner uses sensor that are probably comparable to the band and most phones, and depending on the garmin forerunner model, it  may include a heartrate monitor. the band measures basically all of the same stuff and more, so it's comparable. what is different is it used microsoft health and not the garmin software, which is either good or bad, depending on your point of view. I've used both the forerunner 210, and the band, and i appreciate the convenience the band has over the forerunner 210.
  • I've had one since mid late November. I love it. It has really helped me better understand my overall health and exercise better with the guided workouts. I wish i could download multiple workouts to the band but it is still a great feature. I forgot it one day and felt weird.  Well worth the cost.
  • I've also wanted to have more than one workout.  I wonder if it is a space limitation, but these are basically text and time, so they shouldn't take up too much space.
  • Good review, thanks
  • Yes it would be I'd I have it :) but it is not in Canada yet. Officially....
  • I don't know how you ever had a problem getting one. I live in Los Angeles, and I visit the Microsoft store often enough to be on a first name basis with some of the employees. Not ONCE have I walked in, even during the holidays, to find anything less than a shelf or two completely full.
  • Then MS needs better inventory distribution, as both stores near me were completely out of stock throughout the holiday season.
  • I sent my band for repairs as it stopped being recognized by pc so it wouldn't sync with desktop app and then finally it stopped charging as well. So I am not happy about not having it. No starbucks for me until I get it back!  I do like the idea of activating clock mode with accelerometer and it does need to be waterproof and scratch resistant screen. All really must haves for version 2. I also expect it to get lighter and/or feel less stiff which it does sometimes.
  • I hope the second GEN has a higher Res screen and a more refined look.
  • Love my Band. I've barely played with the fitness options but the notifications make my day so much easier.
  • The screen on the inside of the wrist is pure genius. Love the notifications, now look at my phone less. The sleep tracking and vibrating wake up alarm are also favorites. Only gripe is I don't know what to do with all the sleep information. I would love for it to be more like Cortana and suggest sleep times and motivate me to walk more. And a live tile for the app.
  • I'm hoping 2.0 will be less bulky and/or curved and sufficiently water resistant to allow and track swimming activity.  Still, this current band is a great platform from which to build for Microsoft.
  • Curved display would be nice. I love the display on the inside but being straight I'm forever catching it on my laptop when I'm typing. Sticks out just a little too much.
  • Pimp my Band app is a must for customization, but besides the awesome screen, I would say its a toss up between the guided workouts and heart monitor. Its always basically the exact same as the fitness machines I use so I know its accurate. Love my band.
  • Thanks for being critical. I want one so bad but know a second gen will be that much better.
  • I would like to know how the Band compares to a Garmin Forerunner.
  • I just wish it was slimmer, otherwise I'm delighted with it
  • 3 stores in my area and I STILL can't buy one. :(
  • I'm in STL and tried calling the local store, I got the central answering service. The operator said they didn't have any in stock and didn't know when they would get more. I went to the store anyway an add they had tons. ​
  • The call center is a joke if they don't have realtime inventory stats. I stopped calling them and would just swing by the store when I was out that direction.
  • MS definitely lost money with the low initial inventory.  I'm one of the people that was going to impulse buy it, but the Band was out of stock by mid afternoon.  After reading reviews, I'm happy I didn't buy it, and I'm now wearing the Charge HR.  Don't get me wrong.  What MS did with the Band is great, and I would be happy if I owned one.  However, I don't need a lot of the features this device has.  For generation 2 I'd like to see a sleeker look, better battery life, and 2 different models.  One that has all of the bells and whistles, and another that strips away the smartwatch features and is solely focused on fitness.  I would probably leave Fitbit for that version.
  • Same here. I got tired of waiting and was worried about bulkiness so got Charge HR as well. LOve it, but if Band part 2 is sleeker and comfortable like the charge hr i'll gladly switch.
  • I got mine two days ago after hunting for over a month.  All in all I am impressed.  I agree that using gorilla glass would have beena huge improvement, and while you can turn on watch mode to display the time at all times I think using the accelerometer to turn it on would save battery over having it on all the time.  I'm hoping some of these nitpicks that aren't hardware related can be fixed through future firmware updates.   I just wish MS used a curved screen like the Galaxy Gear Fit.  Would make the band more comfortable IMO.
  • The only thing keeping me from getting it (and not purchasing it on day 1 when I had it in my hand.... or my gf returning the one she got me for Christmas) is the bulkiness of it.  I hope v2.0 reduces the bulk and stiffness
  • I love my band, I have been wearing it since day one. I’m really into fitness and the band has definitely helped me with my workouts. Whenever I see the calories burned for each workout I know if I have to step it up a notch.  My favorite features of the band are Cortana and notifications. I love that I can change music tracks in my car without having to touch my phone. The notifications are very helpful because I always have my phone on vibrate and sometimes miss messages and calls, but that's not the case with the band.   The only thing I am waiting on is software updates so that I can do more with the health data or the ability to export the data to more 3rd party apps.
  • I wish that they would make the buckle action with Velcro.
  • A few months ago, I derisively dismissed even the idea of a "wearable" but after just a few weeks with my Christmas-gift-Band, I have to sheepishly acknowledge that I hadn't a clue what I was talking about.   I am really impressed with the Band, especialy the solidity and weight of it which periodically reminds me to get up off my duff and move about a bit.  I lament the current paucity of apps but figure that's coming, and on the desktop too, so that I can free the data now trapped on my Windows Phone,   Its been great in large and in subtle ways.  Helped me to be more regimented in exercise and also started me thinking about my sleeping habits and how I might improve them.   It's also allowed me, with a slight glance at my wrist, to keep my phone away from my face for longer stretches than I've seen in decades.  If you're at a table eating, for instance. you can check emails, texts, even calls as they come in, by just looking down at your wrist, rather than dragging out the phoneslab and waking it up to see what's been going on during the last 90 seconds while you were trying to concentrate on what the person across the table was saying. 
  • "I no longer have an excuse for missing my wife's calls." I guess I'm the only other person who sees this as the biggest downside to they Band.
  • Nah... There are at least one more. I'll buy it when it supports poor excuses:)
  • I had one for a few weeks. It's a great first-attempt that hits many high marks, but there were a few things I didn't like about it: It was a little clunky for my taste. I usually wear a Fitbit Flex and sometimes a medium-size watch, but I couldn't function well with its size and rubbery material. I didn't feel encouraged to exercise more or eat the right foods compared to when wearing the Fitbit. Fitbit has some features that work much better for me, like calorie intake, etc. The Band reminds me of the Surface Pro: a good device, but the second and third versions of the product will probably be more fine-tuned. Microsoft knows this and they're waiting for v2 to push their marketing harder, and possibly get more companies on board with their Health platform. It had some very nice aspects also: Worked great with Windows Phone overall, and good with Android. No Bluetooth syncing issues, etc. The heart rate monitor and step count features worked well when attached to the wrist correctly. It was by far more comfortable to wear inside of the wrist. It looked -awesome- with Windows Phone (due to the tiles, etc.) I'll probably be back with v2. :)
  • I purchased the Band on day one back in November and wore it everyday. As an IT Manager and working on my laptop for the majority of the day, the only thing I didn't care for was it hitting the edge of my laptop while typing and having to move it out of the way all the time. For me it's not worth using it if I have to take it off all the time to do my daily job. Then I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the fitbit Surge during the pre-release. I then wore both (one on each wrist) for several weeks to compare the two head-to-head. Although I found that both had their advantages, I finally ended up wearing the fitbit Surge due to the overall comfort of wearing it while working on my laptop and the excellent fitbit website to show all my stats in one place on the dashboard. I do like wearing the Band while sleeping since it shows how much restful sleep I got versus light sleep. Once Microsoft comes out with a website for the Band and any other cool new features, I'll give it another chance.
  • It's not waterproof?!
  • its water resistant. you can not go swimming with it. but if its get splashed with water, nothing happens to it. I personally think it can handle a lot more water, than its clamming to. manufactures usually want their device to be safe than sorry information, so they give you least you can do with it. I think you can even take shower with MS Band, and nothing will happen to it, BUT I'm not going to risk it nor guarantee it. I hope someone tries and tell us how much water it can actually handle.    
  • Thank you!
  • Microsoft Band vs. Water ...see for yourself!
  • Bought mine on day one with the thought I'd be bored with it in a couple weeks and would give it to my son. I'm still wearing it and he won't get it until a new version comes out for me. I'm loving it.
  • Loving my band, I wish I could use it to control music apps too, and as a speaker phone, and I'd like to see a high end version with a bigger screen like the galaxy gear. Day 1 buy for me if they make it.
  • lack of sdk = lack of apps. it's simply a dead weight most of the time. if devs had access to this, they would have turned it into a star trek device by now.
  • I must agree with you. MS always, I mean always makes the same mistake over and over and over and over and over again. Seems to me like that whole organization is a giant mountain-size animal, without a living brain: due to its momentum it still moves, but its head has already begun to rot, and in fact there is no intention where its heading, the direction is dictated solely by the interaction between its mass and the gravity.
  • I would like to see a second model without GPS as I usually carry a phone. A cross between a Garmin Vivosmart and Charge HR.
  • Why would you want one without a GPS???
  • Go Noles!
  • I'll be buying the next version of this.
  • "If I had to pick three things to change about the band they would be adding the Gorilla Glass, make the Band water proof and enable the accelerometer to activate the Clock mode." (2)
  • I agree George. I often missed calls as my phone is almost always in manner mode. With the band, I see incoming calls easily and with the gesture beta simply grabbing the phone, putting it to my ear answers. Genius. Love it.
  • George I would love the auto sleep mode, especially for taking naps.
  • Thanks for the review.  The Band seems to be a great device.  My inability to get one when inventory was available has tempered my implusive nature.  After reading this and other reviews, it seems best that I wait for version 2.  From what I can see and read, I think I'd like to see it slimmed down a little and perhaps find a way to make this not just a device to be used but also make a fashion statement.  That is asking for a lot and it's superficial, but in doing so they might find ways to improve its form factor.  Seeing intel's announcment of the button processor and all nifty stuff this can only get better!  Patient and waiting...
  • All the features on the band works with Lumia 1020?
  • yes. there are few apps that you also should download and use with your band on your 1020, which cost very little, but you will love it. just search on your app store for """"Microsoft Band""", and you will see them all.
  • War Eagle, brother!
  • I purchased the MS the day after it was announced. I was lucky my local MS store had stock.  I'm not sure why guys complain the watch is bulky after seeing what watches most men wear on their wrists. The MS guys installed the protection film and even though I wear the screen on the outside and it looks as good as the day I bought it. For those who complain wearing it to bed, aren't you asleep?  How would you know it bothers you?  As others have said, the notifications is brilliant.  I have to turn off my ringer at work so having a 'buzz' on my wrist when a text, email or phone call comes in is great.  During meetings, I can causally look down at my wrist (rather than pulling out my phone) and no one knows the wiser.  The step and calorie monitor keep my New Year's resolution in my concience. I just like glancing down and seeing the time in digital format.....much easier than my old watch with a clock face. I keep forgetting the $5 Starbucks I've uploaded.  But I'll wait until there is a crowd of people around to get the 'cool' response.......
  • Your assessment is spot on. My wishlist for next iteration of Band is - Make it waterproof at least to 1 Meter - Auto sleep tracking rather than manual initiation. I've found that I forgot to turn on the sleep mode on some nights - Improved battery life. Getting it close to a week would be ideal sweetspot.
  • i think MS band has tons of potential. we should get more and more Apps and update in coming months to unlock its potential. we just bought a new app for $1.49 that messieurs your stress level, sink temp, movements............... the developer for that app said, MS Band is running only on 5% of its potential. just think what it can do once 95% is released through apps and software update release!!!!!???!!!!
  • My biggest complaint about the band is that you can't do much of anything on it without WiFi or data. Where I work, the company WiFi is restricted, and cellular data coverage is terrible.  So, when I use the band in the gym at work (my main usage), I can't easily select a guided workout.  Some days it tells me to run, but I don't want to do that for whatever reason.  I can't easily switch to a different workout from the same program because my program isn't downloaded to the phone.  Or, worse yet, I can't look at the workout instructions for the workout on the band because I can't get to the internet.  I wish it would store more data on the phone, even if it's temporary, so that I can have more functionality without internet access.
  • They need to have more "apps" for it. Like, a barcode manager, where I could keep my rewards cards (like they did with Starbucks). I love what the other devs are doing, like pimp my band, and the sensors; there is no reason this couldn't be the way the native app works. I also wish notifications wouldn't show up if you, say, answer the phone call...? So, even though I actually answered the call, the band still treats it like it was a missed call. Little things like that. Also, Cortana needs a hell of a lot of tweaking to make more sense for the band.
  • Next iteration should have auto responses, like when you're "too stressed" or when you "should sleep". Oh man...that would be great.
  • there is new app, that does mesure your stress level, skin temp, your movments,................and few others. very cool app. love its only $1.49, but well worth it imo.
  • Still waiting for a true smartwatch that actually looks like a watch that FULLY works with WP. This is not it, this looks like a fitness band. Microsoft will flood the market with these things in a few months, then I will find one on ebay used for under $100, then i will just try it... Wont pay more than that to test it out because like I said, I want a watch.... Just wondering, there is 3 sizes, how are they mesured ? Is there a document to how to know what size will fit you ?   BTW, the Pebble watch has the shake to light up feature on it too....Grabbed one for cheap to see what I could do with WP....and I sold it a month later...(otherwise, not much)
  • I owned a Fitbit Flex for over a year before it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. I went almost 6 months before I got the Band and I've noticed how much I'm paying attention again to my fitness. The fit and weight seem no more to me than a nice watch and I'm used to wearing things on my wrist so it seems second nature. I really enjoy having the GPS on the Band so that I don't have to use it on my phone when I go for a walk/run. This has allowed me to go back to using Bluetooth headphones while I'm out and being able to stream music or podcasts. When trying to accomplish all three on my L920, the phone would heat up and occasiionally drop the connection. The freedom to offload the GPS to the band, get the buzz at certain intervals and quickly glance at pace and time has been nice. The other main feature I've been using is the sleep monitoring, something I also did on my Fitbit. The tracking and data look accurate and again, having that re-enforcement in my face is making me work to get more sleep. The one update I'd like to see in that area is allowing alarms come through when in sleep mode. Right now I have to still relay on my phone for my morning alarm and as soon as I take it out of sleep mode, the alarms come through, even if I've snoozed for an additional 30 minutes. Biggest complaint/frustration would be the data integration with other health/fitness apps/site. I use myFitnessPal and found that I needed to disconnect both my Fitbit account and Runtastic account to allow MS Health to properly sync to myFitnessPal. The numbers seem to be coming over now correctly, however, I'm not seeing any 'adjustment' numbers that I used to see from the Fitbit integration. Since this is all software and data transfers, I'll keep the faith that these will be an easier area to make improvements. Best improvement I've noticed is that with the update that just happened, I'm noticing improved battery life. I started adpoting the charge daily pattern but recently forgot to do so after two days of GPS use and three nights of sleep tracking. When I used the Band Sensor Monitor app to see what % my battery was at, it reported only 20% remaining. Three days of charge isn't in the range of products with lesser functionality but, I think is pushing the upper end of the higher end devices. If this improvement came just from a software update, could we see it happen again to potentially reach that 5 days. Wishlist, future thinking - Cortona integration to my Xbox One (when that feature comes). I'd rather tell my wrist that I want to watch ESPN than have to try and yell it across the room in hopes I can be heard over everyone else. Obviously, there's no BT on Xbox One and no network on the Band so this integration would have to go through the Smartglass app, with it running in a background mode and having constant connection to the Xbox. Maybe something over the top and unrealistic but, hey I'm still holding out hope that my Windows 8 tablet will be able to successfully connect to my TV or Fire Stick by Miracast someday. 
  • According to the developer that made Pimp My Band and other apps, MS Band is using only 5% of its potential. cant wait to see, what other 95% can do, holly caw. the same developer app that allows you to use few other sensors on your band, can detect your stress and skin temp, however, the app on the phn must be running for you to see the stress and skin temp. its really cool. Every time my wife stress's me out, it goes way up:-) 
  • I love my Band. Sometimes I'm checking that I'm wearing it. No need for a v2. Because firmware and apps can be updated, it's all about software updates. Lookin at the first updates and rumors about coming updates and knowing how the Xbox One got updates, I feel pretty confident.
  • Well... I have had mine since launch and the clasp broke earlier this week... Well... it is stuck and does not stay in place... I have a complete warranty, but i think this is more defect... Anywho... I love my band and miss it dearly now that I have not worn it for a few days.  Now I have my phone ding-for text and have to check for emails... where as before... I could keep my phone put away and get notifications and of course the health benefits.  Well... once repaired, I will be happy again.!
  • If you have an actual MS store in your twon, just take it there and they will replace it for you at no cost, they also give you a FREE Invisable Shield for FREE(ours did, and they installed it to for free). Those staff are Sooooooooooooooooooo AWESOME and will do anything to help you. i could not be happeir with MS store in our town. Thank God we have one. few months ago, they replaced my Nokia 1520 that i did NOT buy from them and had no reciept either. So they gave me a brandnew one in its place with a box, and took mine away. now thats Customer Service. LOVE MS/MS Store, our MS band and Windows phns.
  • Yep! I have the Corte Madera store very near me... I just have not had time to stop by. They are great. We spend alot of money there... I just need to to call and make sure they have stock first so I wont waste a trip ans bridge toll, lol. I was also thinking of returning my core i5 surface for the i7 one... I will be sooo tempted walking in that store. There were I purchased the band and I have the screen protector and all as well. Really love the band. They have always taken care of us... I bought 2 bands, one a gift, and I did no get the right size... Went right back and swapped it. My xbox one died after a couple weeks for no reason... They swapped it out and I got a free game. I can usually talking them in to giving me a discount... but they probably give it to everyone, lol. Sup
  • So I got the band swapped out today. Warranty was not used, they swapped it for a new one. Great support. Gave me another screen protector as well. Renewed Xbox love and redeemed my Xbox music pass I purchased for $30 Las month. I am loving being "all in" the Microsoft camp. The band would not sync properly with my phone... Finally connected with my computer and used the desktop app... That brought it to life whereas before it would not complete the setup...
  • I Love my Band. After a couple weeks I found the daily calorie goal that made me at least exercise once or else I risked not achieving my daily goals. Also, I made a rule where I don't have a cheat day unless I reach both steps and calorie goal. The band has made it fun to try to achieve my daily activity goal. I do wish that they had a way where you can have excel-like features as far as organizing and analyzing your fitness data. I would like to see correlations between all of the information that the band gives me.
  • i bought a MS Band at MS store inside the mall, and it CAME with FREE invisible-shield, which they installed for me at no charge. So I'm not sure why you said it does not come with one, ours did intact. Also, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our band. with 2 new apps that was just release, by some developer(not sure his name, but one of his app calls Pimp My Band, and the other one allows you to use more of the sensors on your band like Stress and skin temp), makes it even more great to use. According to the developer that makes those apps, this band is only 5% of its potentioal so far. i hate to see what other 95% can do!!!!!!!! freaking awesome, cant wait to use the other 95% soon.
  • My wife and I spent $1k importing two of these to Australia since about day 1 plus 1 week. We heart them severely, wearing them 24 x 7 (apart from an hour or so at our desks charging each day). We look at and talk about our sleep, steps, calories burnt every day. We use the heart rate monitor to get and stay in the exercise zone when exercising. This "top of mindness" is really helping with our sleep, diet and exercise. We've both ditched our personal trainers so are way ahead $ wise. I love the notifications and the way I can unobtrusively glance at a text or the start of an email (screen is inside wrist) without a big "I'm looking at my watch now" movement. Suggestion for improvement - we'd like to have two of them each. When one gets low, switch to the other one without messing up your data. Then we wouldn't have to take it off to charge! Occasionally my wife forgets to charge hers and it dies during sleep or exercise. P.S. Re-read this and it sounds like a fanboi love letter. I've nothing to do with MS, but this product has really improved my life, so please excuse the gushing.
  • You know - spelling 'heart' out rather than just typing <3 or 'like'/'love' is kind of meta-weird... it misses the point of using an emoticon - compactness...
  • Nah, it's uber-meta ironic usage. Duh.
  • It's great but durability issues prevent me from recommending it to everyone. That plastic is just too scratchy.
  • Mine already died ...
  • What happened to it?
  • Wore it to play hockey for 4 hours, alot of sweat... Drove home for 1.5 hours, and it still worked. Put on charger and screen flashed weird.  After that the screen is all messed up and flashses on/off with lines through it.   RMA'd.  
  • I really hope they bring it out outside of the U.S. Or at least bring at a revised version. Really wanting one!
  • I've had mine since the beginning of December and I love it.  I'm looking forward to seeing how the software matures.
  • Bought the Band for my wife on release day and returned it a few weeks later.
    Loved what it did and I she got used to the fit rather quickly.
    The downside was the screen. It's a fitness band, meant to be worn during activities, yet even with the screen protector on, it got scratched. A big screen like that needs more than a screen protector.
    I'm hoping for an improvement in that area for Band2.
  • is the band still give time or track heart tate if the phone is out of reach? I some time forget my cell in my coat... or it's not on the same flore some time when I charge it.. and it should allow easy music control
  • The band is no different than wearing a watch. ​I never had any issues in comfort. My only complaint is the two latches, one on mine is stuck and occasionally it snaps down a notch. The workout programs are great and the heart rate monitor and app integration is cool. ​ ​ ​ ​
  • With my L930, my ringer volume is always 3 or below with vibration turned on all the time. I am answering all my phone calls by depending primarily on the vibration. The reason is that I am always surrounded by people, at work, on the roads, on the metro, in the restaurants and I find it uncomfortable when my phone rings specially on high volume. However, there are few calls that I am missing when my phone is on my side pocket and when I'm walking. With MS band however, I think my ring tone will become useless forever.
  • As far as comfort, I had a medium on as tight as it could go felt a little lose while running. Also the USB port irritated my skin. Exchanged it a week later for a small and instantly felt the improvement. The pedometer had me worried too at first. The weather hadn't been ideal for my morning outdoor run so I've been using my treadmill. For every mile the band was behind nearly a quarter per. until I finally got to do a GPS run. It seems like that must have calibrated it because now it's almost accurate. The GPS the first time took way to long to lock but after that, fast. Not been worried about getting it wet doing dishes or the like. Quick charge it while I'm in the shower and full charge over the weekend while playing Xbox. I thought the notifications on my wrist was a novelty it had over other fitness bands but has actually improved my efficiency at work... Never miss a call, text, or email again. Yes I have a wish list of features I'd like to see in updates and or newer versions, but for now I'm very happy with my purchase.
  • I do like my band but Fitbits app layout is much better. The Microsoft health app is not good. I would like to click on the day and see all the data from that day instead of looking at each thing individually.
  • I like my band, but I feel the clasp issue is crippling.
  • As far as the 2 day battery life goes that is still kind of impressive. You have to remember that this acts as a smartwatch as well, not just a fitness band (though this is the main intentions of the Band). Galaxy Gear watches or the Apple Watch is supposedly only rated for one days use before needing to be recharged, whereas the Band is rated for two, while having a few smartwatch functionalities. So it's only natural to expect shorter battery life compared to that of a fitbit or other fitness band, where there's not a lot of smartwatch functionality to them. From a smartwatch perspective, the Band has impressive battery life, from a fitness band perspective, maybe not so much.
  • I had band since day 1.  For the most part, I like the band.  However, I'd change the following: 1.) Make the band more comfortable to wear, 2.) Gorrila glass, 3.) altimeter 4.) automatic watch mode when hand raised, 5.) automatic sleep mode/detection and 6.) make the band waterproof.
  • One problem I'm having with my Band is 'phantom band'.. I feel like I'm still wearing it even when I'm not.. I think I may have wrists too thick even for the largest Band. I do like it a lot though - although getting the software for Android here in Canada was a right pain - and getting updates is brutal. Luckily I have a phablet set up as an American tablet with an American credit card and address associated to it so I can download updates and reload them on my local phone. Microsoft - I know you're not selling it outside of the US, but why make it harder on us? :)
  • Damn straight!
  • I hope that this article is being monitored by MS Engineers. I have not heard that the Band can monitor the individual blood pressure.  With so many needing to watch their blood pressure these days coupled with so much sodium in so many processed foods...this would be a much valued feature of the MS Band. Please communicate this to the Engineering Staff. Thanks to all.
  • I've had my Band since early November and do not regret the purchase at all. I really like the Cortana integration, and the sleep monitoring is interesting. Wish list? Gorilla glass, tap to wake up (instead of pushing the button), and a more ergonomic curvilinear display for wear on top of the wrist. Not directly Band related, but I wish the MS Health app allowed for more customization. I hate the Planet Fitness purple color.
  • I wish Android Wear supported Windows Phone
  • I wish v2 comes with sim-option, so that you can leave your phone at home
  •   The side of my band already peeled off after only one month of use. It was a very hot day at Yguazu falls, but still, it got me by surprise to see my band like that when I took it off to charge it.   pic:  
  • Has anyone in Canada crossed the border and snagged one of these? I'm really tempted to get one, however worried it may not work correctly here. It looks like a great product and this article has really helped with my decision.  Thanks guys!!