8 things I would improve with the Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

Like most of my team here at Windows Central, I've had a Microsoft Band for over a week now. Which is a good amount of time to assess Redmond's new wearable and start to figure out it's strengths and weaknesses. There's no doubt about it, we love our Band, but there are a few things we'd like to see improved on both the hardware and software front for Band. Here's our list of things we'd like to see improved with the Microsoft Band.

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Custom 'Guided Workouts'

Yesterday I gave you all a quick guide to Guided Workouts with the Microsoft Band. Guided Workouts are probably my favorite fitness feature with the Microsoft Band, and I would love to see Microsoft improve upon their foundation. One way to do that is to allow users to create their custom workouts for Band to guide. The list of workouts currently available is of decent size and should satisfy most users, but it would be great to add the workout you wanted to Microsoft Band.

Make it social

Microsoft may not want to compete with Fitbit, Jawbone and other fitness companies head-to-head, but we still want to see some features from those guys inside the Microsoft Band. One thing we really like about Fitbit is the social aspect of fitness tracking. You can compete with friends on leaderboards for things like most steps taken. Microsoft doesn't even need to build a new social network with Band to pull this off. All they need to do is utilize their most popular social network - Xbox Live. Obviously we don't need our Xbox One dashboard populated with health information, but we've got Gamertags that need to be associated with our Band.

Scratch-resistant display

Apparently a little too late for the Microsoft Band you're already wearing, but a scratch resistant display is a must for the next hardware revision to Band. The display should be a lot harder to scratch. Providing a screen protector to anyone buying a Microsoft Band right now is just a bandage to a problem that shouldn't exist. The Band is meant to be worn 24/7 and should only be off your wrist when it's charging, or you're taking a shower. Plus you're meant to workout with this thing on your wrist. It's easy to baby it the first week you have it, but at some point the Band is going to get into some sticky situations with hard objects. Scratching is inevitable. Let's make a scratch resistant display out-of-the-box next time Microsoft.

Better MyFitnessPal integration

Daniel brought this point up, and I totally agree. There should be better integration between Microsoft Band/Health/HealthVault and MyFitnessPal (and other health services). Right now Daniel and I have a Fitbit Aria wireless scale synced to our Fitbit account, which then syncs to MyFitnessPal and then which finally syncs to Microsoft Health. However, your weight doesn't sync across to Microsoft's services - it's just a field you have to enter right now manually. We'd love to see better integration between these services.

Xbox integration

So I touched up on Xbox integration above when talking about social features like leaderboards, but there's tremendous potential with Microsoft Band and Xbox. The Band should tap into a lot more Microsoft products, like Xbox Fitness. Kinect can read your heart rate, but it can't understand it as well the Band can. There's one combination right there.

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Music controls

You probably listen to music when you workout like I do. It'd be great to keep your Windows Phone (or iPhone or Android) in your pocket and just use the Band for basic music controls like volume, pause, play, skip, rewind and others. We've heard that music controls were present in earlier versions of Band, but didn't make the final cut. I know I'd use that feature when working out.

Heart rate for other apps

Microsoft Band is an excellent product for tracking workouts and runs. However, it's not ready to kill dedicated running apps just yet. Windows Phone apps like Track Runner and Runtastic should be able to use the heart rate data provided by Microsoft Band when you use those apps on runs. Speaking of apps.

More apps

The Starbucks app available on the Microsoft Band is simple, but useful if you frequent the coffee chain. I'd love for Microsoft to work with more developers and partners to produce a few more apps for Band. For quality control, they can limit it to certain partners, like they currently do with Xbox One apps, for the time being. But somewhere down the road we'd like to see third-party developers given the opportunity to innovate with Microsoft Band in ways we can't think of just yet.

What are some improvements you'd like to see Microsoft make with the Band?

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Sam Sabri
  • Make it cheaper?
  • And in more quantities and places
  • Its cheap enough considering what it accomplishes
  • But I don't have that money... Or any money.
  • Make the band 10m water resistent at least, for us to swim with it!
  • So it should be free? lol
  • Get a job  EZ.
  • For a smartwatch? (it is smart and it display the time).
  • It already is cheap. I thought it was kind of pricey, but then I remembered that I bought that Nike GPS watch to track my runs and that alone cost $150. At that price, it didn't have text, call, email, FB, calendar notifications from my phone, a heartbeat sensor, a UV sensor, a workout guide, sleep tracker, or the ability to pay for crappy coffee from Starbucks. So, it's cheap as it is.
  • Does it give me 30-minute 5ks?
  • Check the forum. I haven't ran with the Band yet but there's a guy that gave a nice rundown of the run function there.
  • IMO...The price is fine. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I think articles like these and direct feedback to Redmond is key to getting the next Band even greater... Awesome guys, you're by far the best destination for this stuff! =D
  • Well tell Redmond I want to talk to it and call night rider, the car, to come pick me up.
  • Use Cortana & Uber!
  • The first thing I'd improve with the Microsoft Band: its availability. I agree with most of your points and would also like to see an LED screen and B&W mode in version 2 for an improved battery life.
  • I don't know how much of a problem battery life is.  I have never got it under 75% battery life.  Granted, I do not do watch mode, but battery has not been an issue at all for the week I have had it.
  • How can a product of this nature suddenly appear and disappear the same way in about three days, having a lot of customers waiting for about a week as of now and with out any clue about when is it going to be back on stock. Annoying!!!
  • +920 I made this comment in the reviews of the Band and it was rejected :( But more transparency in stock and availability is a definite need. It's like MS is new to retail or something
  • Maybe they're waiting so they can build up a larger among of stock at once instead of just trickle-feeding everything.
  • OLED screen - yes, it'll improve battery life significantly, especially with the watch mode. B&W screen - hell no. I think that the battery life will be improved after a few hardware and software optimisations
  • Agreed on the availability.  Sold out online and at the local MS stores and no subsequent shipments since.
  • The only thing that turns me off is its bulky design
  • I got over that after the first hour, and you probably will too.
  • I could barely get the large one to fit my wrist! No, I'm not a fatty fat fuck.
  • Heck... add 8 or 16 GB of storage and let me upload some music to it. My 1520 is a pain to lug around when I'm running 10 miles ;)
  • Agreed
  • This for sure. Would love to be able to actually leave a phone at home and still listen to music
  • This exactly.
  • I like this idea. Xbox music and some storage space.
  • Or Xbox Music and Micro SD slot up to 128GBs :) then you almost don't need a phone lol but I still love my WP
  • Agree
  • So you want the band to be even bigger because they will have to add a headphone jack and amplifier to it?
  • Bt only...
    Maybe even make two versions. A music band for $25 more, a non music band.
  • No, same size. Just BT support for my BT headphones.
  • Exactly. Add Bluetooth and this is golden for runners. I hate bringing my phone just to listen to music..
  • Sony makes a Bluetooth headset with SD support. U can use your own headphones too. SBH- 50, I think. I have SBH-52 for my 1520 because it behaves like a smaller phone, meaning I don't have to hold a small book to my ear.
  • This is the most important barrier for me buying it. The device is a little chunky, but I can stomach that if it's replacing my smartphone on runs. Let me load up some playlists and podcasts and listen over BT. I don't need much storage, only enough for a few hours, 500MB would be plenty. And if I can now leave my phone at home when I work out, I'm so in.
  • Yes that'd be awesome!! Memory to load music would be perfect
  • Why not get a Lumia 520 as a running companion to your Microsoft Band?
  • Better fit... Now, it's too straight along the wrist and isn't comfortable.
  • this.  its what is preventing me from getting it
  • GREAT ARTICLE. Offers great balance and objectivity. Yeah, I think a CURVED DISPLAY would be a great implementation. I'm no designer but I did draw up a concept of a device with a curved display a little while before the Band launched. I posted a picture of my concept at the end of this piece. http://jltechword.wordpress.com/2014/10/30/who-wants-a-smart-watch-not-m... Would be less bulky. My concept also has a small LCD display on the top portion for the time while the primary display is meant to be worn under the wrist as well.
  • Yeah, sadly it seems designed to go on the inside of the wrist making it horrible to use both generally (only weirdos put their watch on the inside of their wrist) and on a PC (will hit the desk constantly).
  • Fair enough. But thy the device by design, function and market positioning place it in a an different category than a watch. Its position on the wrist doesn't by default make it a watch. It's not a watch. :-)
  • Smartglass connectivity for pause play and Cortana search.
  • Yes. A Kinect partner for media as well as Xbox fitness.
  • The most obvious features I'd like to see in the next version is Qi charging, NFC and a curved display so it conforms to the shape of the wrist better.
  • Agreed
  • Yes. The ability to plop the band down on a qi charger would be brilliant.
  • OMG Just get a qi charger put into my pillow and sleep with my hand under the pillow. Wake up with my band fully charged.
  • These are actually pretty good suggestions. They seem all software related, so these could be done via software/firmware updates. No ways to improved it from a hardware stance?
  • I keep reading and hearing the fit of the band is really awkward. Is this true? Paul Thurott brought this up in his review I believe.
  • Not if you wear it as was designed by Microsoft. Inside of the right wrist for me is the most comfortable
  • I agree! I wear the display on the inside of my wrist and it is the most comfortable band I've tried to date. The display is getting slightly scuffed though, so I vote for a better, scratch resistant screen!
  • There is nothing uncomfortable about the band that I can comment about... I do adjust the tightness of the band once or twice a day though, not because it is uncomfortable but I think my wrist swells and contracts with different activities.. I also tighten when I get a bit sweaty and then loosen a notch when I dry out I have noticed... I probably only do this because it is easy to adjust though.
  • Scratch resisitent display
  • Music controls would be sweet. More apps would be sweet... Dont care about other stuff cause I only use fitness part for dirt biking. Would LOVE to see GPS tracks created by band to be exportable to other apps and/or sharable with others... GPS tracking apps kill phone batteries like no ones business but the band seems to do a decent job. Finally I'd love to see it fully waterproof... It definitely SHOULD be considering its intended use and it doesn't even seem like it would be that hard to do. Waterproof and more rugged in general (though I've had no issues so far I can certainly imagine it happening... Hence accidental damage warranty).
  • Definitely needs the GPS tracking. Great for running, biking, hiking, hunting, etc.....
  • Lets not forget that this piece of kit is used to show how their software works. Can you do an article on that instead? And maybe email Microsoft what you want "fixed" before they release Band 2.0 ...
  • Lumia colors. BB red too.
  • Music controls would be awesome!
  • How about more comfortable.  The hard, straight slab is quite uncomfortable for contiunous wearing.  I REALLY needs a curved screen. However I do really like it.
  • Music controls and toughened display for me!
  • Agree with everything you pointed out in the article.  I love my Band, but the things I'd most like to see should be easily added either with a SW update or additional apps, like music control and more options with the running app (more fields, or maybe 3rd party apps like runkeeper or Endomondo).  Also, I'd like more control over things like the sync schedule between the app and the Band.  A great first effort though.
  • No music controls??? That's an automatic no for me
  • I used its support for Cortana for that.
  • Me too, actually - in the car, the Band can hear me better than the car's microphone. So I can long-press at a stoplight and say "Play Sleigh Bells" and Cortana says "And now... Sleigh Bells" . I guess "Next", "Volume Up" etc. would be nice, but in the car, I've got that covered. Switching music is the hardest part.
  • What would I improve? Make it global... Or at least America (The Nation), and if they still can't... Well NorTh America works... If you didn't guess it, yes I'm Canadian and want one so damn bad. I'll see if I can pick one up when I go down to the US, hopefully they will still work when brought up to Canada.
  • You mean the continent?
  • Good write up, I agree with the points here.
  • They need make it water resistant to at least 30m so you can swim with it
  • For me this is the most important improvement! I'm not getting it just because I can't swim with it!
  • One word! #Strava
  • To be sold in this thing outside the USA we call, 'The rest of the World'.....
  • It needs to be sold period in in the US waiting til some more drop
  • I would improve the shape of the band to contour your wrist
  • Already controlling music with it via Cortana 'play', 'pause', 'next track' all work fine.
  • That's efficient..
  • Yeah, I don't want to talk to my wrist to skip tracks. A simple screen tap is what I want. I love Cortana integration but that is going backwards for me.
  • And make it thinner
  • Makes me think I should hold of on buying one until the next version comes out. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Exactly what im thinking now.
  • I'm wondering too. I assumed music support would be coming in a software update but if they had it and pulled it.. I have the money right now but it was to go to a Surface Pro 3 docking station. Maybe wait on the band and get the docking station now.
  • The actually band part it self. It tends to look fuzzy. Hard to describe but it picks up dust or lint or something I find myself cleaning. And yes better display. I picked mine up on Thursday and they aren't giving away zagg's or Starbucks anymore. And boom I scratched my band yesterday.
  • Auto dimming display.
  • Have you not explored the Settings app on the Band itself?
  • Brilliant didn't scroll around enough! Thank you.
  • Scrolling notifications.
  • I agree with this. Being able to read the whole text before deciding whether to dismiss it or auto-reply would be nice.
  • That's an easy one - inventory. I really want one but they're not available.
  • The only hardware feature you mentioned was the scratch resistant display.  I would also add in that they need to find a way to drop a bunch fo the bulk. Granted I don't think that they should compromise on the features to do this, but version 2 should be able to run on better hardware to allow for a smaller battery to drop some of the weight.
  • It is a fitness band. More the weight, more the workout. I wouldn't complain about the weight.
  • i'm craving for music contorls soo bad! ohh and more apps too!
  • I have one quick question, now i know its not music controlable.. But it does have cortana, n connects to ur phone, so cant u simply say "next track" n go to the next song like with the normal cortana in da phone?
  • +1520 yea I don't see too much fuss if u have WP cuz cortana can do most of that
  • Melt it down and make 8 phones.
  • I am not sure if I would buy a window 8.1 phone now. You know, sitting tight till 10 comes out.
  • Still be 8 times more useful.
  • Lol
  • I might suggest a non-rubberized exterior (keep the rubber on the inner).  The problem is that when you try to fit it through a sleeve of a jacket or shirt it always catches.  Making it match the face or even making it just somehow slick plastic might improve it.  I understand it would show wear more, but there has to be a decent way to do it.   
  • I agree completely. Catches on my sleeves all the time, very frustrating.
  • Allowing my Fitbit Aria data to the app would be my must pressing request. My understanding is these things are on the horizon.
  • Screen rotate feature please. And, release it in other countries soon. It's great that Microsoft does not want to step on fitbit's toes, but hey, If I go for a band with a colour screen in it, I want it to have the modern UI. You know, coz we all love windows phone sooo much.
  • FYI Sam, there won't be many more apps until Windows 10 since this thing runs ANSI C. Microsoft won't want to break app compatibility like that.
  • Band is not running Windows, but a custom device OS-ish program, so no app compatibility to break in that way.
  • If it goes from ANSI C to Windows 10, I'm sure there would be a problem running the apps. That's just my guess though.
  • Better battery life
  • I'd never use the social integration, but I could see some people liking it.
  • Hey, anyone know the band's OS? Xbox music please and allow pairing of Bluetooth ear buds.
  • A fully water proof devise would be super awesome.
  • Or at least water resistent enough for us to swim with it.
  • Reduced bulk and slightly curved screen. Of course these are things that are likely to improve in next models.
  • Just a thought... Microsoft could make an offer to GT Advanced Technologies seeing their plans with Apple didn't go accordingly for the Sapphire glass.
  • So true and needed cause this bands display is pussed out
  • Sam, these are good suggestions and I could get aboard with all of them. Thanks also for not making the goofy (IMHO) suggestions of making the Band "less complicated" or making it thinner by removing features. It really is not complicated and I like the feature set. I wouldn't care if a future version got a little thinner so long as battery life and the sensor set were sacrifised to do so.
  • I love my Band. But a few things here and there could really make it a stellar device.
  • Id buy it if it had 3.5g connectivity like the upcoming gear s has
  • Or at least 10m, so that we can swim with it!
  • Going deep ocean diving?
  • No, but I row and swim and being able to monitor heart rate is vital, especially across large endurance trials. The band is small, convenient, and less built than my chest strap get up. The Fitbit Surge had the water resistance but one loses the notifications. So... ;)
  • 1. Make the time display brigher for outside use when it is in standby mode. 2. Have the ability to adjust the length of notifications. My appointments buzz for 2 seconds or so, but texts only give a short burst. 3. Improve speed for Cortana and caller ID
  • I'd be happy if the limited release was because they were fine tuning for a larger release that encorporated all of these changes.  I guess technically with a "product v2" that is always the plan - minus the limited availability part.  A lot of these things can be addressed by software.  Others not.  Still, I have been wearing my Fitbit Flex that came with my families 830s just to see what the experience might be like.  I have to say, it's neat to visualize your everyday activity.  Particularly sleep and what not.  If/when Band becomes widely available or v2 is released (whichever comes first /grin), I'll definitely pick one up. 
  • Different Skin (band texture, design) would be nice.
  • I got the band last evening from the MS store, have been wearing it for a little less than 24 hours...Not fully familiar with it yet One important thing, i'd like to see is to set the timer via Cortana.. My job (research scientist) demands the use of timer a lot. Would be nice to call up the apps on the watch via cortana. Second, this is something, I noticed this morning.. I set the alarm on the watch to wake me up. Then went into tracking the sleep..This is a question, Does the alarm override the sleep-track mode? (cause it didn't this morning; I woke up late ;-) ) Or  did I do something wrong?  
  • My band is being delivered today with Australia post :)
  • Nick how much did you pay inc postage? Qld here
  • I'm buying the version
  • Now I think about it, for it to work with Xbox would be great, and not just fitness apps. Hah, here is one... put apps on the band to have keyless entry to house and car, disable alarms, or autostart cars. Maybe generation 2 or 3 would have that. Keep in mind the name, "Microsoft Band" not "Microsoft Fitness Band."
  • It should run Windows 10.  When devlopers create a universal app, and include a layout and control scheme for a tiny touch screen, their app should be available for any such device.  If they include keyboard and mouse controls, their app should be available on the PC, Xbox joystick controls for the Xbox, etc.  If someone creates a fiteness tracking app, they should be able to prevent the Store from offering the app to devices that do not have a GPS radio, or whatever else they see fit. i.e. The Band needs to be developer friendly.
  • I don't think you want it to run Windows 10.  The software on the band was likely engineered very carefully to work with very limited resources.  Windows 10 was not designed for that and would likely just lead to a poor user experience. However, I do agree that the Band should be developer friendly. 
  • What makes you think Windows 10 was not designed to work with very limited resources?  Even 10 years ago, OEMs could ship their products with Windows XP Embedded and strip down the OS to include only what was required for the device.  This allowed XP to run on devices far less capable than what we can cram into a watch today, while using common Windows drivers and software.  I have first hand experience with this.
  • @Sean Maloney - Seriously? how many embedded systems have you designed? How many Universal apps have you written? Windows 10 is derived from the excellent Windows NT kernel. The MCU in this Band is supposedly an ARM Cortex M4. These processors typically have 64 to 128kb of Ram. Sometimes 256kb. A Windows Kernel based OS has never run on such devices, including XP embedded. It is a completely different class of device from what the NT kernel was designed to run on. As an Engineer working on embedded devices for years, I am quite confident that Windows 10 will never be on the Band.
  • Admittedly, I haven’t looked at the Band’s specs, which is why I worded things the way I did.  Given the awful battery life, even with a tiny display and lack of cellular radios, and coming from Microsoft, I assumed the hardware was similar to a modern smartphone.  For what it’s worth, I write software that deploys Windows and Windows Embedded to PCs and custom hardware.  Also, I’m not a hardware specialist, but I think the Cortex M series supports external RAM.  Whether or not that would allow Windows 10 to run, I have no idea, but maybe I should be asking why Microsoft would design a mobile device that *can’t* run Windows 10.
  • Make it a little less bulky and curved instead of a slab across your wrist.  And yeah, music controls are a must.
  • I didn't know Music control wasn't an option...a little disheartening, but yes, I still want one. Then my Microsoft syncing utopia would be complete....that is, til I get myself a Surface Pro!
  • Maybe I could get a first Gen.... :)
  • I'd like to see it released outside of the U.S. (e.g. UK). That's an improvement I sure would like to see!
  • I imported one here and whilst it's a fantastic device (I do love mine) the benefit of not being first is you might get a revised version without some of the issues - the screen scratching is a serious design flaw
  • I hope you're right in the sense that buy the time we get one it'll be a revised version. Then again that's also the problem I have with getting the Surface Pro 3 right now as there's rumours about a SP4 being announced/released next year which is why I'm currently holding off from getting one now and in turn an missing out on a beautiful piece of hardware. Same again goes for upgrading to a 1020 in the hope MS will announce a successor soon). P.S. On a side note any chance we could have the option of having the time displayed in the app?)
  • Check the settings of the app, toggle system tray on :)
  • Thank you! :) Don't know how I've managed to miss that. Also I don't know if it's just me slipping up while being on the app, but after editing my above comment it seems to have posted it again as a separate comment below.
  • Onboard storage so we can load music... I'd like to run without my phone
  • For me I'd like a feature to wake you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle rather than at a specific time. Lots of the competition do this and it seems like the hardware is totally capable, maybe in a software update?
  • That is indeed a cool idea! It would be nice if the app could suggest (when the alarm rings) that you'd need more time in bed, if you hadn't had a good slep. ;-) On the contrary, you wouldn't want to be late for work,'cause the band thought you needed more sleep and didn't wake you up.. ;-)
  • Arun3, the timer function is with alarm set. Under the clock, you'll see alarm set...slide right for timer, further right for stop watch. I set an alarm and then put Band in sleep mode every night, so it works. Maybe you made a mistake when setting the alarm.
  • Thank you so much for the clarification... :) I must've done something wrong.. Wouldn't it be nice to just  say "set timer for 3 minutes". Some basic functions like this would go a long way in refining the existing experience...
  • Everything listed, with the exception of one item, can be remedied with a software change/update. That in itself is pretty impressive.
  • Alarms don't seem to sync with my phone, would like more quick response options and ability to reply with a quick response to read messages. Music controls is a must, more apps asap and support for emjoi's is needed.
    Disappointed there is no larger clear black gorilla glass display, qi charging, double tap to wake, true glance screen and i think an interchangeable battery would be handy, as charging results in time off your wrist recording data.. Still very pleased with the device, design, data recording and overall UI... Just bring on the updates!!!! :D oh.. Forgot NFC and non rubberised band...
  • Better battery. Better display ( scratch resistance and sunlight visibility) Ability to upload weight/ body fat percentage. Qi  or micro -usb support (or just cheaper charging cables)  
  • Your point about integration with other apps. I have tons of workouts saved in Endomondo all the way back to Windows Mobile 6 days. Would definitely like to see an integration.
  • Waterproof, Curved Screen, longer battery, solar charging, ability to play music over Bluetooth, less bulky, storage space to send over short music playlists, camera/nfc to scan or add food items. Slightly taller display, qi charging, Ability to add micro SD card.
  • First, make it waterproof for swimming.  Second build a bigger home health plan and have it integrate with it.  Like buy this company http://mobihealthnews.com/33057/cue-to-offer-at-home-smartphone-connecte... and start working with insurance providers / healthcare officials and see what else they would need for people to take better care of themselves at home and help them provide better metrics without having to go to the doctors office.  Don;t stop at physical fitness but go deep into actual health care!
  • They really need to make it less bulkier and more comfortable to wear
  • I'd like to see dual screen - one for the time alone (like a digital watch) on top, while inside the wrist are the apps.
  • Make it a remote for cameras, powerpoint, and other features.  Music is cool too.  I hope Endomondo gets on baord with the MS Band... More excited for it because I will probably never use RunKeeper again.  Yeah, im scorned!  Had it on my iphone... Got a lot of people to use it.. then I went to my windows phone... they left me... Endomondo picked me up and I will not forget it, loL!.  More purchases or store/gift cards on the bandwould be great!!! I coule go on a long ride with little to no case, but still be able to pay for goods.   I have not had a scratch issue yet.. I would much have it more waterproof... Shoot... I am usually against warrantys and such, but I am so happy to have my complete warranty for the Band and the screen protector...  I want to be as balls to the wall as I can... so if and when it does ge that accidental damage, I will take it in and get a new one... Wearable have a huge risk for accident because we are putting in a place that is going any and every where... our body... I do alot of things and have had some hard falls having fun... If it cannot keep up with it, I need it to be protected by an easy repalcement :)
  • Water proof and storage.
  • It should also display emojis. It's weird when I glance at the screen and only see a box.
  • Airline boarding passes would be amazing!!
  • Royal Bank is going to be released a band to do nfc payments.  It learns your heart signature and will only let you use it.  It would be interesting if the Microsoft band did something like that as well. 
  • 1. When in sleep mode and you have set an alarm to wake up on your phone, the band should give haptic feedback 10 minutes or so before the alarm to gently awake you. Then when it does go off, allow for snooze or dismiss to be selected from the band. Have this action end sleep mode. As it is now, the band remains silent for alarms when in sleep and you must manually disable sleep mode with button press and screen tap. 2. Make it scratch proof and waterproof. Stainless steel body may look it look more like an every day watch. Metallic materials would make it less grabby as it gets caught on my shirt sleeves and blankets/pillows. Slim it down when possible. 3. Make watch mode and do not disturb easier to get to than scrolling all the way into settings 4. Clear viewed messages and alerts and if they are viewed on the phone, remove the messages/alerts from the Band. 5. Definately integration into xbox fitness. I travel for work so the ability to take my xbox fitness programs on the road with me would be incredible and have them register. Have both share my health stats and push them to Health Vault. 6. Integrate a dietary program so you can track calories consumed vs intake. 7. Monitor and alert for high stress and low hydration levels. 8. Monitor and alert for low/high body temps. 9. Change the clock to red at night or further dim in low light situations. 10. Make it match the theme of your phone (screen color)  
  • Cheaper, microphone, come in multiple colors
  • It has a microphone, that's how you speak to Cortana
  • O and waterproof
  • Ended up returning mine.  No scratch resistant glass = return.  Ridiculous it doesn't have Gorilla Glass 3 or something similar for $200.  Don't even get me started on that "screen protector" which is nearly impossible to install without bubbles or smudges.
  • I think MS is taking a while to replenish their stock because they are adding a Better screen!! Maybe one that'll hold up against scratches better.. Or I could just be dreaming...
  • I've haven't actually seen or felt one, but I'd be concerned about the strap. Plastic/rubber has a life span, and I'd hate to think that once it splits or cracks the whole device is done. Are the straps replaceable? As cool a device as it is, this concern, coupled with the lack of scratch resistance on the screen means I'll be holding off.
  • Get rid of the stupid magnetic charger
  • Cortana controls the music nicely
  • Even though I'm not a huge Facebook user, I do have it on my phone for notifications and social event coordination with friends. Since I use Facebook Beta, I don't think the integration works. I never see the notifications come up under the Facebook app on the band. Only the email and notification center notices. Maybe it's overkill to expect, but it is a flaw. Facebook Messenger notifications work, however.
  • My 8: 1)     Have repeatable, weekday, and multiple alarms.   Shipping out with just one alarm that you have to set each day is a huge oversight by Microsoft. 2)     Smart Alarm  (wakes you up  a little earlier if you are not in deep sleep)  Other bands have it and it is a real feature that can really improve your life and productivity.   Not a gimmick. 3)     Variable Brightness.  Honestly I can't tell the difference between the low, medium and high settings. 4)      Mobile Payments.  Perhaps with the CurrentC system.  Would be awesome to just show my wristband to make payments besides Starbucks!  (especially without my phone) 5)      Ability ot export data to Excel.  Microsft is advertising how they are freeing the data  but you can't even export it so that you can see it?  Come on Microsoft! 6)     Waterproofing.  If it means losing the Microphone,  so be it. 7)     Music Controls.   Duh 8)     Health Vault.  I thought this was the whole idea behind introducing the band!  The vault has like a hundred applications that can tie into it,  but not Microsoft Health!   WTF? And of course the three obvious that is so obvious,  doesn't need to be mentioned: A:  Smaller,  Slimmer B:   Scratch resistant.  I guess that means glass type,  either Gorrila or Sapphire.  Don't know if that is practical for a watch/band as you really don't want this to crack or shatter. C.   Third Party Apps. 
  • If any company wants to dominate the fitness band over night all they have to do is get it to read blood sugar.   About 40 million north americans have the disease and we'd all buy the first device to read blood sugar in a heartbeat.
  • Make it available in India as well.
  • Yeah, $199 is a fair price for what it does.
  • Good points. I would also say it should be compatible with fit bit.
  • Great suggestion about the blood sugar reading! Any idea Witchdoc on how to manage that with the common pricking of the skin?
  • One thing I really want to see is an NFC enabled combination lock that syncs to your Microsoft band. HOW HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF THIS!
  • It could be a little larger and slimmer. The display should be bigger, have support for third party apps and have 'vertical mode' like Samsung implemented on the Gear Fit. If the Band had it all, it would be perfect for me and certainly for lots of people.
  • The thing I notice most is I'm not able to hit the action button with a dumbbell in each hand. I'd like to see that voice activated. I founded it un comfortable at first when it was on my right hand and my watch on the left. When I removed the watch and moved the band to my left hand it has been great. Also I fall asleep without putting it in sleep mode. I'd like to see automatic sleep tracking. Water proofing makes sense. Although I'm not a music guy that makes sense too.
  • I have not used or seen physically nut from video's and reviews, I feel there has to 1. A motion GPS sensor which is dedicated for a minor and their parents can able to track them hourly or 30mins or so for them to not get threaten or get missing from malls, parks, unknown places etc.. 2. It should have pulse reading and adrenaline sensor, which tacks on physical assaults or patterns which allows the device to call 911 or regional wise help and assistance to meet the needs without touching or accessing device to escape and overcome future consequences of rape, mob fights, threats, assaults, etc. 3. Heart sensor cores should have ability to keep tacking variations and patterns to link app with cardiac arrests and has direct ability where cortana calls the assigned person where it calls or not able to pic calls, it send the text instead. And at the same time, it calls 911 or regional medical assistance immediately. That's how cortana can be our mean and mirror of life to take control like this as well. Apart from this, 4. Tomorrow, it might open and close your garage doors or switch on off lights of the house through commands. These are way which I found interesting and there might be lot nor to come, we can benefit lot of people's lives. A smart watch should be more of self dependent rather depending on a phone and let it be a source of inspiration and empowering too in future.
  • Fart app is a must. That was the first purchase I made for my moto360.
  • 1. Swipe gestures to dismiss (e.g. swipe down) or snooze (swipe up) notifications 2. Longpress a notification => show option "do not show this type of notification again in the future" 3. Integrate with a maps app to provide haptic feedback for walking or biking directions (eg. one pulse, turn right' two pulses turn leff, etc) - this way you can navigate without looking at the band or your phone. 4. Larger activity graphs, ability to pinch zoom to enlarge. Different views for activity data beyond day and week: e.g. show my activity on a calendar, month, year views 6. Less wasted space in the app (the solid purple bar at the top is huge on my phone) 7. Show more text from emails 8. Option to submit feedback from the phone app!  
  • #1: Add a speaker!!! You got a mic, how did you not put a speaker??? To be able to get a richer Cortana integration and perhaps even answer a short call when in a quiet room
  • My wishlist: 1) .GPX export, or at least ONE app that the band can upload the GPS data to. Currently the Band uploads run summaries to RunKeeper but not the GPS data. 2) Dedicated cycling app. It could be exactly the same as the Run app (except for displaying MPH instead of minutes/mile) as far as I am concerned. 3) Strava connected app.  
  • I hope you're right in the sense that by the time we get one it'll be a revised version. Then again that's also the problem I have with getting the Surface Pro 3 right now as there's rumours about a SP4 being announced/released next year which is why I'm currently holding off from getting one now and in turn an missing out on a beautiful piece of hardware.
    (p.s. On a side note any chance we could have the option of having the time displayed in the app?)
  • Don't wait on the rumored sp4. When that comes out there will be a rumored sp5. Then what are you going to do? You are missing out the sp3 is awesome.
  • I know, but hopefully the SP4 will iron out the SP3s issues such as the heating problem and the pen holder. And hopefully the 1020 successor will improve the capture speed and run on up to date hardware while keeping (if not improving) the amazing 41MP camera).
  • Customizable workouts, More personalization of watch mode(Color, Style, Info/Notifications, and seconds), also the ability to customize the Band text responses, instead of just "I'll Call You Back" or "I'm in a Meeting." Xbox Music integration for display of artist and track/volume control. water proofing would be fantastic, otherwise I'm very happy with the band!!!
  • Make it available worldwide. That would seem like the most obvious and important if it's going to actually take off. 
  • Waterproofing - would love to be able to track swimming workouts as well. Also make it ANT+ compatible to integrate with more fitness data.
  • Glance.  Screen dark until the user turns their wrist to see the time.  I have found turning off the clock adds multiple hours of battery life. 
  • One thing I thought would be nice to have on the band would be a means to fire the camera on the phone from the band.  So to say you could set the phone down on and move into the frame and either start the timer or actually snap the photo via the band. 
  • Can the band receive WhatsApp messages?
  • The improvement that I would like to see the most is..... Ready?!?!........
    Make it.....NOT USA ONLY! we work out here in Canada too. Having a WP it is impossible to find a worthy fitness band. Garmin?... No app! Fit bit? No display(yes they have the charge, but took them 6months to fix the issue they had with surge, this scares me).
  • I want it to measure my weight (I know its not possible, but it has to be!).  Measure my blood pressure (it must be possible).  I want it to automatically know that I am sleeping.  I want more data on the clock mode.  A count of notifications and heart rate would be great. I really want the run mode to more of an exercise mode.  I'm a biker, so really biking is no different than running, except for the speed.  I want the GPS, I want the heart rate, but not to be called a "run" on runkeeper.com.
  • I would like to see automatic sleep start and stop detection. Also a smart watch mode that only shows the time when in an orientation that I might be looking at it. And more sparse hr monitoring to save on battery. Smarter layout of Cortana answers on the display.
  • One week battery life.
  • Unlock my phone's lock screen pin when in range of my Microsoft Band. 
  • Nice ideas
  • I completely agree with it needing music functionality - doesn't have to be too detailed - maybe just show the current track, and have play/pause, stop and skip forward/back
  • Only one of your points coincides with my priorities, and that is software integration.  To be useful, this band needs the following: 1)  An online portal so we can see, and work with, the data 2) Two way integration with MyFitnessPal,  which leads to 3) We need to import calories consumed, and compare that to calories burned 4) Bring across the weight as you noted, and have it in the My Health app 5) Tie this in to Health Vault which is supposed to be available to allow us to keep track of our medical information and share it with a physician. All the rest is icing on the cake. 
  • Comparing it to my Garmin 610, I would like to see for the running app: 1. Auto pause 2. Run resume. So you can continue later without ending the run. I would prefer to manually reset the run when I'm done like I can do with the 610. 3. Lap reset. So I can match the mile markers during he race. Especially areas where the gps signal can be lost. 4. Strava and Dailymile integration.    
  • <p>Add a split button to the screen during runs. Also add an option to do pace per mile rather than current actual pace like other watches do. Finally get the heartrate function a bit closer to reality on runs/ workouts. It is great during sleep but runs pretty high during movement.</p>
  • Don't remember this before but alarm set on L1520 now notifies me on the Band! Generation 2 is going to be a BIG WINNER in wearables!