One of tech's biggest YouTubers makes the switch from Apple to Windows

If you were to take a poll of YouTube creators on what laptops they use to get work done, it's likely you'd hear Apple's name thrown around a lot. But for Lewis Hilsenteger, the face of Unbox Therapy, it's time to quit Apple.

In a new video, titled "Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops," Hilsenteger explains the reason behind his switch from Apple faithful to the world of Windows. Essentially, it comes down to reliability, following the well-known keyboard woes Apple's laptops have faced in recent generations.

For his Windows laptop of choice, Hilsenteger has gone with the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (opens in new tab). And despite the necessary adjustments to an "inferior trackpad" and odd mouse key placement, Hilsenteger says he's happy with his choice, particularly when it comes to what is arguably a laptop's most important component: its keyboard.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon review

There's something to be said about the turnaround in the PC scene in recent years. Apple has always held onto its place as the "cool" brand, but PC manufacturers as a whole have started to chip away at that notion. Apart from Microsoft's own Surface Pro 6 (opens in new tab) and Surface Laptop 2 (opens in new tab), brands like HP and Dell have shaken things up with premium designs and materials with their Spectre x360 (opens in new tab) and XPS 13 (opens in new tab), respectively.

The real winners here, however, are consumers. The more choice, the better, and competition between premium Windows PCs and Apple's lineup can only enhance that.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • He is just a tuber he is not a scientist or an engineer. All these people and their channels are just for entertaintment, not a statement to choose a product. So what? For his workflow, he can use even a cheaper laptop.
  • Had you watched the video you would have noticed he was switching not so much because of the OS but because Apple's keyboards are just not good - it's a hardware issue with (1) it's not a good keyboard when it works (2) It often breaks including his (he did a whole video on that a few weeks ago). There were other considerations too including size, weight, LTE, features that made him using the ThinkPad X1 Carbon a better choice over the Apple including just his unfamiliarity with what has happened in the PC laptop space these last few years (he doesn't normally review laptops). Those criticisms are quite valid and worth pointing out especially to impressionable viewers who were taught that Apple is the pinnacle of engineering and could do no wrong. Lew basically admits he was under the spell of Apple until he tried something new and different. His conclusion: Lenovo makes way better keyboards to Apple. Is that news to this audience? No. News to his? Probably. So, basically, I disagree with your entire comment. That's the kind of video that could be damaging to Apple - it's accrued nearly 2 million views in 1 day. That's a big deal that you seem to have missed.
  • He knows stuff, yes, since he has a warehouse of products to try out every day, but he's no expert.
    He is a somewhat entertaining "reviewer" which is why I'm subscribed to the channel, but he makes obvious errors based on his personal views which is quite blinkered. Hopefully this "switch" will introduce him to other things out there.
    He is very pro Samsung and apathetic about Huawei, of which I'm not too pleased about and a portion of his large audience hang on his every word.
  • I would say he is an expert. He deals with this stuff every day, his test are quite reliable and i agree on 90% with him. So if he is not an expert on Hardware and Gadgets, and Daniel is not an expert on Windows, then who is?
  • Are you guys editing anymore? Errors are so rampant
  • In that case the headline should be more like "Apple to Lenovo"
  • Daniel; You nailed it here.
    "His conclusion: Lenovo makes way better keyboards to Apple. Is that news to this audience? No. News to his? Probably."
  • yeah... just a "tuber".... with almost 2 million views on this video alone. When looking up reviews, you will always be looking up someone's opinion. Not sure what being a scientist or engineer has to do with an opinion based on someone's own experience. That's like going to a tech site that does have a youtuber presence and complaining about an article because it's not written by a scientist or engineer. Plus, scientific and engineering reviews can be SOOOO long, drawn out and boring. Plus it's cheaper and easier to be a vlogger on youtube than maintain a website for everything.
  • You were fine until you started blabbering about the engineer's or scientist personal opinion/Review articles being long and boring. Those articles are informative/technical from a different point of view and not just from "does this run Fortnite" POV.
  • They are long and boring. They are also very informative, but for people that hit youtube for reviews most people would rather something like this than a scientific explanation for everything. Not saying everyone would, but most. I have sat through various, hour+ long scientific and engineering videos for work or personal needs, and despite wanting to rip eyes out and and jab pencils into my ears, they are useful and have learned quite a bit. Also, grossed out that you would bring up a "does this run fortnite" comment when referring to my comment.... must go scrub my eyes clean (just kidding)
  • Lmao at the last sentence
  • He's not just a Tuber, but he's also one of the better known influencers in the Tech world (based on their millions of subscribers). Consumers tend to make their purchase decisions based on these guys' opinions, rather than scientists or engineers. Influencers get invited to new product launches before scientists and engineers. Unbox Therapy gets 2M views for his video in one day. I don't see an engineer or scientist getting that kind of number for making a video about switching from Apple to Windows. There are tons of popular Tubers (both tech and non-tech) being courted by different manufacturers for their "endorsement."
  • He also don't stick with anything anyway, everything is like a new toy and when he gets fed up he changes, that is why I unsubscribed from his channel. Also he wears his cap back to front
  • To Lenovo's defense, every Trackpad not Apple branded is going to be lackluster in comparison. I don't know how they do it but being a Windows user since 2004 Apple Trackpad is just better by a lot. Aside from that most computer companies have caught up to Apple for now.
  • I yearn for a Force Touch trackpad in a PC. It's such a brilliant hardware solution that gets rid of rattling trackpads.
  • Thank you for the idea
  • He's great at videos that attract attention. He's pretty useless at informing and analyzing. Strange to go from a mediocre Apple keyboard to a terrible Apple keyboard to a top-notch Lenovo keyboard - because of the keyboard. How much work does he do on the go anyway? I think it's just fashionable to crap all over Apple now, just like it was fashionable to pretend they had superior laptops and phones just a little while ago. Oh, and remember when Jaime Rivera left his iPhone for an HTC for, like, three months?
  • I'm curious as to why many claim the apple touchpad is alot more superior than Windows laptops with precision drivers. I use the gestures alot on my SP5 (i now prefer the trackpad over a mouse because of this) and find the gestures on the MacBook pretty much the same. Is there something else im missing other than trackpad size and gestures that the MacBook trackpad has? I really can't figure how the macbook is that much better.
  • It's an unfortunate thing that has just stuck over time regardless of the identical performance of high end windows laptops today.
  • The Trackpad is way more precise and has a better feel than the Lenovo's.
  • Surface track pads feel like the golden standard to me for precision and tracking. Having used a Mac for many years when Windows track pads were utter garbage, I switched when I got my SP4 and now it feels weird to use Mac track pads (especially since they've messed with a bunch of their old gestures and windows keeps adding new ones), but I suspect part of that is family members having different sensitivity levels. The modern Dell Latitude I was given recently is also really good, but not quite as good as my surface. Where Mac is still better, from my point of view, is the actual track pad hardware. Not as many moving parts, a really solid feel, ability to adjust the feedback with multiple levels of pressure sensitivity. That part windows is still using old tech until somebody decides to add it. Benefit of old stuff is it's cheaper, but when people talk about Mac they're either stuck in their bubble, which is normal if you haven't upgraded a computer in the last 5-6 years, or thinking of the Force Touch track pad hardware. (All of this being said, I don't like Lenovo keyboards, or the company itself, haven't really used any of their trackpads to my knowledge, so can't comment on their quality)
  • Lenovo Trackpad is OK from my experience but Apple!'s is years beyond just better. Keyboard is OK, I like it but I wouldn't buy a computer for a keyboard. But the 2016 to 2018 Mac keyboards are just atrocious, one of the worst I've ever used.
  • Thanks for the reply all. Yeh none that seem like a make or break decision for me. On the typecover I've never had any issues with the sensitivity or precision. As for build quality, I've had zero complaints either. I play around with macs from time to time in the stores and really don't notice any standout features other than the size. Might need to spend more time with one, but I highly doubt a trackpad alone would make me get a MacBook.
  • But I thought Apple products "just work."
  • Ha! - You and me both
  • they work. For a couple of years 😂