ONEAPP headed to Zune HD?

It's app day here at WMExperts. Next up is, naturally, Microsoft, which apparently has applied for a trademark of the word ONEAPP. Why, you ask? The ONEAPP trademark application (uh oh, this is gonna get confusing) states:

Computer software for allowing mobile device users to send messages, make payments and access and play music, games and videos on mobile devices; computer software platforms for developing mobile applications; computer software, namely, software development tools for the creation of mobile applications; computer software for running retail store site for purchase and download of mobile applications over wireless networks


Online retail store services facilitating the download of computer software for use on mobile phones, media players and other portable electronic devices

Current consensus is that ONEAPP could well make its way to the Zune HD, and that's probably not a bad bet.We know the Zune HD will have an iteration of Internet Explorer on board, and the ability to run applications seems natural. Will it also appear on Windows Mobile 7? Stay tuned, folks.

Via istartedsomething

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