OneDrive to introduce new folder co-owner feature alongside rebranding

Microsoft recently announced OneDrive, the rebranding of SkyDrive as we know it today, available on multiple platforms, including the web, Windows and Windows Phone. This rebranding was the result of British Sky Broadcasting complaints of trademark infringement. LiveSide has been able to grab screenshots of this new service in action, which show an exciting new feature on the horizon for consumers who actively use the service – co-owners


The screenshot above shows off the new feature, which isn't currently available in SkyDrive. This is music to the ears of those who collaborate with others through SkyDrive and other Microsoft services. Here's the official description (or tool tip):

"Co-owners can add, edit, and delete files, and invite people to a folder. You can collaborate with people by adding them as co-owners (to a folder). Co-owners can add folders to their own OneDrive and access it from anywhere."

Adding other Microsoft accounts will enable them to not only edit files in said folder, but the folder itself will appear as one of their own. You can then sync shared files and folders across multiple accounts and PCs, all while allowing others to read and write as well. As you can see in the screenshot below, setting up co-owners is slightly different to sharing folders and files.


But that's not to suggest you won't be able to configure the above options in the share folder/file interface – you can achieve the same result that way too. This should address the problem with SkyDrive in Windows 8.1, leaving consumers unable to sync files and folders shared with their Microsoft Account. You can expect to see this feature and more when Microsoft eventually rolls out its rebranded cloud storage service.

We'll hopefully have more details on OneDrive in the near future.

Source: LiveSide; thanks, Peter, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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