OneDrive placeholders to return as 'On-Demand Sync'

Use OneDrive
Use OneDrive (Image credit: Windows Central)

The first day of Microsoft Ignite has been full of reveals, but one in particular should catch the attention of OneDrive fans: the return of placeholders. During the conference, Microsoft revealed (via Neowin) that placeholders will return, though the feature will now be known as "On-Demand Sync."

For those unfamiliar, placeholders allowed OneDrive users to reserve a spot on their PC for specific files and folders stored in the cloud without taking up any storage space. This let you continue to browse and see all of the files stored in the cloud from your PC's OneDrive folder without eating into your local storage. When you needed to access the files, you could click on them and OneDrive would then download them to your PC.

While the feature was available as far back as Windows 8, Microsoft deemed the feature confusing and it was removed on Windows 10. However, there have been several hints over the past year that placeholders could return, and now we have confirmation — albeit under a different name.

There's no word on when we should expect to see On-Demand Sync arrive in OneDrive on Windows 10, but one would expect it wouldn't be too far off due to its recent reveal. In the meantime, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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