OneDrive Shared Folder sync support rolling out to Windows 10 and other platforms

Users of Microsoft's OneDrive for most versions of Windows will soon be able to sync up content on shared folders on the cloud storage service with the folder's other co-owners. Microsoft is rolling out that support starting today, but it may take a few days before it is available for everyone.

Microsoft says:

"How does it work? We have a new action on OneDrive, called "Add to my OneDrive." Whenever you are using OneDrive on the web, or through the mobile app, you'll see this when you are browsing content that others have shared with you. Clicking "Add to my OneDrive" will add that folder to your OneDrive. From then on, whenever you browse your OneDrive, you'll be able to see any of the shared folders you've added. And on the sync client, when you select what folders to sync, you'll see all the shared folders you've added. Select the shared folder(s) you want and they'll immediately begin syncing to your PC or Mac."

PC users with Windows Vista, 7. 8 and the new Windows 10 will be able to use the Shared Folders sync feature in OneDrive, along with MacOS owners. The only exception is with Windows 8.1. Microsoft says that those users must upgrade to Windows 10 to enable the new OneDrive sync feature.

Source: Microsoft

  • Now give us back our placeholder icons. Windows 10 OneDrive is shit.
  • Amen!
  • Hey Guys! I know this is kind of "off tipic" but please help me to share the hashtags #NewWindows #NewMovieMaker @Windows , I'm loving Windows 10 like most people, but we need a descent Video Editor out of the box! We can make a movement! :D Thanks!
  • There is a game-focused video editor on XBox One. The XBox app in Windows 10 has trimming support I think? Is it not plenty for most people? Video editors usually use Adobe Premiere either Creative Cloud for an annual cost or they have a Mac with Final Cut Pro. Windows also have Sony Vegas. There are even third-party video editors for easy-to-use video editing. Microsoft would probably upset Adobe big time if they made a free app for Windows 10, just like Apple will never make a free Photoshop application and bundle it with OS X for free.
  • He's talking about Movie Maker...Microsoft introduced it with Windows ME? It's been there to some extent up until Windows 8 (if you download Windows Essentials). I'm guessing Windows 10 does not include Movie Maker or something like it. Quite a lot of YouTube amateur videos are noticeably created using Movie Maker, which I think is great because it lends to the whole idea that Windows enables people to "do."
  • I really want those placeholders back, too, but if I had to choose, I'd choose shared folders.
    Placeholders are 'great to have' but shared folders are 'must have.'
  • Placeholders are 'must have' when you're using something like a Surface.
  • Well, at least there are some workarounds for placeholders.  None that work as well as the real deal. Not having the ability to share folders essentially made OneDrive unfit for the primary purpose of cloud storage, group collaboration.
  • What are the work arounds for Placeholders? Edit: I just read Intrepid00 comment.
  • Really? Workarounds for placeholders? I have about 50Gb of pictures and videos in folders sorted by day they were taken, so videos and pictures are mixed in these folders. On old OneDrive, I had these folders on my tablet, all pictures offline, all videos online only. What workaround do you have to do anything similar on W10? Any online only answer is not a solution for me, I still pay for a metered connection (and have no other choice).
  • Use photos apps that come with W10? All my picture in OneDrive available there.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes, they shuold let us choose wether we wan'T those placeholderders or not. If you wan't to go totaly crazy they could let us chose for each folder individualy.
  • The workaround is to move your videos into a different folder and then map that folder (or all of your OneDrive) as a network drive.  It isn't ideal for your "mixed" solution, but at least you can access and work with the videos while not using local storage.  Of course, it will burn data, but that was true anyway. There are instructions in the forums:
  • I strongly disagree. Since there isn't even a Onedrive app anymore the only way to access files you can't store localy is the website. It was just the same for shared folders, using the website was the solution.
  • I have +5TB of data on my Onedrive, guess much much space the metadata files are occupying ?!. Both Win 8.1 and 10 onedrive syincing mechanisms are flawed. Microsoft should come up with something in between.
  • Out of curiosity, how much does it take when you put everything "Online only"?
  • Totally agree. Uploading a set of folders to a folder on onedrive that is not being synched is just plain impossible at this point
  • This is the worst. Using the integration was the only solution to upload folders (and still is). They should enable that via the Onedrive website aswell, regardless of the placeholders.
  • @x I'm tc, I completely agree -- lack of shared folders rendered OneDrive useless in comparison to the alternatives. Placeholders are wonderful and innovative, but lack of them doesn't drive MS customers to DropBox. Lack of Shared Folders basically devalues Office, because then the 1TB of free OneDrive space is much less valuable, because any users who work collaboratively with others need to use DropBox or other alternative service. With this feature back, that's a tremendous competitive shift in MS' favor. Now, of course, the next step should be to restore Placeholders...
  • A kind of work around. You need internet access to use it and with 2 factor auth you need to make an application password.
  • This made my day when i found it last week!
  • I did this earlier today - it totally works and I'm using it until the real fix comes.
  • Thanks. I was wondering what the hell was going on.
  • Thanks so much for that link!! I was looking for something like that.
  • Nice. This could tide me over until placeholders are officially reinstated.
  • We block all mapped drives at work due to malware like crypto locker navigating onto file servers. Wouldn't that suck if your entire online OneDrive was held hostage by Ransomware. Bring back placeholders!
  • Bring Placeholders BACK!
  • Exactly! This alone is making me consider rolling back my machine to W8.1. I have a 256gb SP2 and over 500gb of stuff on OneDrive - the "Solution" of having vast amounts of cloud storage to augment minimal local storage has fallen on its face in W10. This change has caused my productivity to grind to a halt as I do not have the easy access to my project files. I am tired of the "two steps forward, and one step back" mentality that MS is taking. Build on established functionality! Quit taking things away in favor of adding them again later -- this just aggravates the user and causes unnecessary headache.
  • That established functionality was broken in a lot of ways and had a number of really problematic edge cases; there were issues with applications interacting with those stub files, some of which could cause a whole bunch of files to get pulled down automatically when an application decided it wanted to poll through them without proper user notification or authorization, those stub files took up space which was really problematic on low memory devices, the sync engine was unique to 8.1 and not as reliable as the W7 version which got in the way of creating a unified sync engine, it removed things like remote file fetch, etc. They'll bring placeholder like functionality back, but building on 8.1's set up would've been a huge mistake. 8.1's OneDrive implementation was not a good architectural foundation, and never should've existed as it did in the first place
  • Regardless of the shortcomings of the system, it would have ben prevalent to notify users of this gaping hole in functionality when many rely on it prior to installing the upgrade. The concept was also pushed as a means for users with limited local storage to function with vast could storage to augment the experience. Being one of those people, the sudden lack of functionality has put a significant dent in productivity as speed to access files is either dramatically lessened or one must carry a complete copy of a designated set of folders. I found it valuable to pull down a file that I needed to work on, make my updates and set it again to 'Online Only' to make sure it was accessible but not taking up valuable local space. It was quick, and I never saw any issues with syncing. If they we're planning on removing that feature, then its replacement should have been ready or suitable notice should have been given to make sure the user was properly informed.
  • Then just add some user control to it to prevent unauthorized access from applications, problem solved. Any more issues?
  • Well they can just put "cloud" icon overlay on top of the icons for files and folders that are online-only, so at least the user knows that its not locally stored. I know that problem and I've experienced that, but for me it doesn't justify removing such feature since the benefits outweigh the issues. They could just keep it until the new better one arrives.
  • Thank you for good explanation. In all the bemoaning about loss of placeholders it's forgotten that Microsoft made the change for a good reason. Compare their strategy for OneDrive to Apple's botched music offering which is built on a mess.
  • I agree, placeholders going aways is bad and makes onedrive almost worthless. With that... check out the link from Intrepid above.
  • This can give you what I believe is an even better solution than the placeholders. How to map OneDrive as a Drive Letter in Windows 10  
  • This has been around forever and it is not better than placeholders.  But, it is a great tip!
  • Yes, the basic idea has been around for a long time, and started with a loophole in Word 2010 that allowed people to get the CID from Word 2010. However, with the changes made to OneDrive in the recent months, this workaround is much easier to get up and going, and some of the older wordarounds are no longer enabling people to discover the CID in every case.
  • I will have to try this.
  • And pleaceholders were SHIT too
    tell me what is good about them that people like you cry about it so much?   I mean, see photos thumbnails? that's all you think it's good about them?
    because whenever you wanted to see one photo, you had to wait for it to download anyway.
    what about other type of files? you know, the ones that have no thumbnails support or it's too small to even be able to read it?   again, placeholders were shit. you didn't even know what was really synched on Win8 if you didn't have detals on to see if it said offline or not.   At least Onedrive on windows 10 lets you know that whatever you have downloaded is available for you, and not stupid files that have no porpuse other than make a file structure and once you clicked on them had to download them anyway.   the only thing I can complain about is how I need few files from my Fightcade roms folder, I can download them little by little. of course I have to download them all at once BUT how is that bad? I would have still downloaded them later anyways.
    at least they won't give me an error like "oh this file is not supported" or some crap like that that Adobe Photoshop told me when I opened a non downloaded placeholder pic in Windows 8.   Onedrive on windows 10 even lets you browse through your files on the web if you are not at home.
    and Microsoft already said they will make changes later, I only hope they add sync individual files, but placeholder can die, because they were shit too.
    and downloading individual files have nothing to do with palceholder or nothing to die and say Onedrive on Windows 10 is bad either.
    of course if I need to upload one file  and don't need to download the whole folder I can always create a temp empty folder, sync it and upload there and end.   people like you sound like these people Zune was the best. no Zune was crap, slow, heavy crap with a nice UI but crap playlist management and crap player. Peope like you love to cry and complain. and think something is good when it actually wasn't.   Windows 10 onedrive is not the best thing either, again, individual files must be there. but Placeholders were the most useless crap ever, especially when you were in a rush and you didn't have the file available and it's a big file that you need to edit or open.
  • Because it's all about you isn't it?
  • lol
  • why you want onedrive on your computer? just keep files on local hard drive and use website for any file that you acctually need on one drive.
  • Yeah, why do in a single click something you can do by opening a browser, finding what you want, changing what you need then save it (or re-upload it) manually instead?
  • You, sir, are a fucktard. Placeholders were an excellent solution that made it super easy to know at any given time exactly what was in your OneDrive and whether you wanted to sync it locally. Missing a file or folder you need locally? Right click and choose "make available offline". Boom, it syncs down. Have a bunch of files you don't really need locally but you need to free space for something else? Right click, choose "Make available online only", BOOM, done, disk space freed and your files remain in the cloud. Windows 10's OneDrive client is a MASSIVE downgrade, and trolls like you claiming otherwise will not make it so.
  • Same example as I asked a few posts above. I have a mix of pictures and videos sorted in folders by days they were taken. I had videos online only, pictures offline (because tablet, limited space, all offline is not a solution). Does this mean I should completely change the way I store things and start separating pictures from videos, even if they're showing the same thing and were taken the same day, just so I can access my pictures offline? (which is absolutely a must for me, and since I pay a metered connection and keeping it online only would f*** up my limit, so it's not a solution either)
  • Suppose photo apps that come with W10 solved your problem right..since all photos and videos is sync there. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • How does it solve anything? I don't want to sync everything, I want photos offline, videos online, same directory. Also, I think you missed the part about "metered connexion", I can't afford to let it automatically sync everything. (that would litteraly cost me hundreds of $ if it happened)
  • Umm, because I need access to those folders to be able to save to without having all of those files on my surface. Right now I have to save files to my machine then go to a website to upload. That makes OneDrive worthless to me.
  • Woah Woah Woah
  • Wow. 
  • Indeed!
  • True that
  • I haven't had a chance to upgrade to Win10 yet. When you open the OneDrive folder in file explorer, what do you see instead of the placeholders now?
  • Nothing, the folders aren't there unless you select them. And when you select them is downloads the whole thing to your machine. (Not a good experience)
  • Yeah, that doesn't make sense at all. And there's no way to save directly to OneDrive without going to the web client?
  • Unless the whole folder is available offline, no, no way.
  • +1520. I like a lot of things about Windows 10, but its OneDrive client is a MASSIVE downgrade. Basically we got shoved from 2015 back to 2009, and that's bullshit.
  • Yes please. Placeholders. For the love of all that is holy.
  • Preach!
  • To the top
  • you are right. I've a slow internet connection and i really need that feature back from 8.1
  • I found a tutorial to "map" OneDrive as a network drive... To find your "CID" number, you have to open a subfolder and you will see it as the first batch of numbers in the address bar... Just Bing for "map OneDrive"
  • Well, the Windows 10 OneDrive bought back Fetch, which I think it actually a lot more powerful of a feature than Placeholders.  Honestly, I still don't see the point in putting data like Music or Photos in a service like OneDrive.  I prefer the way Google and Apple have segregated that stuff off to Google Photos, iCloud Photo Library, Google Play Music, and iTunes Match.  That way, it's all accessible in the Music Client, and you can always download your music if you ever lose a hard drive or something, but it isn't cluttering up your PC's cloud storage folder. That's why I avoid OneDrive.  I feel like they should have done what the others have done, despite what a few fanboys say about "OMG I can just go to a folder and always get what I want," or whatever.  It's just way more organized the way they're doing it, and if they did it that way it would have eliminated the need for OneDrive for most consumers since most consumers are cluttering up their OneDrives with Music and Photos/Videos, not Office Documents and things of that nature. Microsoft took the easy way out.  They developed the Placeholder files because they knew the implications of getting rid of separate services like Live Photo Gallery (Web) and lumping it them into OneDrive.  Then, they had problems and removed the Placeholders, but couldn't properly Segregate Windows Photos and Groove Music back out - so we're left wiht a bunch of angry users who use basically a vanilla file cloud storage service to store data that is best kept in service design specifically to hold that type of data.
  • Microsoft said they are returning place holders back in a future update 6 months back, they wanted the new engine mechanisms to merge business and home first, I only sync what I need on my surface (documents 2.5gb) while on pc I sync 400gb. They said they will have this ready after launch this discussion sound bringing them back is already old. We all want them back I know its a new o/s there are always kinks!
  • Placeholders are not coming back, period.  They never said Placeholders were coming back.  They seem to be trying to implement something similar to what Apple does with the iCloud Photos app on iOS for OneDrive, but that's about it. All these people talking about Placeholders coming back, are spreading misinformation.
  • There is a trick to show placeholders !!!!
  • Please vote here:
  • Please vote: search for 6708195-add-an-advanced-option-to-restore-showing-all-oned
  • What? No support in Windows 8.1? Yeah, it's going to take more than that to make me upgrade Microsoft. :(
  • Seriously. They're doing everything they can to make sure Windows 8.1 is the biggest failure possible. I think once Sinofsky left, they wanted it to fail.
  • Its actually weird since Windows 8 is actually Sinofsky's work, while Windows 8.1 is actually post-Sinofsky, though still the influence still remains.  
  • Windows 8.1 is a Service Pack for Windows 8, so it's still Sinofsky. And frankly, the Microsoft Fanboys wanted Windows 8.  For them, he delivered.  The thing he and they didn't realize, was that they were a distant minority. That battle was lost, instantly, once that OS went into preview.  The war was lost once people started buying new PCs with it preloaded.
  • This might be the first feedback I've ever seen that someone not only likes Windows 8, but likes it enough that they won't upgrade from it.
  • Really? As much as I'm enjoying windows 10, im considering going back to 8.1 purely because of the horrible OneDrive integration
  • You are not the only one.
  • Same here, the OneDrive change is just not useable for me now. Need to see the place holders back
  • Don't warry, in 2025 win11 will came so you can finally swith to win10 :)
  • Also a major reason why I didn't upgrade my surface
  • Tablet mode on Win 10 is step back from 8.1. I use my SP2 as a tablet at home and desktop in the office... It was very nice. Now desktop mode is better but tablet mode sucks! I kept Win 10 on all my other computers but the SP2 I had to roll back to 8.1 as 8.1 is far superior in tablet mode. I could easily write a 10k word... 7 video article as to why!  
  • So you like how desktop works on 8.1 with touch and how modern application looks like on 27'' monitor. That is the only way you can find win8 all around  better then 10.
  • Huh??? No I said that windows 8.1 is better on a tablet such as the Surface Pro 2 than windows 10... PERIOD! While windows 10 is better on desktop with bigger screen... it could have easily been the best of both worlds... but it's not! I love Windows 10 just not on my Surface while using it as a tablet as 8.1 is far more efficient at almost everyhing in tablet mode which is why I rolled back on only my surface (which happens to be my main and favorite computer). And bty, Modern IE11 on 8.1 was the greatest tablet browser UI ever created... and yes I've tried them all on all the major OS's.
  • I'm in exactly the same position.  Win8.1 is still on my desktop PC because of placeholders, and it's 50/50 right now if my SP1 is going back to 8.1 as well.  I'm an outside sales rep and Modern IE allowed for more to be displayed on screen, not to mention it's ability to handle a ridiculous number of tabs being open.  And although it's more of an edge case, I used the combined split keyboard and number pad all day while out on calls.  Having to shift to get the  number pad is driving me nuts.
  • I am also considering rolling back to 8.1 because of horrendous OneDrive support in W10. 8.1 is comfortable, the ONLY thing I would miss from W10 is proper window snapping in multi-monitor configurations, otherwise 8.1 functions as well as 10 - just has the benefit of being the more matured OS. 10 has gaping holes that one would think would have been considered and corrected already, especially with such a substantial public test. Put it back in the oven, W10 is not done yet.
  • Look around, there's plenty of such feedback.
  • Just upgrade. It's better.
  • It is in every way, except OneDrive. For a lot of us, the way we use it, it is now a worthless product.
  • Windows 10 is indeed better than Windows 8.1, no doubt. But everything? Nah. The big problem is that they remove handful of useful features from Windows 8.1 and release a lame excuses later why they didn't put it with Windows 10. Windows 10 is great for desktops and laptops, but tablets and hybrids is still debatable. Because some features that are great for tablets are now gone and forced to make a workaround. OneDrive Smart Files is one of them.
  • Windows 8.1 has a unique implementation of OneDrive sync, and it isn't an app, it's baked into the OS; updating it is not going to be particularly simple, and it's quite possible that the solution they'd need to go with would break placeholders. It's also a waste of resources to devote attention to doing that for just 8.1 when there's so much work that needs to be done that will benefit not just W10, where they want people to go, but also a bunch of other OneDrive end points.
  • Baloney. At it's core, Windows 10 has many Windows 8.1 features "baked"into the OS. They catered to a vocal f