OneDrive snags new photo features on ANdroid

Microsoft is rolling out another update to the OneDrive app for Android with a handful of new features in tow. Ticking the app up to version 5.4, the latest update brings a few new features for handling photos, including new filters and editing tools for the Scan feature (via Windows Blog Italia).

If you already have a sizeable collection of photos stored in OneDrive, you'll now be able to more quickly navigate them with a new "fast scroller" available in Photo view. OneDrive will also now allow you to capture photos and save them directly to OneDrive,, freeing up space on your phone. That's in addition to an enhanced scan feature, which now sports new filters and more.

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Here's the official look at what's new in OneDrive version 5.4:

  • Crop, rotate, and choose from new filters to digitize your physical world with our enhanced Scan feature
  • Quickly navigate and find photos from a long time ago in a place far far away with our new fast scroller in the Photo view
  • Save space on your phone by capturing photos and saving them directly to OneDrive within the app

Version 5.4 began rolling out on February 27, so your phone may have already snagged it. If not, however, you can grab the update now from Google Play.

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