OneDrive's version history now works with all file types

OneDrive is finally expanding its version history feature to cover all file types, Microsoft has announced (opens in new tab). The highly requested feature will now allow you to easily track changes on all files, regardless of type, and restore to previous versions with a few clicks.

OneDrive's version history now works with all file types

Previously, version history only applied to Office files. Now, the feature will let you keep track of changes to everything from PDFs and CAD files to photos and videos. OneDrive will keep older versions of files for 30 days. If you sport an unintended change, or simply want to revert to a prior version of a file, you can do so by right-clicking the file and restoring through the Version History pane.

This feature has racked up a massive number of up votes on the OneDrive Uservoice page, so it's sure to be a major boon for many people. As Microsoft explains on the Uservoice, however, only around 10 percent of OneDrive users can currently see the feature. It should roll out to all OneDrive personal account users over the course of the summer.

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  • Yey, good! :)
  • So if we get ransomware, can we just revert all the files?
  • Last time i tried it, for a friend, it didn't work. But again, that's like 6 months ago. Reason being, its a new file, since file type was renamed.
  • That was my first thought as well :)
    Of course once should always have more than one backup solution =)
  • That's a great feature!
  • I hope you can selectively turn it off for some files instead of turning it off altogether.  If I have, say, a 20 GB VHD file or a 10 GB SQL Server DAT file I don't want to see my HDD space disappearing with versioned backups of these files and grinding my HDD to death as it regularly copies them.
  • Seems like they must have some filters to ignore certain file types or large files. Also, the versions are probably in the cloud, not local.
  • I'd like some option to also keep the versions offline too - If they get this right then they could look at OneDrive as a replacement for FileHistory. You can still use FileHistory to keep a local backup but it would be better if the local and cloud versions were all in sync with each other - FileHistory just backs up at a fixed interval where as OneDrive does it as you save from what I understand
  • This is cool. How often do they create a version, every time you save?
  • Awesome :)
  • Got to love this. Would love it if they did it for more than 30 days. Proper version control....restore to X date, Y commit....