OneNote to add default template option for section pages soon

OneNote Surface Laptop
OneNote Surface Laptop (Image credit: Windows Central)

OneNote has been busy adding several new features since Microsoft switched its focus to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of the app, and it's about to get another handy one. In a recent Twitter post (via Neowin), Microsoft's OneNote project manager Ben Hodes revealed that you'll soon be able to create default templates for section pages.

If you find yourself frequently using similar layouts for your section pages, then this feature will become very handy. The new "Set as Default Template" option will make it easy to create a page layout and then use it across any new page you create.

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In addition to the template feature, Hodes added a nod to another minor new capability headed to OneNote. Appearing in the same menu is the option to sort pages. It looks as though you'll have several different filters to sort your pages by, but we'll have to wait until the feature is available to see the full breadth. However, this aligns with another OneNote feature Microsoft debuted last year, which was the ability to add custom tags to your notes for better sorting.

There's no word on when either new feature will make its way to the release version of OneNote.

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