Custom tags are coming to OneNote for Windows 10 and Mac

OneNote Surface Laptop
OneNote Surface Laptop (Image credit: Windows Central)

OneNote is gearing up to add another highly requested feature on Windows 10 and Mac, intended to make it easy to keep your notes organized. Starting in January 2019, both versions of the app will pick up support for custom tags, allowing you name and add icons to keep notes sorted however you please.

Creating tags won't require any new settings to be enabled, Microsoft says. Instead, you'll soon be able to click the "Tags" dropdown to create a new tag. From there, you can designate a specific name for your tag and give it an icon of your choosing. You'll also be able to see any tags you've previously deleted, along with custom tags created from another device or by other users in that notebook.

Custom tags in OneNote should begin rolling out on Windows 10 and Mac over the "next few weeks," Microsoft says.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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