OneNote now lets you clip from Bing Image Search

Clip it to OneNote will allow users to select individual results in Bing Image Search and send them to OneNote for later review. To use the feature, you simply click the "Clip it to OneNote" button (seen below) from any image, at which point you can add a brief description and send it over to OneNote.

OneNote Bing Image Clipper

In addition to clipping images from Bing, the OneNote team also announced an update to spell check in OneNote online. Now, if you're in the middle of a brainstorming session and quickly jotting down notes, you have the option to toggle spell check off to hide the potentially distracting spelling error highlights.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Can't wait for the new phone build. Using it on my 1520 scared to go back down to 8.1 with my luck it will brick. But looks like they will be a new build soon would love to try all this new apps.
  • Is OneNote present in windows 10 because I unpinned the tile since it was not working only to find out that it was not in the app list.
  • Cool
  • nice
  • such a great feature... so useful....BING+ONENOTE  
  • US only?
  • No actually not. I was surprised. :)
    Already using it here in germany...
  • Sweet! Wait a second.. I've seen this for a couple weeks now.
  • Its official. Clip it is back.  lol
  • This feature actually very quietly rolled out a few weeks ago. In fact, the past month or two has seen the Bing team quietly and subtly moving UI elements and overall improving the Bing Images interface. I love the results, it looks incredible, and I love it more than ever before!