OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel Previews score updates on Windows 10

Microsoft is pushing updates to a trio of its own apps across Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile today. In all, OneNote, Powerpoint Preview, and Excel Preview are on the docket for this round. Unfortunately, we're only seeing a changelog for OneNote at the moment, which includes the following:

  • Full drawing capabilities when your Surface is locked, including color, highlighter, eraser types, and more
  • Ability to change the font and font size
  • Resolved sign-in issues that prevented some users from opening OneNote

Keep in mind that the ability to change font sizes in OneNote appeared in a previous update, so there's a chance other portions of the changelog could be old as well.

Again, these updates appear to be rolling out to both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, so you've got double the updating to do. If you happen to notice anything new in Excel and PowerPoint, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Dan for the tip!

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • I want to draw on Onenote for Windows Phone/Mobile
  • Me too!
  • Me three
  • Me four!
  • Me five!
  • No. Not until you actively digitize.
  • Word is also updating
  • While on updates, Groove for Mobile has a live tile!!!
  • Uh, is that already available? Or... am I seeing it only on desktop?
  • I don't know, the app on my phone updated yesterday. In cases like this I wished they stated when the app was last updated.
  • So its safe to say mobile office (the universal office) is getting an update even if its just stability improvements
  • They need to update the mail app too. There should be the option to remove the conversation view, and when creating an email, pressing the 'to' button should bring up a list of all the contacts. At present, you have to rely on memory to pull up the right contact.
    Oh, and they need to allow HTML in the signature
  • Also, the Windows 10 OneDrive app is giving upload errors due to files being too big. The files in question are well under 1GB!
  • There's a Windows 10 OneDrive app?
  • Windows 10 Mobile has one.
  • we need a onedrive universal app
  • Does anyone know how can I uninstall the App OneNote on Windows 10?
  • is where I found answer need powershell
  • Thank you! Didn't think it was possible.
  • You can do it, but it breaks other functionality on the system (Screen Grabbing/Clipping, etc.).  I honestly do not understand why Microsoft baked OneNote into the OS the way they did.  They're turning Windows into a Desktop Andorid clone with the bloatware, info-gathering mechanics, and ability to blow your PC up everytime an update comes through.
  • Vote for editing protected workbooks in Excel please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love these apps updates for PC and Phones the same time. Skype also updates which removed it entirely.
  • Does anyone else have issues signing in using their school/work email, because when I try to sign in with my school email, I get a blank screen with "#" on it?
  • Yeah, this happens in Edge with my work account. It's like it gets stuck somehow. I just hit refresh and it loads fully.
  • The headline is incorrect. These apps have dropped the preview tag over a month ago.
  • My phone still shows"preview"
  • I noticed in the OneNote app one bug is fixed that bothered me, previously when creating a new quick note the cursor would sit in the title bar but the keyboard would not appear. Would need to move the cursor to the content and then back to the title bar to get the keyboard to show. Very minor bug but was annoying me for a long time now so I'm glad they fixed it!
  • Also every core apps is being updated. Including store
  • I wonder if this a weekly routine? They work Monday to Friday, make updates, then ship it on Saturdays (or late Fridays). I believe they released updates last weekend as well.
  • All Office apps updated, on Mobile and PC. Outlook mail& calendar updated on PC (not on mobile yet). I haven't seen anything new.
  • Text selection for copying is still broke on Onenote Mobile. You cannot copy more than one word. Working well on Word Mobile though. That sucks...
  • OneNote doesn't need upgraded, it needs downgraded! Almost every forum (including comment has said they strongly preferred the version in Windows 8.1. The differences are so significant (and mostly bad, such as removing the ability to change the line width) that I don't think they should have even made a new version.
  • Does Outllook 2016 allow sharing from MS Edge like the universal one does?
  • No.  It seems the integration with Edge is at an API level specifically for the version of OneNote built into the OS.
  • High five!