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OneNote for Windows 10 now lets you easily add content from YouTube, Vimeo and more

If you're a big OneNote fan, your notes are about to get much more media-rich. As part of its April update roundup (opens in new tab) for OneNote, Microsoft announced that OneNote for Windows users can now easily embed videos and clips from YouTube, Vine, Sway and more with just a link.

From Microsoft (opens in new tab):

Insert and view content from YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Sway and more, right alongside your notes. By simply pasting a video link into OneNote for Windows 10, Mac or iOS, a playable thumbnail version will appear next to it. Soon you'll also be able to embed with copy and paste for OneNote Online.

Additionally, Microsoft says it has cleaned up the sign-in process, allowing users with work or school Office 365 accounts to sign in.

If you use OneNote Online, Microsoft says that a new feature called Smart Lookup is coming soon. Powered by Bing, Smart Lookup uses selected text and the content surrounding it to quickly serve up information you may be interested in. Think of it as a quick way to gather more material about a topic you're writing about without switching to your browser.

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  • Nice. Continuously getting better
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  • I'm singing in the rain, I'm singing in the rain.... Of updates and features!
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  • These are the features we should expect in RS update 2 for mobile.
  • Update 2
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  • I'm calling it the wrong thing... I mean Redstone Update 2.
  • In what's new on mobile it says this feature is available. Will try it
  • Yeah, there was an update today to all the office apps, including OneNote.. Let me take a looksee. Good point., thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • It works in mobile too. Just tried it. I'll admit I assumed it wouldn't be in mobile version right away, glad it is (it should be most of the time)
  • It needs to work with video stored on OneDrive. That would make it super powerful..
  • This is nice, but I would be much happier if they could get the basic screenshot functionality that has worked in all previous versions to work again in Windows 10.
  • I do have a usability problem with OneNote that pisses me off every time I use it. When I insert an image or screenshot and draw arrows or circles or whatever on it, they are not fixed in place. When insert something before this image everything will go to ****. The arrows and stuff move down while the image stays in place. You have to be very careful with this. I just can't work properly in OneNote because if this behaviour. Sent from an alien space ship with a Lumia 950
  • Now OneNote is the most powerful notes
  • Been that way.
  • I'm nit picking, but the article used a screenshot of the iPad app - I don't have anything against that version, just that this article is about the Windows 10 version getting an update. Attention to detail and all that.
  • Off topic: Is anybody else on the slow ring not able to send text right now?
  • Silence...
  • I hope next they will fix copy-paste capability in OneNote. It's a simple feature I need most!
  • I use OneNote like everyday to take class notes. Now it's looking even better with this new feature!! What I love the most about OneNote is that it is always up to date though new versions of Microsoft Office Suite or Windows 10, and all the professional resources are available for free in all platforms! I highly recommend it's use. :D
  • Why would you use that UWP app to take notes? It's still light years behind the desktop app. Not understanding the enthusiasm.
  • I also prefer the UWP to take notes. I don't know why but I just do.
  • The UWP app is far more touch-friendly than the desktop version. For quick note-taking it's excellent even though it's not as powerful.
  • Is this update live?
  • <p>Is this update live?</p>
  • Good job Ms!
  • This is the Microsoft I grew up with beginning with Windows 95.  This also will flow to WM, so it's not all dedicated just for the Desktop. Things are coming along nicely.
  • Cool , now we are an official app for Youtube......
  • Why is the article about cortana gone? was it true or not? new here so...
  • Not for me
  • Update not live for me