Opera 9 for WM Will Be Awesome

Everybody gets to have fun except for me. First I missed out on the Deepfish Beta (opens in new tab), which split my heart in twain. Now I'm not an Opera employee, which means I'm missing out on the upcoming Opera 9 for Windows Mobile (but the Beta of 8.65 (opens in new tab) is available now), which looks to be pretty sweet. It has the fancy zoom features that appear to be pretty much de rigeur for next-gen mobile browsers. It will also feature little widgets (opens in new tab) that call to mind this video of Vista's Gadgets running on WM5 (opens in new tab). Anyhow, Opera 9 will also be fully standards-compliant:

Opera 9 for Windows Mobile now passes the Acid2 test in internal builds of the browser (see screenshot below). Opera Mobile is on pace to become the first Windows Mobile browser to pass the Acid2 test, unless Pocket IE or Access speed things up.

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Basically, Pocket IE is looking pretty long in the tooth. What do we want? Zoom-capable mobile browsers in wide public release! When do we want it? Now!

WC Staff