Vista Gadgets on WM

on10 has a neat little video of a PocketPC device successfully running Vista Gadgets. Microsoft is working on enabling it so it can show up on your Today screen. For now, though, they have it working with a simple drag and drop onto the phone. It's just a proof-of-concept, but it's pretty darn slick.

Windows Vista has so many great features and I know a favorite at the top of everybody's list are the gadgets. "But Laura..." you say..."I love my gadgets so MUCH that I wish I could take them with me everywhere!" Well, stop you're whining I say and check out this application that Mel Sampat is creating.

Read: Vista Gadgets running on Windows Mobile | Laura Foy | Channel 10

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  • I saw this post over at PPCThoughts earlier today and I commented over there, but I've been waiting for something like this for a while now for my WM device. I use Yahoo! Widgets on my desktop at work and at home, and they're very useful. The way I envision it is to have the "gadget" plugin on the today screen, and when selected (by finger/stylus or DPAD), the gadget pops up and stays for either a user-defined amount of time or until it is tapped or the dpad center button is clicked. Similarily, when a gadget is open (pops up in the middle of the screen like the PocketBreeze pop-up calendar), you can use the dpad to scroll left or right to go through your gadgets since the small screens probably won't be able to show more than 1 or 2 gadgets at once.