Opera Mini 4 Out of Beta

We liked the Beta of Opera Mini 4 a whole heck of a lot, so we see no reason we'd feel any differently about the non-beta version: (opens in new tab)

Opera Mini 4 is based on the same rendering engine as the Opera 9.5 desktop browser. The browser still has a very small install size, less than 100k, even though we've added all these cool new features.

Go and take a look at the giant list-o-features (opens in new tab), then tell anybody still stuck in featurephone land to install it post-haste on their phones. Windows Mobile users - well - you'll need to use it in a Java Virtual Machine.

I think that Opera Mini's zoom implementation might actually have a slight leg up on the native Opera 8.65's version. That version of Opera is my default browser, btw, or it least it is when I'm not using an iPhone as my main brain.

WC Staff
  • Anyone have any clue how to install this on a Treo 700wx?
    I looked at the xda site and they suggested MIDlet Manager but that did work.
  • I just installed this on my Tilt - the installation happened automatically when I selected that option from my existing browser. However, after it ran once and I closed it, I can't see how to start it again - it doesn't show up under Programs. What do I do?