Opera Mini 4.1 Escapes Beta

While it's not the crown jewel of Opera's Browser offerings -- said title belongs to the as-yet unreleased Opera Mobile 9.5 -- Opera Mini 4.1 is still plenty good. We liked it when it was released in Beta and we like it now that it's a full release, with great features:

  • Opera is now up to 50% faster
  • Find text within a Web page
  • Auto-completion of URLs
  • Download and upload files
  • Save pages for offline viewing

Opera Mini, sadly, is Java-based, meaning that on Windows Mobile you're going to need a Java Virtual Machine. I can't speak for all WM devices, but on my Moto Q9h it installed very cleanly and it created a shortcut on my Start Menu so I didn't have to go digging through my JVM. Opera Mini is probably the only app that makes me wish that Windows Mobile had Java more deeply integrated, otherwise you can keep it off, thanks.

Grab Opera Mini at https://www.opera.com/ (opens in new tab).

WC Staff
  • Works on the HTC Touch. A couple exception errors and some hangs on a few sites, plus some corruption (ex. if Opera pukes, IE won't display site....weird stuff like that.) But overall very decent beta. Fast when it works.
  • Works perfect on my treo wx. I use the esmertec jbed java micro environment from xda-developers. I dont see much difference because I have been using operamini 4.0 for awhile now. I have grown to use opera mini about 90 percent of the time over PIE. I never bought opera mobile because opera mini is almost just as good as opera mobile. Ive never kept it on the desktop either. I havent found a benifit with opera over IE. What bugs me abou opera is that I cant check my spelling. I cant get spell check to work on the desktop or handheld . Thanks for the heads up on 4.1. I love new versions.
  • I take it back...Opera Mini sucks on HTC Touch. Freezes up entire device, forcing reset - never had an app behave this badly on the Touch. When it works, it is great...but the instability makes it a non-starter for me. Sigh.