Opera Mini

Opera may be about to launch its long awaited Windows Phone version of its Opera Mini web browser, as a page has now gone live on its site asking for people to sign up to beta test the browser.

The page states:

"We know we took a long time, but our test version is now available. Download it, try it and give us your feedback. We'll listen and make improvements to give you the best browsing experience on your Windows Phone."

However, don't get too excited as we have already sent in our email and, aside from a confirmation that we are signed up to beta test the browser, we have yet to receive an actual download link. However, if it goes live we will post up an update.

There was an unofficial Opera Mini browser released way back in 2011 for Windows Phone 7 but it has since been discontinued. What do you think of Opera finally preparing to launch its Mini web browser for Windows Phone?

Thanks to our anonymous tipster for the alert!

Source: Opera