Opera Touch keeps your phone and PC in perfect browsing sync

The all-new browser for mobile is Opera Touch which boasts some nifty features like being designed to be used with one hand, a built-in ad blocker, instant web search and the ability to learn which websites you visit most and adjust your speed dial recommendations accordingly.

But it's Opera Flow which is perhaps most interesting, especially to folks who like to use the Opera desktop browser, because it makes it super simple to keep your PC and mobile browsing in perfect harmony.

According to Opera's US survey, 69 percent of smartphone users don't use their browser's syncing features. Additionally, 65 percent of users resort to emailing or sending messages to themselves or their loved ones just to save the links to important websites or to later access them on their PCs. That's because syncing is often too problematic and takes as much as 13 steps to setup.

In Opera's case, enabling Flow simply involves scanning a QR code on your phone and then the magic happens. You have a dedicated section in your browsers, "Your Flow," where you can send content that will automatically then appear on the other device.

Importantly, Flow is also end-to-end encrypted and works completely independently of whichever operating system you prefer to use. As long as it's not iOS, because initially Opera Touch isn't available there.

The desktop browser is also being updated along with the new mobile version, with a couple of additional bits besides just Flow. One of these is instant search, so now all you need do is hit alt+space at any time, start typing and you're searching.

Opera Touch is also always ready for search, and with its FAB (fast action button) search and recent shortcuts are always within a thumbs reach.

Opera Touch, Flow and the latest version of the desktop browser should be available to download today from Google Play and the Opera website respectively.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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