Optimize your website for SEO, security, and performance with a single click

Attempting to optimize a website for security, SEO, and performance can be a daunting task, especially if you're working with a small crew that's just getting going. Instead of spending hours and hours working on a per-page basis, why not automate the process for all pages?

Checkbot is a browser extension for Google Chrome that can scan hundreds of pages for broken links, duplicate content, and insecure forms, all with a single click. This powerful tool is generally quite pricey on a subscription basis, but right now Windows Central Digital Offers has a one-year pro subscription for just $30. That's about 70 percent off the regular price of $100!

Once an audit is complete, Checkbot will let you know which pages need to be fixed and will let you know why they're a problem. You can use Checkbot as many times as you want, allowing you to keep on top of new content no matter how fast you create it.

If you're ready to optimize your website for arguably the three most important aspects — SEO, security, and speed — and don't want to spend hours and hours going through everything manually, this Checkbot Chrome extension should be an ideal tool. Considering it's just $30 for a one-year subscription, it's a great time to get started.

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WC Staff