Optus Omnia 7 gets tethering addition in update

We're getting word that users in Australia on the Optus Network who are using Samsung Omnia 7's are getting a software update that brings WiFi tethering to their devices.

Reader Sri lets us know that his firmware, radio and even bootloader were all just updated, meaning there could also be a few other tweaks on board that add some features:

Firmware Revision - 2424.11.9.2 (from 11.8.2)Radio Software - 2424.11.9.1 (from 11.7.2)Bootloader Version - (from

What makes this interesting is the HD7, also in Australia, received an update but no word on if that brought tehtering to the table.

Daniel Rubino

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  • If only T-Mobile would allow Internet Sharing. I remember when it used to be free. . . . . . Also, you misspelled tethering. . .
  • FIngers crossed hoping that hd7 will get this Internet sharing too.
  • I got the update late yesterday. But I se no new options on my phone! Where do you find the tethering options?
  • I've got the Update, too. Have an 3 Austria branded Samsung Omnia 7. My current operator is o2 Germany.Finally the Compass is now working, too! (Got Mango with the little connect-diconnect trick a few weeks ago, so I've got only Mango without Samsung Firmware-Upgrade and the compass is now working the first time)
  • Got an update on my Samsung Omnia 7 in the UK on 3 network. Includes a new setting called "Internet Sharing". Not tried yet, but it's there due to the samsung update.
  • When was that?
  • You're right, its there in settings and now we have tethering (am also on 3 UK)!!!Well done Samsung.
  • I've also got "Internet Sharing" now on my 3UK branded Omnia 7. Will my network (Tesco) charge me for using this?
  • If you already have data allowance, then they have no way of knowing that you use tethering ;-)
  • Looks like T-Mobile Omnias 7 are about to get one too - the official Mango update page shows them as "scheduling".This also means that a lot of unlocked "free market" Omnias 7 in UK will also get the firmware update (as they are for some reason only get updates at the same time as T-Mobile ones).
  • How about the debranded/unbranded Omnia 7's?
  • Already have Mango on my T-Mobile UK Omnia 7, had it for weeks. Maybe that's cause I am a registered Developer. I have heard that its being rolled out though... slowly to UK Omnia 7's.
  • Yes, that's the cause for Mango OS - but not for firmware updates. Did you get the firmware update too?
  • I have an unbranded developer Omnia7 but I haven't got it yet :((Germany)
  • Just received an update on my unbranded HD7 on the bus back from university today. Updated when I got home, but can someone tell me what's been updated? I don't see anything different?