Origin PC debuts new designs for Millennium, Genesis, and L-Class custom PCs

Origin PC is taking advantage of the CES 2018 hustle and bustle to launch new designs for its Millennium, Genesis, and L-Class systems. Each update offers some slick improvements that make the systems stand out as more modern while adding some functional changes in as well.

The new Millennium tower now allows you to pick either 3mm tinted tempered glass or 3mm aluminum side panels. That's in addition to a move to an aluminum exterior from the plastic available on the prior Millennium case. You can also customize the door on the front with your choice of how you want it to swing. Millennium also gives you the choice of how to mount your internals, offering different configurations that you normally wouldn't see in a PC case. And for some added flair, you can remotely control the system's internal LED lights.

If you eventually decide you need more space, Origin says you can expand the full tower into a "Super Tower" with a kit. This essentially turns the Millenium into Origin's "Genesis" tower, with additional space on the bottom for more drives or water cooling components. Both Millenium and Genesis also feature magnetically mounted panels, which makes them easier to remove and replace on the fly.

Lastly, the new L-Class system comes in either full tower or "Super Tower" configurations, depending on how much space you need. All of the same customization and magnetic mounting features are included here, but in a package meant to operate as a workstation PC.

If the new systems have caught your eye, you can head to Origin PC to check them out further. Just be ready to pony up a pretty penny, depending on your configuration.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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