Original Sprint Touch Pro gets ROM update; Snap gets boot-up hotfix

For those of you rocking the original HTC Touch Pro on Sprint, and we know there are plenty of you out there, an official ROM update was recently released. Here's what you get:

  • TouchFlo 3D updated to improve speed and stability.
  • Dialer application enhanced to improve the handling of incoming calls.
  • Resolves an issue using the “r” and “w” keys on the virtual keypad.
  • Improves contact searching performance.
  • Includes a variety of minor bug fixes.

This is a full-on ROM update, so be sure to back up all of your important data first because the device will be wiped in the process.

Also, HTC has released a hotfix for the Sprint Snap that "is designed to correct and prevent a memory block issue that can cause the Sprint Snap to lock up or freeze during boot up."

This one's merely a hotfix, like loading an app. That means your data should be safe (though we'd recommend a backup first, just in case), and you'll need to reload this fix should you ever hard-reset the Snap.

ROM update for Sprint Touch Pro

Hotfix for Sprint Snap

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