One issue in writing reviews in advance is the scene can change right beneath your feet. Case in point with Timberman, a game we reviewed this morning. Timberman is an original game that is popular on Android and iOS, developed by Digital Melody. The game we reviewed this morning is a well-done clone. Late yesterday, Digital Melody released their official version for Windows Phone, and we get caught in the middle. Regardless, you can now head to the Store to get Timberman for your Windows Phone.

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Delight in chopping down trees and unlocking 20 different characters (did we spy a Mr T?). The same deal applies before: the game is free, works on 512 MB phones; it is 6 MB in size and only for Windows Phone 8.x.

As to which version is better – Digital Melody or 250K Games – for now, we will leave that up to you. Although having the original is always preferred, you never know what an indie dev can do to improve upon it. Just look at 6tag.

Thanks, Aqib R., for the tip!

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