The original Timberman is now available for Windows Phone too (Digital Melody)

One issue in writing reviews in advance is the scene can change right beneath your feet. Case in point with Timberman, a game we reviewed this morning. Timberman is an original game that is popular on Android and iOS, developed by Digital Melody. The game we reviewed this morning is a well-done clone. Late yesterday, Digital Melody released their official version for Windows Phone, and we get caught in the middle. Regardless, you can now head to the Store to get Timberman for your Windows Phone.

Delight in chopping down trees and unlocking 20 different characters (did we spy a Mr T?). The same deal applies before: the game is free, works on 512 MB phones; it is 6 MB in size and only for Windows Phone 8.x.

As to which version is better – Digital Melody or 250K Games – for now, we will leave that up to you. Although having the original is always preferred, you never know what an indie dev can do to improve upon it. Just look at 6tag.

Thanks, Aqib R., for the tip!

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Just happens to be the f I r s t xD
    But the app looks pretty nifty, I just downloaded the clone, and I liked it, after downloading another I guess I be downloading this one as well xD gotta love 32gb Lumia 1520 :D
  • Stupid games, its like playing stupid 2D car racer, all you have to do just click left or right, no brain resource used on the game
  • You will have to use some reflexes in this game, serious guy. And there are many kinds of games, some need your brain, some not. They are just entertainment.
  • Stupid game? Okay. don't download it, if you don't like it. No one is forcing you. :)
  • I personally appreciate the 'stupid game' feedback so I know not to waste my time downloading it. Everyone here seems to be getting a little too PC and taking ourselves too seriously. It's a friggin message board for shit's sake. This isn't some epic think tank solving world problems, let the comments roll.
  • This so called 'stupid game' is a great game for passing the Time.
  • Well this games perfect for you then! Wouldn't want to waste the little brain resource you have to spare!!
  • Ha..ha
  • I love old-looking, "pixeled" games, Dragon's Blade for example. I will at least try this :3
  • I love the 8-bit look!
  • Not available here in Brazil.
  • I was about to say this. Disappointing.
  • I feel sad for ya
  • Deleted the clone and installed the original.  Glad a 2nd story was run to point out that the original had arrived.   Thx. Daniel!
  • I found the version of 250k to be actually better.. Though I lyk the pixelated graphics of the orignal but 250k's version just looks better and is definitely more responsive..
  • I'd rather 'pay' the original developer then fund a copycat provided the experience is the version doesn't have any unnecessary need to access my location, where the 250'k version does...
  • The 250k uses location for leaderboards which the official one does not have and it does have the hell stage, so despite being a clone, it adds a couple of things. I do prefer the style of the original though as well as the characters.
  • Thanks, more characters will coming in the next update!
  • Location only use in leaderboard, we will not record your location.
  • Why do I think there will be a million copies of this game in store, just like flappy bird...
  • There already are, just search the store for Timberman and there are dozens that even have the same icon.
  • Original is always best.
  • We just to pay tribute to the classic!
  • Nice daft Flappy Bird-esque time killer. Silly adverts obscure the top of the screen though. 196 best;¬)
  • Try our version, no ads during gameplay!
  • I knew there was a glitch in the Matrix.
  • Nice.
  • I like the copycat better cuz it doesn't have full page ads that pop up randomly.
  • I always used to gloat over my Android and iOS as ads on WP used to just be a banner or something out of the way but now it seems very common to have these annoying full screen apps.
  • What makes them even more annoying is you can't read them. The resolution is way too big so you just see a portion of the ad. Which is fine, I don't want to read it but it's pointless from the advertisers' POV.
  • Good taste!! I guarantee there will be no full page ads. Forever! 
  • Why these games are never n the Brazilian WP Store? So sad...
  • Just change your region and you have your problem solved.
    I have both my WP and Xbox on the U.S region cause of the lack of services in Portugal, and this way I can have access to everything.
  • Yeah I know.. but I just don't understand why they don't release it worldwide.  
  • Because Brazil has some stupid requirements like ratings and stuff and people are lazy.
  • We are trying...  
  • Seriously losing respect for WPCentral readers. On every game review there's a bunch of asholes dissing everything. Makes it hard to separate the legitimate complaits from ones from people who are by nature just assholes.
  • Comment voting should help weed out the latter.
  • Yeah
  • So this game runs like shit on my phone..lumia 520...and I mean really bad
  • I downloaded the 250k one..its far scored 135 in forest and 48 in hell..
  • Thank you,guys
  • Thanks for WPcentral review, we will keep working to bring more scenes and characters on your Windows Phone. (Only for WP)  BTW, we just to pay tribute to the classic!
  • Waste of space and waste of time
  • Has this game always been free?