Outlook.com beta is getting a redesigned calendar

After launching a new Outlook.com beta inbox experience and design in August, Microsoft is bringing the same treatment to the calendar. The official Microsoft Office Twitter account teased a new UI for the calendar portion of Outlook.com, which is now on its way to beta testers (via OnMSFT).

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Unless you spend a lot of time in your calendar, this probably isn't the biggest or most exciting change. However, the design tweaks do bring the Outlook.com calendar more in line with the rest of the beta design, with an overall cleaner look taking hold.

If you've opted in to the beta and have access, you should see the new design roll out over the coming days and weeks. Remember: you'll have to flip the experience on by switching the "Try the beta" toggle on in the upper-right portion of Outlook.com.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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