Outlook.com to soon add verified icons, profiles for businesses

There's no getting around it: the vast majority of email hitting your inbox probably consists of promotions and newsletters from businesses around the web. With spam slipping through as well, it can sometimes be hard to tell what's worth clicking on and what should head straight to the trash heap. With Outlook.com, however, Microsoft is hoping to clear things up with a few new features headed to its web-based mail portal.

Announced alongside the October 2018 Update, Microsoft revealed that Outlook.com will soon allow brands to obtain a verified icon, much like the "verified" check you see all over Twitter, to ensure you're dealing with a legitimate business. Those same businesses will also be able to share things like contact information, package deliveries, reservations, and store locations through a new profile card.

In a bid to smooth things out for users, another new feature hitting Outlook.com soon will surface details of promotions right in your message list, so you won't have to click through to the email to see the deal it contains. And for those of us with far too many newsletters coming in, you'll be able to head to a new subscription portal to see what newsletters you're enrolled in and unsubscribe with one click.

They're small additions in the grand scheme of things, but, when taken together, each should make dealing with the daily deluge of promotional emails much easier. Microsoft is testing the features with businesses now (opens in new tab) as part of a beta program, but they should be rolled out across Outlook.com in the coming months after all of the kinks have been worked out.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • I just hope that this means those legitimate emails will not be in spam folder anymore. I consistently see lots of legitimate emails (order confirmations, bills, notifications) from big companies (Microsoft, Xbox, Bing, Nintendo, Disney, ...) being moved to spam folder on outlook.com, even if I already use the loose setting (and I really hope I could disable spam filter). Spam folder is my second inbox now. (well, at least outlook.com doesn't treat Microsoft emails differently from others).
  • Will this stop the 30 LinkedIn phishing emails I get every day?
  • Outlook is reaching heights.
  • Maybe they're on to something here. And it should become a standard of sorts to protect consumers from phishing.
  • I will never understand how Microsoft allowed Google to leapfrog them in the email space. Yahoo!, as well. I just moved back to Android, and I'm really feeling the itch to just delete my Microsoft account and switch to Google Docs, since Google Photos is cool and I'm using that for Photo Synching (Original Quality) despite having 1.1TB of OneDrive Storage (with Office 365). I just don't like the way OneDrive organizes Synched photos. Still using Outlook.com for most things, though. This seems like a great way to open the floodgates for "Verified" companies to start I creasing the number of emails they inundate us with.