Over 5% of PCs have adopted Windows 11 in first month of its release, says survey

Windows 11 Tease
Windows 11 Tease (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Windows 11 formally released on October 5, 2021.
  • Microsoft heavily advertised the operating system to make people aware that it exists.
  • Now, less than one month since launch, over 5% of PCs are using it, according to a new survey from AdDuplex.

Microsoft's new operating system is building momentum. Back in September, survey results indicated that the majority of PC users didn't even know Windows 11 existed or was releasing in October 2021. Now that the operating system is out in the wild, a new survey from AdDuplex says over 5% of PC users have the OS.

Source: AdDuplex (Image credit: Source: AdDuplex)

4.8% are running plain-old Windows 11, while 0.3% are on the W11 Insider track, for a grand total of 5.1%. These results are pulled from approximately 60,000 PCs. That's a big jump from the little over 1% of PCs that were on the operating system ahead of its official launch back in September.

While there's no concrete, granular breakdown of information on what's led to the percentage uptick, there's a strong chance Microsoft's intense marketing blitz played a role in informing consumers about its latest software. Said campaign included everything from Master Chief turning the sky into Windows on ESPN to Microsoft digitally painting the Burj Khalifa (not to be confused with any other famous Khalifas) and sending people Bloomberry ice cream.

For those still on the fence about upgrading to Windows 11, know that Microsoft is starting to push it more aggressively on an internal level. Recently, the PC Health Check app has been foisted onto Windows 10 users, reminding them that if they have a rig capable of upgrading, there's no better time than now. Even though, for many users, waiting on an upgrade could very well be the right move.

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