Paddle Quest, taking pong to a new level on Windows Phone 8

Paddle Quest is a pong styled game for your Windows Phone 8 device that takes on a bit of a RPG twist in that you can upgrade your attributes (paddle power, speed, spin power, etc.) as you earn experience points and paddle points.

The game is currently a single player styled game but has aspiration to become an multi-player game in the near future. Paddle Quest has potential but still has some bugs to iron out.

Paddle Quest's main pages covers:

  • Single Player options
  • An online store page
  • An in-game store page
  • The multi-player game page (currently in beta stages)
  • The game's settings page
  • Your Gaming Stats page.

As matches are completed, you will earn experience and paddle points that can be used in the in-game store to purchase spin and drag power ups. If you want to get a jump on things, you can go the the online store page and buy experience points, paddle points and a paddle pack.  Prices range from $.99 and up.

Paddle Quest's game settings include options to rate the game, contact the developer and change your paddle. There isn't options for sound or music because there is no sound effects or music.  Which is a little surprising in that I expected some sound effects when the ball strikes the paddle. The "change paddle" button was not responsive for me and I am not sure if you have to buy the paddle pack to change your paddle or additional paddles become unlocked as you gain experience.

The Game Stats page charts your point scored, power-ups used, rebounds, losses and wings. Game play itself is not much different than a game of pong, ping-pong or tennis. You control your paddle by tilting your Windows Phone and you try to knock the ball past your opponent to earn a point.  The first to five points wins the game.

There are two power-up buttons at the bottom of the screen to control drag and spin on your shots.

I liked the concept but the game did have a little room for improvement. First, Paddle Quest doesn't have a help section. It's not a difficult game to pick up but a little guidance on the RPG aspects would be nice. What's the difference between experience and paddle points? What paddles are available and how do you earn them?  All it would take is a brief reference section to help figure some of this out.

Next, I'm not sure if this is a bug in the programming or a need for sensor calibration in the settings but at times my paddle would sink to the bottom of the screen when holding the Windows Phone perfectly still. I think the tilt controls needs a little fine tuning or the option to control your paddle by touch.

And speaking of the paddle, movements were very sluggish. Sluggish to the point you need to anticipate where your opponents shot is heading well in advance to get into a position to return the shot. I'm not sure if paddle movement improves up as you earn experience but without any guidance from... say a help section... it could easily be a bug.

I can't really say Paddle Quest is a bad game but more so one that has a feel of being a work in progress. I wouldn't mind seeing options for a different playing court (the gray seems awfully somber) and a help section to give us an idea on some of the games features. The multiplayer mode is interesting and sounds like you'll be competing against other players online, in real time. This could really make Paddle Quest an interesting Windows Phone game. As is, Paddle Quest is okay and worth a try. It will be interesting to see how this game's development progresses.

Paddle Quest is a free game for your Windows Phone 8 device that you can grab here in the Windows Phone Store. If you give Paddle Quest a try, the developer has a discussion going on here in the Windows Phone Central Forums on the game.

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George Ponder

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