Ever since Mango came out and devs have had access to the compass API, we've seen a ton of compass apps hit the Marketplace. While many are good (including this augmented reality one) none have really wowed us. We mean, it's a compass app, how do you 'wow' someone with that?

Palladium Power, the folks behind the awesome game ORB (paid and free) have managed to make a really snazzy new compass app that features light/dark themes and a slew of design choices including digital. What's makes this app really great looking is both the smoothness of the calculations and the design--it's like art merged with a compass. Consider us impressed.

Compasses by PalladiumPower

No word on pricing but availability will be in "early December". We expect to have more on this shortly, so stay tuned, especially if you're lost. In the meantime, give ORB a spin to get an idea of their graphic abilities. The pay version with trial is here and the free, ad-supported option can be found here in the Marketplace.

Source: Palladium Power (Facebook); Thanks, muvolt, for the tip!