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The Palm Pre does WHAT with Exchange?

Now wait just a gosh-darn cotton-pickin' minute here. Sure, the Palm Pre will sync up with an Exchange account. That's Smartphone 101. But to the best of our knowledge, Windows Mobile phones — and every other phone that licenses Exchange — can only sync to one account at a time. Don't believe us? A quick trip to The Google brings up:

But Palm, apparently, says different. Our friends at spotted deep inside some recent leaked documents a line or three where it's explicitly mentioned that the Pre will sync to multiple Exchange accounts. The next question, natch, is: How the heck is this being accomplished? Some IMAP trickery? Some heretofore unknown service? Follow-up question: Will this be available on Windows Mobile. And if not, why?!?!?!?

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  • Exactly what I have been thinking since I read this last week (OK, I admit it, while I have a TP, I am rather smitten with the Pre) - how they do that? And why can't we do it now with WM??
  • looks intresting but you can do the following on wm devices: - use chronos to access outlook web access just like active sync for one account - the other account an be accessed normally from active sync -third account can be accessed though web using opera or whatever palm people should provide more info otherwise we can safly assume they are doing some similar trick
  • i ment Chronobis not chronos
  • Confirmed. I'm sync'ing two exchange accounts right now. Not going to risk sending pics.
  • Is it doing multiples through OWA? Or what?
  • wow. this is going to be interesting to see what kind of magic is behind this cloud computing
  • You could sync multiple exchange accounts with ChatterEmail. Marc Blank the Developer went to work for Palm. I wonder how much he had to do with this.
  • Not sure how this is done... But I heard a crazy rumor that some sort of Windows software is actually on the device. I told the dude he was a straight up liar and he still insisted it was true. So what exactly would that mean? I have no idea but we'll find out soon.
  • I thought the WinMo limitation was due to the single set of 4 databases on the device; Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Email. I always wondered why you couldn't just created a set of 4 databases for each ActiveSync connection. Maybe the Pre can do this.
  • This is true. I am syncing 3 exchange accounts with my pre. I think it has to do with how the synergy thing keeps everything in its own separate space, so that the data doesn't get intertwined with each other. I read somewhere that it treats each account as a separate service and not a database for contacts, calendars, etc. which is what allows you to sync multiple accounts of any service with no issues. I had to do a double take the first time I saw that. Very cool.
  • Here is a good Palm Pre Activesync setup guide:
  • Just so no one else gets duped, Robert's "guide" to Pre activesync setup is actually a link to a PAID SERVICE which provides absolutely ZERO useful information. I'm not hating on the service, if it works then great. But you're misleading people and it's dishonest.
  • Don't believe all of this "stuff" on the Palm Pre web site that the Pre does not support Exchange 2003, SBS 2003, Exchange Standard 2003, or Exchange Enterprise 2003. This is all junk! Look at the following easy to read cookbook for more details on how to solve your activesync issue(s):
  • Any posts by TechnoKOZ are complete spam... she's advertising a paid service.
  • Too bad it will hardly connect to one exchange account.