Pandora has long been one of the go-to sources for online music streaming, and today, the company announced its latest project — podcasts.

Similar to services like Spotify and iHeartRadio that also combine podcasts with on-demand songs and radio stations, podcasts on Pandora will be offered as an addition to everything else Pandora offers rather than a new standalone app/service.

One of the big focuses with Pandora's take on podcasts is helping people discover new titles they might be interested in. Just like how Pandora uses its Music Genome Project to help its users find just the right songs they want to listen to, the new Podcast Genome Project aims to "use a combination of technology and human curation to deliver personalized content recommendations."

Currently, the podcast preview is limited to Android and iOS. However, it's likely we'll eventually see support added to Pandora for Xbox One and Windows 10. If you want to try podcasts on Pandora for yourself, you can sign up for early beta access right now. In the coming weeks, podcasts will be made available to everyone.

Sign up for the beta here