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Pandora Plus comes to Pandora's Windows 10 app

If you subscribe to Pandora Plus, the streaming service's premium service, the latest update to the Pandora Windows app should make you pretty happy. Pandora has announced (opens in new tab) that its Windows 10 app now has access to all Pandora Plus features, which include ad-free listening and more. The update that added Plus appears to have started rolling out last week, but Pandora only just recently announced it.

Ad-free listening is a pretty big perk on its own, but Pandora Plus also allows for unlimited skips and unlimited replays. The arrival of the features in the Windows 10 app isn't likely to draw users from other services on its own, but it's still nice to see them finally added. For context, Pandora Plus was launched nearly a year ago.

If you do want to check it out, Pandora Plus is available as a $4.99 premium subscription. You can sign up on Pandora's website (opens in new tab). If you're already a subscriber, you can pick up Pandora for Windows 10 at the Windows Store now.

Thanks to MARTY1774 for the tip!

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  • But, sadly, not on mobile...
  • I think it coming to both it was run in continuum in the blog post from October  5  :)  maybe the update for mobile later 
  • Hopefully! The Mobile app is so old it still uses the old logo  :/
  • They just asked....whats windows mobile....
  • Does this work on Xbox One also? How about the $9.99 subscription plan?
  • Pandora premium 9.99 no just Plus
  • This came out at least a week ago, plus the screenshot for the article is not of the updated version. The updated GUI has the replay button to the left of the pause.
  • yes thought it just started being to talked about in their blog post on October 5/email