Paramount today announced an interesting twist to movie watching on your Windows Phone: Silverlight Enhanced movies. Fetching for $9.99 and starting with School of Rock, you can download the application/movie combo from the Marketplace allowing you to watch and interact with the movie.

The best way to describe this is a DVD menu + extras on your mobile using the power of Silverlight. The features include the ability to

...create custom clips, view the movie with pop-up trivia powered by 'Scene It?', and a Movie Info feature offering users the ability to identify actors, objects, music, and places in the movie, while providing rich, contextual information, such as bios, descriptions, and even maps to the locations.

Other movies coming down the line include Zoolander, Waiting for Superman and GI Joe: the rise of Cobra. Not exactly our favorite titles, except for Zoolander, but hey it's a start. Normally, our lame-meters are going off with this kind of thing but dare we say, this might work if they get the right titles (and maybe lower the price)?

Head here to download it. Remember, $9.99 and no trial (obviously).

Source: Windows Phone Developer Blog, NewsBlaze