Path for Windows Phone just got real with 'media moments' to share everything

The private social network Path is slowly getting better with each update, especially after coming out of beta a few weeks ago. The app was first introduced earlier in the year and after a hiatus, it’s back with another significant update. Version 2.1 is now live in the Store, and it introduces the most coveted feature of ‘media moments.'

For those who aren’t familiar with Path’s media moments, it’s enables sharing what you’re reading, a movie you’re watching or music that you’re currently playing. It may seem like a trivial thing, but it’s a core aspect of the social network, since presumably you want to be able to tell your friends what you are up to, including entertainment. With it missing on Windows Phone, the app was never complete for most fans of Path.

Version 2.1 finally brings that feature to Windows Phone users. After loading the update to your phone, you can now tap the ‘+’ button to enabling sharing of photos, location, media (music, book, movie), text and when you go to sleep/wake up. When you choose media, you can type in what you’re watching or listening too, with a lookup feature. Once found, you can post that information along with who you are with to Path.  From the changelog:

Path 2.1

  • Post media moments like music, movies, and books
  • Post photos from all photos albums on your device                           

Path is still slow to load for our liking, but there’s no denying that today’s update is significant. With parity with iOS and Android, Windows Phone is today a little more complete.

So why use Path? The social network is private with only your closest friends and family allowed to view what you share. It’s like Facebook, but more private (and less crap). Users are limited to 150 contacts with fine-grained controls on what is being shared. Likewise, you can use this app to post to Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr or Twitter, meaning you don’t have to give anything up (even if you don't have many friends on Path, it's a good mass-publishing app).

Pick up Path here in the Store. Thanks, Loay A., for the tip!

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