Lumia 920

The Lumia 920 is being picked up for just £399 (excluding £10 top-up) at EE stores on PAYG (Pay As You Go), according to a thread on the Hot UK Deals website. The Nokia Windows Phone is bundled with a wireless charging plate and while being locked to EE's realm of magic, it's at least £100 cheaper than purchasing the device unlocked at retailers.

As stated above this deal is available at EE stores (not online) and it's noted in the comments on the Hot UK Deals website that even a Virgin Mobile SIM plays ball with a Lumia 920 bought through this offer. Should you pop into a store and decide to purchase the Lumia 920, be sure to have the wireless charger scanned with the device, which will then knock down the price of the accessory to nil.

Source: Hot UK Deals, via: WMPU