PAYG Lumia 920, wireless charger available at EE stores for £399

The Lumia 920 is being picked up for just £399 (excluding £10 top-up) at EE stores on PAYG (Pay As You Go), according to a thread on the Hot UK Deals website. The Nokia Windows Phone is bundled with a wireless charging plate and while being locked to EE's realm of magic, it's at least £100 cheaper than purchasing the device unlocked at retailers.

As stated above this deal is available at EE stores (not online) and it's noted in the comments on the Hot UK Deals website that even a Virgin Mobile SIM plays ball with a Lumia 920 bought through this offer. Should you pop into a store and decide to purchase the Lumia 920, be sure to have the wireless charger scanned with the device, which will then knock down the price of the accessory to nil.

Source: Hot UK Deals, via: WMPU

Rich Edmonds
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  • WTF ?????
  • LOL.
    The headline makes it sound like the charger costs 399
  • Why would you have a PAYG wireless charger?? Headline seems fine to me, even on the toast it was perfectly understandable??
  • Lol it does, that's what I thought
  • Yeah, misleading title..please change it.
  • How is it misleading? Lumia 920, wireless charger = Lumia 920 AND wireless charger. Title stays as it is unless more complaints are filed.
  • Wow. With the ridiculous 4G prices and EE exclusivity, I was just about ready to give up on the 920. Looks like I need to take another look!
  • Can you get the white version? I went into an EE store the other day just to have a look at the 920 and they only had the black version on display. If you can get the white version I'll literally pick one up tomorrow and just chuck the EE SIM in the bin (that's assuming it's possible to get the 920 unlocked).
  • In answer to my own question if anyone else is wondering it would appear the white version is reserved for contracts only :( ...
  • I guess everyone is assumed to have a PC/Mac to operate a smartphone then you can find "Nokia Care Suite" somewhere on the web. I have the link somewhere stored. Once you have it installed, you can access Nokia servers to download any firmware related to Lumia 920 and flash the phone. I have flashed my Lumia 800 several times with various firmwares to test some apps. For example, Nokia music was not available in the US for long time but then I flashed a firmware for Australia where Nokia Music was launched. Then during the setup you change the country, time zone, and language. Maps application might get confused in the beginning but once it learns your location then it adapts. It worked in my case as my phone was unlocked but then it should work on any phone as flashing is used for "brick phones".
    Someone can chime in if they know more about it. I am hoping most wpcental visiters are geeks so flashing a phone should be pretty easy task. I maybe wrong though.
  • I believe the white version is for contracts on EE only - as your link suggests. Which is a shame as the white one is our favourite here at Windows Phone Central :-)
  • If only we could get it unlocked at that price!
  • Pathetic, just ditch EE and get it out to all networks already, they are killing the potential for success for the Lumia 920 in the UK. Nokia obviously never learnt their lesson from the exclusivity crap they had with Phones4u and the previous generation of Lumia's, and that wasn't even as bad or as restrictive... Exclusivity doesn't work, unless you're iPhone, Nokia need to get a grip. They treat me like a piece of shit because im not with EE, im not important, well lets see who has the last laugh when they're selling devices at cost like they were doing with the 710 earlier this year, simply because they haven't gained any interest within the UK thanks to a marketing team that couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery!!
  • Well yesterday I mange to pick up a L920 at a EE store, the phone was £399, and I'd asked about the charging plate, they said it was only free on contract. They scanned the phone first then the charging plate afterwards, it didn't discount it. So I'd paid for one.
  • Well go back in and have it out with them!
  • £399 seem well cheap. For a brand new Nokia 920. I cant believe people pay £530 for a iphone when this is £400.
  • Good luck getting EE to acknowledge this in store. It might be better now but a week or two ago I checked my local stores for this and was told they don't sell PAYG devices and have no immediate intention to. This is while other people were getting them from some EE stores on the above deal
  • EE are actively trying to kill the 920 in the UK asap, obviously someone is paying them a shedload of money to do so, probably because right now, no other handset comes close to the 920, its way ahead of the competition in so many respects. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, EE are doing to Nokia with the 920, what o2 (who were the iPhone exclusive partner at the time) did to Palm with the Pre - actively disuading customers from choosing one, and marketing iPhone this, HTC 4 year old desire that instead of even mentioning the 920 on any of thier EE/Tmobile/Orange landing pages. Funny, o2 shit on Palm in the same manner, when it was clear to Mr. Jobs and co that the Pre/WebOS was far superior to the iPhone, people just had to give it a chance...
  • Confused. EE don't have any PAYG plans. Just 12 months 'SIM free'
  • Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile SIMs are all believed to be okay in the handset.
  • Can someone explain the colours BS please, is it a manafacturing issue, why are there not shed loads of blue luminas in stores on PAYG and contract.
  • Testing
  • This deal has been around for ages. Picked up PAYG 920 for £399 with free wireless charging pad and WESC headphones more than two weeks ago.
  • Indeed, we just failed to notice it's available. You could ensure we are aware of such offers next time? :-)
  • I got this deal at the weekend in a local EE store. They signed me up for an Orange PAYG SIM and I paid the mandatory £10 top-up. My intention is to swap to a Virgin SIM soon. I got the free charger and a free pair of WeSC headphones as part of the deal. Loving the phone so far!
  • Arrrgh
    Almost worth going back to Phones4U and returning mine, then going to EE.  Especially if they have it in Blue.
    Probably stick where I am TBH.  Not worth the hassle.  Getting a free charger soon anyway from Nokia
  • how did you get a free one from nokia?
    I got an upgrade through Orange and i am considering returning the phone under my 30 day guarentee juts so i can get it somewhere else with a free charging plate.
  • I wonder if there are any unlock codes for the 920 kicking around?
  • Picked this up last week and loving the 920. For just over £400 with the charging mat and headphones this is as good value as the nexus 4 anyday.
  • Ya ya... and when you ask for the deal they are sudenly out of stock for PAYG,
    But they are still available for contract.