Pebble Minigame, a colorful matching game for Windows 10 Mobile

Pebble Minigame is a wonderful time-waster of a game from the creative minds at Game Troopers and challenges your skills at speed and color coordination. Available for Windows 10 Mobile, Pebble Minigame has you dragging pebbles to a center circle. The catch is that the pebbles need to match the color of the circle.

The challenge comes into play as the circle's color periodically changes. One wrong match and the game is over. Pebble Minigame has a few bonus items to help you boost your score and missions or achievements to pursue. There's not much to this free game, but overall, Pebble Minigame is a fantastic Windows 10 Mobile game to spend a little down time with.

Pebble Minigame

When you first launch Pebble Minigame, you're greeted by a series of tutorial screens that cover the layout of the main menu, rules of gameplay, bonus items, and achievements. Once you have scrolled through this tutorial, the game transitions to the main menu.

Here you find options to access the settings, missions, leaderboards and game store. Gameplay options include single and two player games. The two player game is played simultaneously, with your scoring circles placed at opposite ends of the screen. This option is rather cramped, but I liked the concept. It would work out so much better if Pebble Minigame was available for Windows 10 PC and played from a tablet.

The single player game places the scoring circle in the center of the screen, where you drag matching colored pebble to it for points. Each game, single and two-player, includes a 70-second game timer and each pebble correctly placed in the scoring circle adds a second back to the timer.

Pebble Minigame

At the top of the screen your score, coins, and star counts are displayed. Along the bottom of the display are your bonus items or power-ups. Bonus items include:

  • Timer: Adds a few seconds to the game timer
  • Gradient: Turns the scoring circle into a psychedelic state where any colored pebble can be accepted
  • Magnet: This creates a magnet field that automatically drags any matching pebble to the scoring circle

Bonus items can be purchased using coins earned during gameplay, and if you need to get a jump on things, you can pick up extra coins through in-app purchase.

While the mechanics of gameplay are simple, just tap and drag the pebbles to the scoring circle, Pebble Minigame challenges your concentration skills nicely. The color shifts every few seconds and is very subtle. If you glance away from the game, don't be shocked when you look back to find the colors have changed.

While Pebble Minigame isn't the most complex game in the Game Trooper catalog, it is a no slouch when it comes to challenge. You have to be quick to get as many pebbles scored before time runs out, but not too ready to miss a color change. You can pace your movements in anticipation of a color shift, but that can cost you valuable seconds.

This free Windows 10 Mobile game looks good with its colorful, minimalist design and there is an addictive pull to Pebble Minigame. The single player mode works out fine from a Windows 10 Mobile phone, but the two player game needs a little more elbow room. All in all, Pebble Minigame is a fun time waster, but don't be shocked if you sit down to play one or two games and find yourself playing a dozen or more.

Download Pebble Minigame from the Windows Store

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