People ask why I use a Lumia 950 XL, so here it is

Lumia 950
Lumia 950 (Image credit: Windows Central)

I think it was asked partly in jest and partly out of genuine curiosity. At the time I couldn't really give much of an answer; I'm not very good on the spot like that. All I could muster was an "I like it, I'm happy with it."

But I've since sat down and thought about it. I've only had the Lumia 950 Xl for a couple of months, and it's mine, bought with my own money. And some would say I has gone mad.

I'll be honest in that I am a little surprised myself, given that I had a Lumia 950 around launch time from Microsoft and I didn't have a great time with it. But Windows 10 Mobile is a lot better now than when these phones launched.

So, here's what I've narrowed down to so far.

A large screen without being massive

Lumia 950 XL

I used a Lumia 1520 for a while. I even remember the look on a gentleman's face as I gave it to him with my boarding card on before boarding a plane to Spain a couple of years ago. It was just too big. Not even just because I have small hands — it was just a giant of a thing. I also wasn't ever too keen on the squared-off corners, especially on something that large.

The Lumia 950 XL (opens in new tab) is a good balance of size in both regards. The display is plenty large enough for my own purposes, but the body isn't unnecessarily gargantuan. It still fits in any pocket comfortably, and I don't feel like I'm holding a table to my face to take a phone call.

On paper the differences seemed small, but when it comes to something you're holding as often as your phone, those small differences are soon magnified. The display in the 950 XL is also higher resolution than that on the old 1520, and it's a glorious thing to look at every day.

Great camera and a physical shutter button

Lumia 950 XL

Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Lumia owners are spoiled when it comes to having a physical shutter button on their phones. Sony offers the same over in the Android space but it's not common at all. It's one of those things that you might never realize you miss until it's gone.

Lumia phones have had good cameras for some time, with even the likes of the 640 XL defying their price tag when it comes to shooting pictures. But the camera on the 950 phones is really good. Or I think it is, anyway. It might not be the outright best smartphone camera, but it's not disappointed me yet.

The only thing I miss is panorama shots. Please, Microsoft, just sort that out, OK? I can't install Lumia Panorama on this phone and the third-party apps that are available are pretty poor on Windows 10 Mobile.

The battery is big and removable

Lumia 950 XL

The designer quest for increasingly thin smartphones always takes its biggest toll on the battery. The engineers can squeeze in more capacious cells and the developers can optimize the OS until the end of time, but in the end, physics always wins. Add to that my heavy use of the phone — between Netflix and streaming music and podcasts and taking photos of my kid and games and email and so on, there's just a lot hitting my phone's battery hard.

The battery in the Lumia 950 XL is both large and removable, which suits me down to the ground. Quick Charge is fantastic, too, especially with a compatible portable battery pack. But I like that I can probably last most of even a heavy, heavy day, but just pop a fresh battery in should I run out.


This one's still developing, but the more I try Continuum the more I like it. I use it with the TVs in my house when I want a bigger screen or to do a little work when I'm away from my desk. I've got an Amazon Fire TV Stick (opens in new tab) which actually works OK wire-free, and a cheap USB-C hub that allows me to wire in and charge my phone at the same time.

I work from home and I don't spend all day in the same room. In the mornings I'm hopeless before breakfast and a couple of coffees, but just plugging in my phone and catching up on a bunch of things before I start the day is fast becoming a favorite routine of mine. I could take a laptop upstairs, but I already have my phone there charging, so it makes more sense to me.

The hardware on the 950 XL hasn't yet felt sluggish when using it through Continuum, which is perhaps the thing I'm happiest about in this situation.

I actually like Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia 950

Lumia 950 XL (Image credit: Windows Central)

This is the one where fans of other operating systems will collectively sit with a wide open mouth or something to that effect. Readers of this site shouldn't be too surprised, of course, but I do think it gets a lot of flack where it isn't necessarily warranted. Yes, it's far from perfect. But Windows Phone 8.1 wasn't perfect. Android isn't perfect, and neither is iOS. I like the user interface, much more so on larger displays than its predecessor, and new apps built for Windows 10 are a great improvement over older versions.

Microsoft offers a good mobile experience on all platforms, but since I'm invested in its services anyway, I still think the overall experience is better on Windows 10. Outlook has given me sync issues on Android, the Groove apps really are sub-par elsewhere and I love the new Xbox app (which you can't get on Android or iOS). Live Tiles are also much better than widgets, and don't ever try to convince me otherwise.

There's also the so-called 'app-gap.' Maybe it's because I don't care at all about Snapchat or Clash of Clans, but I don't feel it. There is literally one app which I really miss having on a phone, and that's Authy. It's a cross-platform two-factor authentication code generator which I can at least access on my desktop (even if it means Google Chrome is installed for that one reason), but it's the best app I've ever used for this purpose. It hooks into everything — Twitch, Microsoft, Dropbox, Google, and so on.

There's still work to be done, but that's fine. There's always work being done on Android and iOS too. I'm particularly looking forward to Messaging Everywhere rolling out to the public. I already love being able to see missed call notifications through Cortana on my PC, I can't wait to be able to do the same with messages.

I could probably go on a little further, but those are five of the big things that currently having me use a Lumia 950 XL and like it. I wish the Camera app wouldn't trigger a reboot of the whole phone at least three or four times a week, but bugs can be fixed. I'm fortunate enough to have many phones slide across my desk, but only this one is actually mine right now.

If you're a similarly happy owner, be sure to share your own experiences in the comments below. Likewise if you're not, we don't judge!

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Richard Devine
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  • The big removable battery is pretty much what sealed the deal for me.  I'll never go back to a phone with a sealed battery. I also love the big screen and high resolution.  I truly did not know how much I loved it until I had to go back to a 640 for a few months when I broke my 950xl.  All that real estate and resolution were sorely missed.
  • Lot's of phones have removable batteries, this isn't a Windows phone thing. 
  • Out of curiosity, name 3 that have same or better specs as the 950... as I have been looking from to switch from the 640 but that is a major want for me.
  • LG G5, G4, V10. Samsung Note 4 (pretty old now). All have fairly comparable specs. The G5 is the only one that is newer than the 950, and so it is the only one listed with better specs. You don't find many with the same processor b/c most Android OEMs passed on the 810 due to the overheating issue. 
  • And no Android phone maker managed to cram in a liquid cooling solution to handle the 810...
  • Isn't it "liquid cooling inspired"? i.e It has a heat pipe? btw, I love my 950 so not just trolling, I'm sure that's what it turned out to be though
  • No, the heat pipes have liquid within them, as well as a material to transport the liquid to the heat sink where it vaporizes and moves away to cool.
  • Other OEMs didn't have the luxury of forever delaying their devices. 
  • Actually, Sony was the first to do this with the Z2. The Galaxy S7 also uses a similar setup. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Actually its a different set up.
  • So what the phone still gets very warm for no reason.
  • I don't get the heat issue? Were androids just not able to handle the processor. My 950xl is so my cooler than my old icon it's not even comparable. The icon was a furnace, but never slowed down for it.
  • @thekinghippo I couldn't tell you. I just know the 810 was having severe overheating problems so many OEMs went with the next best option, the 808. 
  • No heating problems with my LG Flex 2 running the snapdragon 810 since Android 5.1.1 Beast of a phone for 200bucks new, unlocked :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsung skipped it completely. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Samsungs processors are generally better than the snapdragons anyways. I'm surprised Samsung ships two variants of their phones (one with snapdragon, one with exynos"
  • Damn right. Exynos is the ****. I hope we can see windows phones using it in future. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe if Samsung makes a windows 10 ativ device
  • Yeah I just brought a Samsung Galaxy a3 2016 thinking it had a 410 SD chip. Was surprised when cpuz said it was running a exynos chip☺
  • I also need USB-C, any smart device in 2016 without C is an absolute deal breaker and you are getting ripped off.
  • Until OEM's get their heads out of their a$$ re: USB-C standards implementations, USB-C is not a necessity
  • It is when you go back. I have a 950XL and my recently bought OnePlus One is super annoying. Slow charging, bad port, more delicate, and slower transfer speeds make microUSB feel quite archaic next to type C. (OPO is for texting, I use my XLas my main)
  • Had the g4, nice phone but not as good as my 950xl   Only time I ever had a heat issue was on earlier OS release when updating a swag of apps, since then it doesn't even get warm
  • The 950XL is the only one with a large removable battery otherwise beyound the 3300 mah you have to go non-removable.
  • I'd have to say the LG V10 with the 808 processor and no heating issues whatsoever. 64gb native storage, IR blaster, removable battery, removable back(you can get a wireless charging back), microsd expansion and one of the best cameras on any phone right now. What sets it apart from the 950 is the manual camera options though. We are long removed from the days when Windows Phone held this advantage over iOS and Android. I can shoot long exposures at 30 seconds. Change color temperature manually in Kelvin and see real time changes from shutter speed and ISO changes. When you get all those controls in video as well without a third party app with control for Mic sensitivity as well the V10 stands out from every other phone. Personally I'm just hoping all these features I just mentioned come to Windows Phone and that Microsoft just gives the freaking Lumia 1020 an update with a Snapdragon 820 and today's hardware specs. I would buy that without a second thought. I still get a little sad when I think about how underpowered the L1020 is and how it would fly on today's hardware with an even wider aperture too. Couple that with the ability to shoot 30 second exposures and change white balance and have love view results---- let me stop dreaming. One picture at a time -- LG V10
  • Nobody said it was!!!!  
  • You can hardly compare a Nokia 3310 to a Lumia 950 XL.
  • No one can compare with 3310! That thing can create a singularity (aka blackhole) when clashed with another 3310. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my Nexus 5x or LG V10)
  • Stop with that outdated and cliched nokia bullshit already.
  • Lolest Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • Lolest Sent from windows 10 mobile
  • The 950XL is an awesome device. Some of my friends laughed at me for using windows phone but when I showed it to them, they had to pretty much shut up.
  • Yes it is. As of last week, I finally dumped my Lumia 830 for a 950XL. I missed my camera when Microsoft replaced my L1020 with a L830 as a warranty replacement. But with 950XL, I have a good camera again. And the screen is beautiful. And it is so much faster...! - Posted via W10 app
  • How did you accept 830 as a replacement for 1020? It isn't even close. I got a 925 for 920 year and a half ago.
  • 830 has a great camera.
  • "but when I showed it to them, they had to pretty much shut up."   Amen!  Out of 250 iPhones in our company, I'm the only one with a Windows phone.  The other guys in the IT department think I'm crazy, think iOS is way better, make fun of me.  Then I show them the phone, how fluid it is, how easy it is to find apps on it, to get to settings and they start to shut-up.  THEN, I toss my phone up on the Samsung TV with Miracast... and... they all officially shut-up as they realize what this could do for our sales staff that are currently hauling around a laptop, an iPad and an iPhone when a 950/XL would probably handle about 90% of their needs (the last 10% being that sometimes it is nice to have a larger screen size like a tablet on occasion when you aren't near a monitor to use Continuum.)   It really is funny to me just how much the media has said "Windows Phone is dead" and "it's not as good as iOS/Android" and yet, quietly, the actual Windows Phone owners are showing the device to friends/family/co-workers and you can see them looking on like "hmm... that's looking pretty nice.)
  • I have around 80 windows phones in my company, approx 25 iphones and half a dozen androids (for a particular team that uses a particular app). The move to windows 10 is a real improvement. I really like continuum, i use it to connect to an Remote Connection Server when i'm at home and bingo i have a full pc - on my phone. Most of my users have Lumia 925 or 930's but with the next roll out I'll give them 950's or 950xl's (or sonys or hp's) and enable the displays in the meeting rooms. It'll pretty much be the end of buying phone, tablets & laptops. For a new basic user I could probably get away with just a phone the display dock + big monitor and the rdc client. Once Microsoft make VDI avalaible in Azure at a reasonable price we could just move to that. 
  • Ditto!!!; Also love the cast to pc, and control with pc's keyboard and mouse- fabulous feature! So many things just coming together now.
  • What is the cast to tv and how do you do that?
  • Great for WP but if WP10 takes off, laptop and tablet manufacturers might take a hit long term, total W10 devices could also take a hit as companies down scale their purchases? Go WP !
  • This -^...............did the exact same thing in my conference room, and my IT guy goes....."WTF is that, a windows phone" "Yup - watch this - its called Continiuum (as i cast up to the big screen TV in the Conference rm)"...........IT: "Holy $hit, thats amazing, had no idea you could do that with a Windows Phone - but can i use snapchat on it" Me: sadly, no Well, everything above is true except for the Snapchat part - which i am in agreement with the article - the only apps i feel like im missing out on, are Banking, Time Warner Cable, and when a friend shows me a random new app on his iphone that is cool, there is pretty much 0% chance i will ever see it on my WP.  Otherwise, im super happy with my 950.
  • Lucky you, we were three Windows Mobile users here at my job, two of us migrated to iOS and we are pretty happy with it, the one who didn't migrate is dumping it anytime soon. Bugs everywhere, no tools for monitoring IT, no VPN clients, Uber works like sh*t,... For me it is pretty much dead. I'm glad you like it, but it is not an OS that we can use (for ridiculous features like Continuum: Oh, I need to check some security alerts, I have Continuum but not VPN... Just ridiculous)
  • I don't have idea how many thousand of people use Windows phone in the company I work for, but, in my location I was the only one who used Windows Phone. But after upgrading my Lumia 640XL to Windows 10 and showing off the availability of apps and how sleek there are, one of my colleagues switched over to Windows Phone from Blackberry and another has said her next phone will be a Windows Phone too bcos of her Samsung Galaxy device lags. My Team also but the idea of Continuum and he too says he will be switching over to Windows Phone from his Galaxy Note 3 bcos of Continuum feature. I guess Windows Phone will be moving forward in my Location. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • To many lies... I use native VPN on a Lumia 640
  • I was about to say the same thing, I use VPN and IT auto configured secutiry rules on my Windows phone easy at work here in Austin TX on L950xl, what a load of lies. Why do people like this lie this bad. If you love your iPhone, good for you, stop pathetic lies about other platforms.
  • I must be special to have VPN on my windows phone. Posted from my over heating 950XL
  • Native VPN and Cisco AnyConnect, do they sound familiar?
  • "No tools for monitoring IT" I mean are you kidding me? Microsoft basically pioneered BYOD IT device management, and even orgs that are primarily ihpone based used Microsofts tools to manage them. IT can use Microsoft SMS, or InTune to manage Windows mobile, Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.
  • That's the thing about most iOS zealots, they truly do not use their gadgets in business like Win10p users. Sure, they have their social apps but when it comes to enterprise level CRM & ERP integration (as opposed to plain old connectivity), WP wins every time. Hell, I'm impressing people at work with a 640!
  • Yeah, its fun to hide the Microsoft Display adapter behind a massive HDTV, and then show all the features on the 950XL, first, and then, when they think you are done, say "oh yeah, and there's this" and you hit the wireless continuum button, and open Word, Outlook, Excel, Onenote and Groove, then Edge with Netflix in 1080p on the HDTV. Their mouths hang open. 
  • I would have kept mine had there been a good smart watch.
  • I just got a Microsoft and it is GREAT ! Give it a try :)
  • I mean an MS Band 2
  • I have a 1520 for like 3 years or so, and I've never had the urge to pull out the battery. Why would I do that? 1520 is still one of the best phones out there (it has all the stuff you need, and only lacks some unimportant stuff like windows hello).
  • Got both... But the xl just has the better screen and a way way way better camera.
  • Agreed, I had a 1520, i prefer it's larger screen, but in every other way, the 950 XL blows the 1520 away. I gave my 1520 to my roommate.
  • I gave my 1520 to my kid to play games, it was having flickering screen issue sometime and did not want to sell it and have some one get stuck with it.
  • When I look at my 1520's screen, I can't believe there's something better than that. I'm dead serious, the screen is godlike. I hope you're not talking about the 2k screen, which I think is just a waste of battery life.
  • Look at 950 XL screen beautiful screen (not as large) but great looking screen.
  • I use to think my Icon display was glorious until I spent this last week using my 950XL and then went back and played with my Icon to put the new insider builds on it. The display looked positively grainy.
  • The battery in my friend's Lumia 920 went bad after three years (only held charge for a couple hours), and at the same time the camera flash stopped working.  I was recruited to fix both.  It turns out the problems were related.  The battery had swelled up and pushed the back case away from the main circuit board, disconnecting the flash.  The repair would have been trivial with a removable battery.  Instead, it took a bit of research, purchase of tools, and twenty minutes or so of actual work.  The other problem with non-removable batteries is that they tend to be custom, so replacements are often as old as the original.
  • I have a friend at work with a iPhone 5 who had the same issue. Batteries swell. On his it pushed the screen out and ruined it. What you say is true. But after 3 years you should probably have retired that phone! Opening Lumia's is actually pretty easy I've done it loads! :)
  • Yes I've opened my L520 lots of time. Makay Chapulets | MTN Nigeria CCR
    Posted from my Lumia 640XL running Windows 10.
  • The 1520 is the Chuck Norris of Windows Phones :D That phone is a legend. But the 950 (XL) is good too. Oher than that, I'm happy with my 535 :D Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • I rocked my 1520 for 2 years, agree to an extent, the tap scroll issue really got tiring. -950XL
  • I'm a proud 1520 owner, but I sorely wish I could pull it's battery out and replace it. Over the last few months, it's started switching off at 60% battery with the 'critically low' warning... I know it's two years old, but UGH!!!!
  • It's pretty easy to change the battery on a 1520. Al you need is a small screw driver a plastic pick and a occasionally a hair dryer (if you have one of the first models). EBay or Aliexpress are your friends.
  • Because you can have a fully charged backup battery and snap it in when the one in use it out of juice.
  • I just got rid of my 1520 because of the ghost touch issue.  I love my 950XL but do wish it had a 6" screen.
  • While I love the idea of having a removable battery, I haven't been able to find any spares just yet. Anyone know where I can buy a 950 XL battery? I want a spare to toss in my bag in-case I hit the battery extra hard that day, and need to start with a fresh and filled up battery.
  • Try
  • funny, It lists the 950 under Nokia and nothing under Microsoft. Nope, no batteries there for this.
  • Amazon do them, I believe
  • The removable battery was an enticing feature for me, as well. My main issue now is that I can't find any replacement batteries. I would think the Microsoft Store, or AT&T, or Amazon would have 'em.  
  • Haha same here. I saw it as a plus when I got the 950 (Non-XL) but then haven't actually bought a second battery as of yet. I do have a 20,100 mAh Anker Charger that I tend to keep handy and in my bag but I don't need to use it that often anyway. A second battery would be a convenience to just quickly swap it out, although these Mozo covers are hard to get off compared to the stock ones
  • This was one of my reasons for getting it also. I only hope that this feature will eventually become useful and you can actually buy spare batteries.
  • Wish my earpiece didn't stop working. It's a parallel import so gotta try get that replaced
  • But where can you buy a battery??? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where can you buy a Lumia 950/950XL batteries - that are of GOOD quality?  I cannot find a single site that sells MS Lumia 950 batteries.  So, not having batteries is just as good as a sealed phone. 
  • Just simple: Because i love Windows 10 Mobile.
  • UWP apps are the best, can't imagine opening Netflix on my PC, tablet or phone and seeing a different interface with different rules each time... Posted from Windows Central on Windows 46 Interstellar Edition
  • Same goes for me, just with Deezer instead of Netflix. Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Yeah.
    Windows 10 mobile is So cool. I cant stay on w8.1 at all.
  • I also love it, miss some apps but its getting better. Just bought the black leather mozo back cover wich is great, really classy.
  • I bought that case too. Sealed the deal with me as the creaking back cover was the only issue I had with the 950XL. Size is just perfect for me and the camera is stellar. I traded my 1020 to get the XL for $500 and did not regret it. 1020 was great but really slow.
  • As soon as I heard the physical Microsoft Store had 'em, I went and got one of these Mozo covers, too. It's a BIG difference.
  • I just ordered the red/gold and the congnac/silver cover trough Amazon UK, just today got the red/gold one in, and have to say didn't thought it would make this big a difference. But it feels like a totally new phone. I never thougt the original cover felt cheap (I went for white and thought it looked sleek and sexy) but the Mozo cover makes the phone fee so muchl more solid and premium. I'm really happy I bought the Mozo cover, but frankly Microsoft should have released these phones with the white/silver and black/silver leather covers instead of the polycarbonate covers they now ship with. For the premium price you pay for these devices it's kinda insane you have to pay another 50 euro to make the phone feel complete!
  • Oh my God! Don't let that DJ guy read this or he'll be all over you.
  • The nokia w*ore ? :D
  • Yes
  • Haha Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my Nexus 5x or LG V10)
  • The tint changing on white background still bothers me a lot. Makes me feel I am looking at an old LCD screen. So disagree on the display quality.
  • What tint changing? You mean when looking at it from different angles? I get a purplish hue but every AMOLED screen has this afaik. But I rather have this 'issue' instead of the backlight bleeds that appear over time on IPS screens, yellow circles and no absolute blacks. Thats cringe worthy!
  • Try use the 950 for a few weeks and then come back to the XL. That's what I did and that's what I noticed the most. But I have to say it's getting a little better day by day...i.e., my brain is slowly accepting it. The 950 does have it but much less noticeable.
  • I have pretty much stopped noticing it.
  • I really agree with this! Let me start with this, I'm a sales associate for T-mobile. I bought my 950xl on day one. Actually, I technically got it before day one. I bought it outright with cash, and I'm happy with it. The camera is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Working for tmobile, I get great perks and prizes. I even won an LG v10 a few months ago. But it couldn't compare to my 950xl. The only phone who's camera comes close to this is the g5. My coworkers and customers often laugh at me for using windows, but idc, I'm more than happy.
  • We seriously need more people like you in mobile carrier stores! Thank you for being out about your Windows usage. As I keep telling people, it really does keep getting better! Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Agreed!!!!
  •'re my hero! =D Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • THIIISSS !! I can't believe how people can't understad how happy I am using a windows 10 mobile device...So thanks to people like you for being out there explaining this.  Like I care for a snapchat or smthing...My father has a galaxy s7 edge, and I love coming to visit him once or twice per month, since I still have a room there, with a big tv and then I rub it a bit in his face how I turn my Tv in to windows 10 pc with a power of a phone haha . he was quite amazed :) 
  • Great attitude.  But do you use the same enthusiasm to steer customers to a good Windows phone?  The same way most of your co-workers probably steer customers away from Windows phones.
  • If you want a phone with a good camera and 2-stage camera button, I believe that leaves you with Lumia 950/XL and the Xperia line. I find the proper 2-stage camera button to be invaluable. I will say that the recent updates have made a big difference on this phone. MS really did it a disservice by launching it with an OS not yet ready/stable for daily use. The battery does much better now, and the OS seems more stable all around. It deserves a revisit, but it won't get one, as new phones come out all the time.
  • I'd love to pick one up but the money isn't there right now. I'm happy with my Lumia 830 though. Windows Central for Windows 10-Nokia Lumia 830
  • Yeah great camera, only limited by 4sec shutter speed, just like the rest of the wp8.1/10m devices
  • nobody sits around with a tripod to make long exposure shots...
  • I do with my 1020 and the PD-95G, so "nobody" isn't true (even though 'long exposure' means 4sec max)
  • since I own 2 5D Mk3 and have done long exposure photos I see very long exposure photography with phones as a gimmick ... I enjoy my 930`s camera but no matter what it still can`t compete with real cameras so I see no point in adding such a thing but w/e makes you happy I guess ...
  • Try some night time shots and you might get hooked - bought I tripod JUST fur that purpose on my 920. You can get some amazing star shots with these shooters. #Windows10Mobile L735
  • I have professional grade gear to do that .. that`s why I`m not impressed about my lumia`s long exposure shots :P Love the phone though .. bought a cheap sh 930 to my wife .. now she can make nice cat pics :)
  • Definitely untrue. Sure, if you're shooting RAW format, you're always going to see a bit of a delay on any device. But as long as you're saving photos to internal memory or a fast U3 95/90 MicroSD card, you can take photos pretty quickly on a Lumia 950 or 950 XL. This is one of the things that really stood out for me coming from a Lumia 920 and 1020. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Not sure what you mean. The camera speed is vastly improved in 10 over 8.1, pretty much instant.
  • If you're talking about speed as in how quickly a photo can be taken then you're wrong. The 1020 is the only really slow camera.
  • App-gap? Who cares! You can't put every
    So on your phone anyways. And who needs clash of clans, when you can get AoE. And what's the point of snapchat? Like really.
    - Sent From Mars
  • (So* was supposed to be 'app') - Sent From Mars
  • Who cares? About 99% of the market does. What's the point of Snapchat? It's a social media platform that's doing quite well for a long time now. Just because you don't use a particular service doesn't mean it doesn't have a point.
  • Exactly. All these bad excuses from WM owners about the apps won't help the platform. 2% of marketshare shows what the rest of the workd thinks about WM.
  • It just shows that being late to market is a problem.
  • That's true
  • Diamonds ♦ are rare my dear friend. W10 is surely making there. Blackberry opted Android and it has not changed it's fortune. Perception matters. Ratindra.
    Windows Central App, using L640
  • Being saved from snapchat ain't bad i see!! People doing weird thing and putting doggy faces all over insta,fb makes it disgusting , I had snapchat on iPad and honestly its developing habit of showcasing everything you do , may that become a sick thing bec. It does become and people are stuck to their screens peeking what's going on in others life .!! Better be away and enjoy rest its ur option :)
  • Re: ZundleFire,
    I agree. We can make our own choices. The lemmings won't like it though and we'll have to hear about it from them.
  • Ooh, I like positive articles. Especially on days when people are flipping out over the slightest change to an app or the OS. I'm loving Windows 10 on my 1520. 8.1 was good and there are a few features that need to be brought up to par but the current OS is becoming so much more powerful than previous versions. Thanks for sharing.
  • Even I'm starting to really like Windows 10 Mobile on my 830. Some issues like the battery drain, groove music issues and the camera being slow persist but I'm confident they'll be ironed out over time. The new built in apps are a major upgrade over their 8.1 counterparts and I barely get the resuming screen anymore. Hopefully the anniversary update fixes the pending issues and more universal apps hit the store!
  • I am very happy with this device. I use it with the universal folding keyboard which can toggle two bluetooth devices, my surface pro4 and lumia 950xl. For the mouse I use a logitech ultrathin mouse that can also toggle over two bluetooth devices. I bought the phone and had service through att. Since I have no contract I later switched to tmobile.
  • I like the XL and would love it to death if the OS would just stabilize; camera app is slow at times, hey Cortana crashes on the lock screen, edge crashes when opening new tabs from a search at times...all small little bugs that add up into feeling like the OS is unreliable in important moments but still best phone I've had... Posted from Windows Central on Windows 46 Interstellar Edition
  • Today's update stabilized Cortana again. Are you still having the lock screen issue?
  • I just bought lumia 950 when the price dropped drastically in India. I am loving wm10. Its smoother than wp8.1 imo. Before that I had wm10 installed in my lumia 920 but the experience was a mixed one. But now I know the main culprit wasn't the software but mostly the old hardware on 920.
    Just waiting for a proper mettalic back panel to replace the stock plastic one.
  • Hey. With the fall in prices in India, even I am considering buying it. Do you think it is worth buying?
    Nexus 6p makes me question whether I should buy 950xl or not since the price of both are almost similar. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have used both, but for me the 950XL is a better choice.
  • You know Android will be around in a year and the 6p will be updated for years to come. Windows Mobile may be dead by the end of the year and developers are certainly not going to support a platform with .6% market share worldwide. The choice is obvious. There is a reason people are no longer buying Windows Phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Please do tell us how you became so enlightened on this matter considering your claims are entirely contrary to every last morsel of fact? Microsoft publically confirmed they are fully committed to Windows Mobile for years to come. Microsoft publically confirmed they are in development of next gen hardware. As part of a universal OS its existence is guaranteed. Windows 10 Mobile is getting updates every two weeks. The Windows Store is growing. The OEM devices are growing. Despite retrenching Windows Mobile is still popular in some market segments.
  • Have you not followed Microsoft the past 10 years? Broken promises are quite common. They said they would be support Windows Mobile in the business sector. They said nothing concrete, especially when it comes to the consumer market. They have shown no reason to trust them, even the statement you are referencing was a leak. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Have you not been following Microsoft recently? This isn't some promise made to users, this is corporate strategy borne out of the grounded reality that there is an existential threat to one of their most synonymous products. I have not referenced a single leak. These are public statements made by the CEO Satya Nadella, by the CMO Chris Capossela, and by the EVP of WDG Terry Myerson. In addition to these statements there was that internal document by Terry Myerson that was made public. If you had been following Microsoft recently you would also see that they have fundementally changed as a company.
  • If Microsoft was serious with Windows phones they would be supporting it fully today, not making statements that they will start supporting it for real next year. The current lack of sales will not compel developers at all, it is going to drive them away. The app gap will be even greater a year from now and that alone will prevent any new hardware from being successful. The writing is on the wall. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • They support it now. A new cumulative update with fixes and features just launched today for desktop and mobile. Clearly you're just salty about some perceived sleight in the past, did they fail to provide a new OS for your three-years-old budget phone?
  • Maybe the best smartphone at the moment. And it is obvious getting better with each win 10 upgrade. Excellent camera, fast as a bullet, all needed apps available. Using 950DS for 3 month's and I'm really impressed. Never back to android.
  • Not even in the top 10. It isn't even close. There is a reason only 99.4% of smartphone sales last quarter were not Windows phones. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same thing is with Justin Bieber and quality music. Masses are not measure of quality. And global stupidity of users are making percent.
  • People like Justin Bieber. He is talented whether you like that style of music or not. I certainly don't, but I know there is a reason people buy it just like there is a reason people don't buy Windows phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's true. Same is with red meat. Possibility of Choice making our life's better. Serious and business users choose wp. Teens and kids use android. Snobs are using iphone ☺
  • Yeah and that reason is not that the devices or OS are bad. Relatively if you look at the music industry as a whole he really is not talented. Whether you like that style or not. Again a matter of perception. He was sold as a crush for tween and teen girls. Image first, music second. Ironically these big record labels are just like big tech corps. You're clearly being duped by both.
  • It is hard to say he isn't talented. I agree there are more talented people, but they are not as marketable. He was talented and marketable so success was possible. Windows Phone didn't have those traits. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't know a single musician who would seriously say Justin Bieber is talented. You keep making jabs and claims with no evidence or explanation. Why do you think he's talented? Is it his auto tuned, non-vocally trained voice? Is it his make up and hair stylists? Is it his song writers and lyric writers? Is it his promoter? Oh I wait I know, it must be his session musicians? Do you get the point? None of the things that made him musically successful are him. Quality and popularity are not inexorably linked. This correlates exactly to the rise of Android and Windows Phone not acheiving anywhere near the same levels of popularity. That doesn't make the product worse. There are many genuine reasons as to why Windows Phone hasn't reached relative popularity. The software and hardware quality was previously never called into question.    
  • Maybe the hardware and software needs to be called into question. Microsoft has tried fixing everything else and yet it continues to fail. You are proving my point. The interface really is the common denominator. Hardware could be better too. At a certain point it is time to truly start over. Don't get me wrong, I hate Justin Bieber's **** music. I just remember watching a documentary on Netflix about him and being impressed. He was a gifted child and the Music Industry exploited him. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Maybe you should look up his music before he became famous. Doing covers with his acoustic guitar. He is talented. The music industry has a focus on marketing though.
    Personally I don't listen to his music anymore, but being dismissive without doing research is exactly why you come off as a "hater". Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Bieber was just a Métaphore. Comparing taste of masses with choice of people who want more. I could put Radiohead on the other side. Or anybody who is for sure more talented and produce more quality product but do it for purpose of developing something ( music, movie, design,  .. ) and breakthrough with their project.
  • People like Donald Trump. Doesn't make it a good choice.
  • Yes well plenty of people drive hyundis and **** all drive Ferraris    I've had plenty of Android devices and they are crap, and the app store has heaps of apps mostly crap.
  • Microsoft is Hyundai, not Ferrari. Hyundai without the sales.
  • Where can i get the wallpaper shown in the last picture?!
  • Great article, you have good taste Richard.  
  • Great article. Totally agree. I use a lumia 640xl and its very good. I just wish W10M was more open, so that developers make apps to customize lockscreens or keyboards.
  • You can customize your lock screen. I use Awesome Lock but there are a few others available.
  • This is a hugely underrated phone, there's not one thing that doesn't shine from the specs and in actual use. I wish with articles like this one people start realizing and get one. Also I agree, Windows 10 Mobile runs a lot better than people think, and it's a great OS. Do try a phone with 8.1 after w10m, I dare you, it seems like a toy in comparison.
  • That is exactly what Android users have been saying for years. Even W10m feels like a toy in comparison to Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Users of windows phone are mainly ex users of android. Do you really think that any of us will ever go back ( literally and technologically back ) to that childish and slow os like android was? And still is. After android and pushy google philosophy, windows phone is like relaxing with cherry on a sunny Mediterranean beach.
  • If Android was that bad, after 6 years people would not be continuing to buy it. If Windows phones were any good people wouldn't be abandoning them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • McDonald's outsells my favorite burger joints combined. That makes McD richer marketers, not better burger makers. 
  • McDonald's sells cheap fast food. If your favorite burger joint was as cheap or accessible as McDonalds, they would have high sales as well. Microsoft isn't even able to sell bargain bin Windows phones. They are so bad even the McDonalds sales strategy failed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Even in the fast food realm, Fat Burger and Carl's Jr. make better burgers than McDonalds, but have far less volume or as the fake MBA's like to say "they have no market share".  The point being that popularity is not a reliable indicator of quality. Popularity breeds followers. Brand perception fuels adoption.  True, cost has an effect, as well.  You've chosen Android and that's fine, for you.  You might just have a case of confirmation bias with regards to why other people make choices.   You enjoy your phone and I'll enjoy mine.  I've **never** ventured over to Android Central or iMore or Crackberry to bash what the majority of people there use.  I'm not sure why this is so important to you, but hey...that's your choice, too.
    . I want a burger.
  • Both of those burgers joints are more expensive and Fat Burger also doesn't have a drive through(I would also argue that Carl's Jr is gross, but that is opinion). They also don't have the legacy and brand awareness of McDonalds. People just like McDonalds for whatever reason. Microsoft doesn't have these issues. They sell really cheap phones and have excellent brand awareness. The devices have also had widespread availability. The issue is, people do not like them. They didn't buy them so developers didn't bother supporting them. The issue with Windows phone is simple. People do not like them so they do not sell. Until Microsoft makes a compelling platform, that will never change. Anything even remotely similar to Windows Phone is going to fail. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • In my limited anecdotal data set, I'd had quite a few people "like" the look and feel, but they have some "app gap" need that prevents them from making the switch.  I'm not sure "people" are as satisfied with Android as you are. I hear complaints, but they feel kind of stuck because they don't want to pay the iPremium and they'll miss some mission critical app on Windows.   So we fundamentally disagree on whether something resembling Windows Phone/Mobile will fail or succeed.  They do need a category disruption as people are invested in iDroid and will need a compelling reason to leave where they are.
    I have not seen any data suggesting that users with exposure to Windows have disliked them, outside of an app that they want, is missing.  I have Android in my collection and Windows always gets the SIM. I use the Sammy for the few apps that I use that are not on Win10m.  It functions purely on WiFi.    
  • The data showing people don't like Windows phones is the sales. They had .6% market share last quarter. If that isn't proof, I dont know what is. The app gap is a symptom of the sales failure, not the cause. 6 years ago when Windows Phone was released, Android was kinda rough and didn't have apps. Even then Windows Phone couldn't gain any traction. Windows fans like to say Android is slow and lagging, and they were right back in 2011, but people still preferred it to Windows Phone. The market was still new then and Microsoft had a chance. If people liked the experience and the interface, they would have bought the devices. Manufacturers then would have supported the platform, carriers would have continued to carry the phones and app developers would then be compelled to make apps. This didn't happen. The lack of apps isn't the cause of Windows Phones failure. It is just a symptom. Android and iPhone didn't have apps either. The difference is, people liked the experience and bought the phones. Sales makes my point glaringly obvious. People didn't like Windows Phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, sales data only quantifies sales. Sales data does not measure what people think of the UI or anything other than sales. Anyone with any business training would know that you have to look elsewhere as to WHY sales are down.  You stop and drop the mic at the point of the question, not with the answer. All of your "analysis" is based on the theory of "cuz I said so".  People can (and do) like the interface, but are missing apps.  As some regularly posit around here, the app scenario happened because Microsoft was too slow to adapt while apps were being developed for iDroid.  So they had a supply of apps before Microsoft did.  That's at least verifiable fact.  The app situation is certainly a significant cause of Windows Mobile woes today.   One thing is certain, you still like coming round to bash Windows and presenting your opinion as fact. "If that isn't proof, I don't know what is" is the most accurate statement that you've made.  You don't like Windows Phone.  I like Windows Mobile.  
    I could just say "People like Windows Phone" and use your "cuz I said so" rationale, but nah...this is a cult-like debate for me.
  • .6% of phones sold last quarter were Windows phones. Point six. If people like something, they buy it and it grows. That has never happened with Windows phone or anything that has that UI. Microsoft needs to do something new in mobile or it will never go anywhere. Not because I said so; because 6 years later they have a measly 0.6% market share. It is over. They can attempt to release a Surface Phone with Windows 10 mobile, but it will ended up like every device before it. Sales will be minimal and consumers will reject it. History doesn't show anything different. It is obvious what is going to happen. Next spring Microsoft will be behind schedule. The Surface phone will not be completed and they will have no revolutionary feature. It will have no differentiate from the new devices being released on other platforms and no app store to support it. All the phones released since have completely flopped and those few manufacturers aren't interested in making any more. Market share will be well less than half a percent. Microsoft will decide to kill the Surface phone and exit the mobile market as they have no path forward. Every single time Microsoft has released a product with their modern UI, it has failed miserably. Even Windows proper couldn't handle that UI. Microsoft had to skip a version number just to separate Windows 10 from Windows 8 as much as possible. It is over, it failed, get over it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • again with market share :/. how many people are buying Opel/GM and how many Mercedes? MS idea is not to sale devices and gain market share on peace of cheap Chinese metal look plastic. Idea is as always to develop and sale technology. it is true that wp users are all kind of beta testers..but, we like it :) . In my Android using years I always, somehaw, hated that system. Don't know why .. it's just so plain and without any blink of developing directon. It's just trying to be I phone :D 
  • Do you think Microsoft is Mercedes in your analogy? That is where you are wrong. Apple is Mercedes and they are kicking GM/Opel's ass in sales. That is the issue. Even selling dirt cheap devices, Microsoft still couldn't put up decent numbers. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It's still an endless chain of "cuz I said so" logic from you.  You have NO IDEA why the sales numbers are what they are.  You blame it on whatever fits your bash-often agenda.  You don't know history and you can't predict the future.  I think you might be the one who needs to get over it. You're over here on some kind of strange mission. Go enjoy your Android. I'm over arguing with a know-it-all...who doesn't.
  • I gave plenty of reasons based on history. It really seems people don't like the Modern UI. Windows 8 clearly demonstrated that. Microsoft had to back track heavily because of it. They even skipped a version number to get as far away from it as possible. Maybe you have actual reason why I am wrong? So far you have not been able to come up with any reason why Microsoft's fortune will suddenly change in mobile. You have no argument so you have to attack me. It will take a miracle at this point. Something as revolutionary as the original iPhone. Maybe Microsoft has that up their sleeve but I don't see Windows 10 powering it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're clearly very ignorant to what is going on so why post? Lumia was growing YOY and QOQ. People did like Windows Phones. If you look at successive reviews they acknowledge how underrated they are and how good Lumia hardware is. The Lumia 520 sold very well. Windows Phone accounted for 10% market share in the EU5 and over that in some markets like the UK and Italy. In the business sector Windows phones are popular, for example, in the UK they account for over 20% market share. Anecdotally I actually converted over 10 people I knew to Windows phones, both friends and family, and the experience was a good one for all of them. The drastic decline in sales and market share is undeniably due to what Microsoft has been up to for over a year in their retrenchment. Microsoft didn't want a stand alone phone business solely supporting their own OS like Apple does. Hence the lack of product launches. Hence the lack of marketing. Hence the write down in the D&S acquisition. Hence the firing of senior leaders. Hence the firing of thousands of employees. Lumia accounted for 97% of all Windows phones. Obviously Windows Phone market share is going to go down as Microsoft kills Lumia. They are building Windows 10 Mobile from the ground up and will launch halo devices next year to promote the ecosystem and to attract and motivate OEM's.
  • Windows Phone never reached over 3% marketshare worldwide. Those places you mentioned are small, price conscious markets that do not move much volume. Microsoft was selling dirt cheap devices in those areas and that was the only reason they sold. Price. You notice those people that bought the 520 didn't upgrade to the 830 or 930. They were obviously not happy with the experience and moved on to other platforms. They spoke loud and clear with their wallets. The reason Lumia became 95% of the market is no other manufacturers were going to waste time with Windows Phones. Microsoft was forced to buy Nokia's business as no one else was willing to create Windows Phones and even Nokia was done making them. Microsoft can try and get Manufacturers to build phones, but they will not stick around long. As soon as the first device completely flops, they will have no reason to make another. You notice none of the big phone manufacturers are supporting W10. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That was history and history does not always repeat itself. If it did, you would have mobile space still dominated by Nokia and not Apple or Samsung. So stop repeating what has happened in past. Look at what MS and others are doing currently and then try and preempt the future. Don't you think the 'small' OEMs like Acer and HP have done their homework before jumping on to windows? Do you really think thatJapanese manufacturers like Vaio are too naive or too rich to just put a few million dollars in the 'windows experiment'? I don't think so.
  • History does tend to repeat itself when you repeat the exact same thing. You think Acer, HP and Vaio know something Samsung, LG or Huewei don't? They are just throwing stuff against the wall hoping they will get lucky. They know it is likely a dud.
  • Again percentage. If people are generally clever there will be no Trump as potential us president.
  • Did you see the people Trump was running against? It is saying something when he is the best of the bunch. The Republican party is broken. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I would say that both of the major parties are broken.  How did this get political?  If there's one thing that will push people further onto their high horses and further from reasonable discourse, it's politics. 
  • Someone mentioned Trump and it was an easy answer. I will bite though...How is the Democratic party broken? They have had a somewhat close election, but both candidates are liberal and sane. The exact opposite happened on the Republican side. A non-conservative (liberal even) won with crazy statements and hate speech. That is how bad the other candidates were! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Programmed for public consumption doesn't equate sanity. I'm not really sure about the mental makeup of any of the major candidates. Hillary might end up campaigning under indictment.  This is the worst slate of candidates, across the board, in the modern era.   The end result will be the worst gridlock of all time. Congress won't get along with The Don or Hillary.   There's a better chance of Google releasing its entire suite of apps on Windows Mobile, tomorrow, than either of those two having a successful term in office. 
  • America is broken.
  • Most people buy Android phones because they can't afford an iPhone. Not because they are Google fanboys. Not because TouchWiz is a sophisticated and beautiful UI ;)
  • You really drank the kool-aid. Have you even used a flagship Android device in the last 2-3 years? Slow?
  • I used Sony Xperia Z3, Price was higher than Lumia 1320 when decided to switch platform. I dont know is that flagship for android but price was not low. Anyway, That Sony was same like an old and first smartphone I used, HTC Wildfire. First day perfect, after few months laggy, memory full, slow respond on touch actions, opening apps for hours, aggressive google and Sony pushing of preinstaled applications impossible to delete. And all that will be normal if I never get into to WP World. If you dont know for better, you don't know that is something missing.
  • I've used my wife's Onplus One quite a bit. It's nice. But it's not what I like.
  • Dude... Seriously... Uninstall the WC app from your lagdroid, and ******* off... Posted with the Windows Central app for Windows 10 on HP 250 G1 notebook. It is a scary old monster, I think :D
  • Really? So that would be why the vast majority of android tablets are given to kids at Christmas, mainly the cheap and nasty ones that are bulk imported from China? I guess if all of those signed up to Google, that must accelerate the market share exponentially. And where are these comments posted, or is it just your opinion? Be interesting to know.
  • This is laughable. Firstly, you can't make comments like that until you've used Windows 10 Mobile. Secondly, use Google to search for what Symbian 3/ Nokia Belle looks like, internally accept the similarity, acknowledge that the UI paradigm has not changed, and get back to me on which OS's UI is more like a toy in 2016. Unless you want to argue with me on how great Symbian is.
  • Anyone picking up a Windows 10 phone isn't going to notice anything different from Windows Phone 7. The home screen and basic UI is identical. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well then you blatantly haven't picked up a Windows 10 phone! The start screen has changed in a large number of ways. The core UI HAS actually changed. Utterly absurd comment to make. There is no point trying to have a pragmatic debate with you if you just reply inanely.  
  • The home screen is still big colorful squares in a set grid and you swipe right to a single column app drawer. Windows Phone 7 and Windows 10 Mobile look basically the same when placed side by side. You may be able to customize Windows 10 a bit more, but sitting on the shelf at the store they are basically indistinguishable. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No they really are different. It would only take you to actually try using one to see that. Microsoft have actually changed the UI to make the expereince less 'alien' to users of iOS and Android. Gone are the massive headers at the top of apps and the tiles for options. Windows 10 Mobile are the same as Windows 10 apps and share UI elements from iOS and Android apps, such as the hamburger menu.
  • Yeah, all that other stuff is different, I get it. I am talking about the homescreen and what people immediately see at the store. It looks identical to Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8. It is going to be tough sell just to get someone to pick it up and recognize any changes. Especially with it look like Windows 8. We all know how well that went over.
  • The tiles are less colourful, less rigid, and look less segmented. You can see all of that in a store. You've mentioned Windows 8 numerous times in the comments but you're using the same flawed logic that you've used to persistently postulate on Windows Central. Logic akin to the Monty Python sketch in The Holy Grail. It wasn't the live tile UI that made Windows 8 unpopular. It was the poor implementation of that UI for desktop and non-touch devices. The main problem was that it was just too different to your standard traditional Windows user. Windows 10 has live tiles and the same issue isn't there. Using your logic would verify this. It has outsold any version of Windows before it and currently has over 300 million users. People must LOVE live tiles! In all seriousness I work in retail and from thousands of users I've spoken to across the multiple stores I have visited the sentiment on live tiles in Windows 10 is not negative at all. And for people who use touch Windows devices like Surface it never was a negative.
  • The use of Tiles is minimal in Windows 10. You don't have to interact with them at all and I would bet not many people do. Overall sales of PCs are down. Windows 10 numbers are from free and forced upgrades, not sales. Not sure how my logic is flawed. If people like something, they buy it. If it is a good experience, then they will buy another when the time comes. People have never bought Windows phones. They peaked at 3.6% market share worldwide and that was merely from selling them as cheap as possible. Those people who bought all those cheap L520s didn't move up to higher end Windows phones like Microsoft had envisioned. They bought iPhones and Androids. Obviously they were not that happy with them for whatever reason. I am just saying that the UI has been consistent and maybe it is time for Microsoft to go in another direction. It is painfully obvious that anything resembling Windows phone will fail. The reasons that people don't like Windows phone are not being addressed. The UI is still the same, apps are still non-existant and manufacturers are not supporting it. The Surface phone has no chance if all these things persist through next year. With Microsoft not focusing on mobile, it doesn't seem promising that anything will change. Microsoft needs to throw money at the app gap if that is truly the issue.
  • I agree with bleached, Microsoft has good continuity.
  • See some apps like tasker are popular and it doesn't mean you gotta underestimate Windows mobile comparing it to android. Android is popular because of vast adoption and being rootable (insecure though it's claimed to be secured) etc. But you are good enough if you get everything from a mobile OS like apps that you think have become essential for your day to day tasks like banking apps, home security system apps, navigation apps, remote connect apps, etc.If OS' app ecosystem lacks these very essential popular apps it is bad and that's what happened here. MS is right on track and working on topics that matter for its Windows ecosystem using universal apps. With anniversary update i guess MS is done putting together all catchups of other similar competitions like  iOS I mean for developers to easily package their apps to Windows. But it's  painstakingly slow and hope everything is all right soon.
  • Agreed.  Liked Windows 8.1 but they lost me with W10M. I don't use a PC for home use and my PC for work is not W10 so it's not compatible. I would never use Continuum so what's the point? Also, Groove music app is weak, general lack of apps, losing FM Radio, MixRadio is gone and so are HERE suite of map functions. it's gone from good to bad to worse. 
  • There was just one thing that the lack of premium feel alike 650 !! If the design was like that I would have gone gaga over this thng despite win10 in those days being pre mature !! Design does lures buyers like an attractive and colorful packaging in a store, its a marketing technique ;)
  • Mozo?
  • My 950xl has been good. I like the screen, but I feel that my 920 was better in sunlight. The size is perfect for me, and that was the bit I was most concerned about. Camera is terrific. Windows 10 is not perfect, but, they improve it constantly. Even little things, like the swipe left to delete text threads, which was only available for emails previously, is cool. Still have friends that shout about the quality of iPhone. Yet still I see smashed screens a plenty. Guy asked me why I didn't like Apple two weeks ago. I explained that I felt that they had the lousiest screens, and that nearly all the people I knew that had one, had also had a cracked screen. He looked sheepish, and pulled his iPhone out. Cracked screen!
  • I noticed when I turn off battery saver the XL screen gets much better in sunlight. Otherwise it's useless. I've been happy since I left iPhone for the 920, and despite some bumps along the way I like where Microsoft is heading. I actually dropped my 920 screen down in front of my friends and they gasped. I said "It's ok. It's a Nokia." Not a crack or blemish. So far the 950XL holds up to that reputation, but I'm not willing to test the screen like that again.
  • Dude, no kidding. I try to be careful with my phone but I'm a bit of a klutz and forget to secure it when sitting down in my car or getting out of the car or while walking or just a case of slippery fingers. I even dropped my 950 XL into water the first week I had it and it keeps on ticking. Heck there are a few scratches on the screen but does it hamper my visibility when using the phone? Not at all. And then Youtube works straight from the browser which is awesome. And my favorites are synced between my phone and my laptop running Windows 10 and my Outlook contacts and everything. I won't go for Android either, because the first and only android phone I had failed before the first year was up despite my careful care of it (I took superb care of it). I've thrown my windows phones and the worst thing that happened was the back popped off.  
  •     I moved from iPhone and yes I do miss some apps but most of the basic apps for work and play are already covered on the Windows Phone. I love how different it is and how different it works. Unlike iOS and Android which work the same way and keep copying each others features, Windows Phone is unique and original. The hardware is much more attractive (Lumia 830) and for work, its a great platform as it support MS Office, Outlook much better than the competition. What I dont like is it bugginess but this is something which can be fixed by software update.
  • what weather app is that on the article picture?
  • Perfect Weather Universal. Highly recommend checking it out.
  • Nice review, while I've yet to explore continuum, I'm just loving the camera, speed and processing its a step up from my recent 1520, yes I concur with the size differentials and cornering between the two. I'm still not sure if Cortana will open right into maps for navigation when driving. -950XL
  • Nevermind my earlier map Cortana comment, it works. -950XL
  • I love my Lumia 950XL. Windows 10 is so much better now. I really don't care what other people say. Most people that trash and write bad reviews about it have not even use it and pretend they don't understand the UI and bad mouth about the app gap. The best youtube client for me hands down and is not anywhere else is myTube! One app beats the hundreds there are in apple and google. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Love this phone too. Runs Windows 10 how it is supposed to feel. Camera is great and Continuum is something I will use. It is the hidden feature of the phone and I think has a great future ahead as it develops.
  • Mozo cover make this piece of art even better, and I must mention wireless charging is a big plus.
  • Yes having had my old 920 with qi, then the att 1520, I'm glad qi is back with the xl -950XL
  • A bonus indeed. Not something I ever really got into, and likely won't because of QuickCharge. But it's nice to tick all the boxes for people who want that stuff :)
  • i also have a 950XL, upgraded from a 1020. i aggre with all you say. i am very happy with the phone, and the OS  
  • I love my 950xl, having waited patiently for 3years with my Ativ S (still a great phone) i was excited for the upgrade and the phone hasn't let me down. The latest fast ring update (.1001) has fixed almost everything i ever encountered as a bug bar the odd hang on some web pages and so far today i am currently running with 36% batt left and 16hours since last charge so feeling pretty pleased. The only thing I miss is contactless payment as I'm unable to add a bank card or PayPal use for payment - although I think I read this was a legal issue not a fault with the phone. Already had a couple of iPhone 6s plus owners scrap their handsets and change to 950xls so glad to see the OS grow again
  • Miss the Lumia Panarama as well on my 950XL, I have to carry another lumia that has the pano app. it is for this reason (no lumia pano) that i will NEVER upgrade to win10 on this devise.
  • Love my 950xl but MS still take 2 steps forward and one back. Double tap panarama and now fm radio & what happened to that beta app where the phone would answer when you lifted it to your ear ????
  • Do you love the way Live Tiles aren't interactive? How they can't have quick access buttons or even music controls. Do you love how hard it is to find a featured post or news article because they are nothing more than icons? There is not a single thing that Live Tiles do better than widgets because there is not a single thing Live Tiles do that widgets cannot. If Live Tiles were superior, then widgets would mimic them. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: Bleached,
    Research Chasable Live Tiles from the Build 2016 Conference.
    Just for your information.
  • #soon Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't have an issue with Tiles, I think it gives the OS a very nice personality, some like Netflix and Spotify are great when they're large and when all you want to do from a long journey day of work is to stream video or music in your living room.  However, the reason I switched to Android is because the app gap is huge. I'm thinking in getting home automation soon and Phillips Hue is one of my choices, also considering to control drones and lego mindstorm toys in the future and Windows Mobile doesn't support all these IoT ecosystem that is growing large in iOS and Android, but is almost impossible to get on Windows Mobile.  My last hope is iOS Bridge, since Project Astoria was cancelled, however iOS bridge is still with large issues like having dependency on iOS closed frameworks which don't exist for Microsoft Visual Studio porting tools, so you need to make a recompile of the code using Microsoft's own tech and that is not good.
  • Your only hope is sales. It doesn't matter what tools Microsoft makes, developers will only both when sales make it worthwhile. Sales will not come unless Microsoft releases something completely new. Anything even remotely similar to Windows Phone will never sell. People have resoundingly rejected it. Microsoft is delusional if they continue on the same path. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • There ARE things that live tiles do better. They are quicker to gain information from as they are more glanceable. They are more customisable as they can be manipulated many ways and arranged without limitations. I genuinely would never go back to using iOS or Android and one of the key reasons is because after customising four columns my start screen has every bit of info and all the things I regularly use on my phone on one page. Instantly there. No scrolling up or down or to the sides. And with my layout, background, and colour choice it genuinely is the most unique to me that an OS could be. It's never hard to find 'a featured post or news article' becasue it's the featured one. Music controls are instantly accessible anywhere in the UI from the volume controls. Live tiles can also perform functions. There are numerous apps that have live tiles designed like this.  
  • How can a Live Tile do anything better when you can create the exact same experience with a widget? A widget can completely mimic a Live Tile so they are indistinguishable. You can also glance at a widget just the same as a Live Tile, I don't understand the argument there. When you see something on a Live Tile, you have no way to directly access it. Microsoft is supposed to address this with Chaseable Tiles, but it should have been available years ago. I know I started ignoring them after getting frustrated trying to find a Facebook post or news article after seeing it on a tile. Interactive Live Tiles were needed years ago. There is no reason Windows Phone 7 or 8 didn't launch the feature. Microsoft just isn't dedicated to the platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The difference is the "can". On Windows Phone / Mobile, ALL the applications have a Live Tiles. On Android, you need to find the widget for the given application that allow also to launch the application. And when it exists, the design has not consistency from one widget to an another. So while, yes, Android could replicate the Live Tiles functionality, it is still practically a mess.
  • I lost my 1520, slid off my car, only kept it to watch movies cuz of the screen size. Been using a 950 for awhile and love it. Like the screen size Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The 1520 is the perfect size. Windows Mobile 10 is gorgeous on it. Why would you want anything smaller for games, Groove Music or doing anything on the internet. I'm glad your happy with your XL but I'm happier with my XXL.
  • It's great if you carry it in a murse man purse. -950XL
  • Lol. It fits in my pants pocket perfectly. In fact my 13yr old and 16yr old sons have 1520s and they have zero issues with size.
  • I love the dedicated physical camera button, but sometimes photos end up blurry because of the shake associated with the push of the button. I don't recall having this issue with the old 1020. Anyone else have the same problem?
  • I've never run into it although I did on my father's 1020.  Are you semi-pressing the button to engage the auto-focus and OIS?
  • I've used it before for quick pictures and I think that might be the problem. One-click capture needs a bit more pressure as opposed to having it semi-pressed. I did a few tests by semi-pressing as you suggested and they all came out nice. Thanks.
  • I tend to use the on screen capture button when I have time to set up a photo, but I find the dedicated button indispensable in terms of speed for launching the camera app... Hit the button as you reach for the phone in your pocket, and it's ready to snap away/hold for video by the time you can see it in front of you... No fumbling with unlocking/sliding lock screens/gestures/missing the moment. :)
  • Love the article! Team #Lumia950XL !!!
  • I had 1520 was thinking best phone made but 950xl changed my mind. You are spot on with reasons. I love camera on 950xl and phone is fast when compared to 1520(which was older processer)
  • Thank you! Someone that gets the positives of owning the 950XL. i had the same issues with the 1520 and I like the same things about the XL you mentioned. I also don't need the "app of the week" that no one will care about in a month or less. The ecosystem is heading in the right direction.
  • Live Tiles are also much better than widgets, and don't ever try to convince me otherwise. So much this.  I spend too much time on Android trying to recreate even a fraction of the at-a-glance info that WM gave me,  I miss WM, it does so much more as an OS than Android, but it was missing too many apps I use daily.
  • Agreed 100% on this. Someone "credible" for MS blog info said she switched to Android recently and claims "the robust notifications" of Android make up for the lack of live tiles... complete BS! Notifications and Live Tiles are very different and I would never want notifications for every little update my live tiles give me, my battery would drain in an hour from all the vibrations. I love that I can glance at my phone and in 5 seconds see the latest news (more on Trump) updated temp. (cause I'm stuck inside) and see latest sports news (more Steph Curry) and do it all again 5 minutes later (cause I'm addicted) and so on and so on. Live Tiles are one of the things that make w10m so awesome!!
  • Remember when Windows Phone didn't need a notification center because of Live Tiles? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes Posted via the Windows Central App for Android (from my Nexus 5x or LG V10)
  • Have 45 apps and only miss the ordnance survey mapping apps on ios... Nothing else for me. Wife wants our kids school app and a pregnancy app on WP but is otherwise happy on her 950. Just sort out the panoramic shooting and battery/crash problems on the 950.
  • I still am the happy owner of a Lumia 1520. I have been the lucky owner of Lumia 710 and 920 too. If I had a deeper pocket, I would have already had a Lumia 950 XL.
  • If I could get the 950 camera on my 1520 it would be perfect for me.
  • I got to play with the 950XL this past weekend and it was very nice. The screen, the hard ware camera button, the camera, the outlook mail app and office apps are all great. I wish I could afford one. I switched to Android becuase my 1520 was as good as dead and that was all I could afford. I couldn't go back to a non flagship phone. I miss my Windows phone with W10M. Oh and MyTube is far better than the Google YouTube app. Faaaarrrrrr better.  
  • Ebay has excellent 1520s for cheap. Perfect condition.
  • Actually what he said is convincing, especially the party is loving windows 10 mobile.
    Windows 10 mobile is a massive upgrade than 8.1, and some days that it's worse.
    But, I don't agree windows 10 mobile is so attractive to me I've Lumia 630 512 ram model and I can't to back to 8.1 i know that I'll lose many features if I rolled back, and windows 10 mobile will be more amazing after the anniversary update.
    Before, I forget I wrote all of that with swipe keyboard on my Lumia it's so amazing and responsive.
    Thanks Microsoft for that great OS.
  • Am I the only one that thinks the shutter button is terrible? Every time I try to use it I get the worst picture. The button is too difficult to press without shaking or moving the camera.
  • I believe you are the only one. I only buy phones with shutter buttons because I have the opposite problem you have, sorry. Ok I lied, my bro-in-law has shaky hands and he too prefers on screen tap-to-shutter for smoother images. That's 2 at least... I'll shut up now.
  • The down button doubles as a shutter button on Android. A dedicated button isn't necessary. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I have to ask why you are so obsessive about disparaging WM10? I use an LG G4 and a 950XL and have never felt the need to post trashy comments about other people's positive experiences of either Android or WM10 devices. On the particular point of a dedicated camera button vs the down button, my experience is completely different to yours, but it is just my experience. I hope you find a more constructive use for the rest of your day.
  • The only Way Microsoft will be successful is if people stop trying to justify the horrible platform they created. It has failed every step of the way. It's fans need to be the ones pushing it to build something compelling. Stop telling them that the Tile interface and locked down platform is good. They need to hear the truth. Until they completely change almost every part of the platform, they will never be successful. Terribly pandering articles like this is exactly why Microsoft will continue to follow this path and fail. Windows Central is the problem. I want to see a honest article about how Windows Phone is bad. "Part 1, Why Live Tiles Suck Compared to the Competition". "Part 2, Why the Metro Interface is Universally Hated", etc. These pandering articles are just going to cause Microsoft to continue down the same path that has failed for 6 years now. It is time to face the facts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well we're ready for them... Where are the facts that say 'the metro interface is universally hated'?
  • You do not remember Windows 8 and all the hype about how hated the UI was? You have not seen the sales of Windows Phone which has the same UI? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I loved my 950xl until today, when I realised that my text message notification sound has stopped working! Apparently there are many users with this problem and it's very annoying. I thought that people had stopped texting me until I turned on my old 640xl which is synced and found loads of messages! I've factory reset that phone and it works beautifully. I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet & reset my 950 too.
  • I had a similar problem but, in my case, it turned out to be user error: I changed the default battery saver and notification settings for messaging
  • Love my 950 w/W10, but just bought Nexus 5X. I can't wait anymore for things I want my phone to do. First, I can't believe Richard as a Tech person you don't wish you could Tap and Pay. We used to, and I loved it back before Google bought it from the Wireless Carriers, but I want it. I'm in NYC, to tap and pay in a cab is fantasi. The app gap is not just Snapchat. I travel, I need American Airlines app for my bording pass, the mobile site just doesn't cut it. I bank with Chase, I can't deposit a check, I got Ally Bank but they are not my only bank. I get my haircut at Great Clips or Supercuts and both have reservation apps, again the mobile website works, but I shouldn't have to. In NY I need my train travel apps for the Long Island Railroad and interactive Subway maps not coming to Windows any time soon. I belong to LA Fitness without an app I have to us that dumb keyring barcode. And I have Amazon Prime, and I can't watch Amazon video on my phone without an app. I've been limping alone with for so long, and I just want to join the world. I'll keep my 950 for now, maybe Amazon will create a UWP App one day for video but until then, my windows Phone days are numbered.
  • Re: Jsypit,
    Just an idea. Buy a cheap small phone from one of the other OSes for the purposes you state and continue enjoying the great Windows Mobile Phone experience. Test and see how often you use those apps on the other, so called greener, side of the fence. If it turns out, constantly, then your decision is made. If not, then not much money spent to get a few occasional apps.
  • A lot of schools and government apps are only offered in an Android or iOS version. It's not even the big name apps. The app gap is real,I see it everyday. I just love the windows UI. Rough spot to be in.
  • Agreed. I listen to Windows Weekly podcasts and even those "experts" have moved to away from Windows. I will continue to follow W10 Mobile and keep my 950. I am 100% going Android cause I know Microsoft's Cortona will integrate better on Android for the future. I think we need to have our phones we have invested in work in all occations. My wish was W10 Mobile to be on par with the other 2 OS's, but we will always be third.
  • Kevin, my origianal plan was to do just that. On AT&T I could get a GoPhone (prepay) for $50 to $75. And I could switch out the SIM card between devices as needed. But using my Google Voice phone number, I chose to spend a little more ($199) and get the Nexus 5x via Google Fi. This phone gives me 2 things the cheep phones could not, Finger Print security and NFC for Android Pay. I wanted Android pay the most and this was the cheapest option. Plus the Nextis phone comes unblocked for GSM and I can cancel the Fi service at any time. I can sell either phone and get most of my money back if I want. Thanks for responding to my post. 
  • Right on the money. This is the app gap people complain about, not just Snapchat. It's the lack of smaller everyday apps that some people need. I'm not one of these people, as I don't use public transit, travel a lot, and do most of my banking/bill paying online but for those that are there is a huge lack of apps.
  • Tony, thanks for replying. As I've replied to the others, it's time for me to be 100% productive and 100% part of the app world and get 100% out of my mobile investment. I have it a shot. I've had an 820, and 830, a 520, a 635, bought my Mom a 640, and own a 950, Surface Pro 4, Band 2, Wireless Display adaptor and an Xbox. The Microsoft store employees know me by name. So moving off W10 Mobile is a last resort, but it's time.
  • I like my microsoft lumia 950xl. For my use, there is no reason for me to have any other phone.
  • I hav my Dual-SIM 950 XL and i like it, but the lack of apps is starting to bug me. It no longer has my banking app because Chase bailed, I don't use snapchat much, but it DOES help me keep in touch with my Kid in college 2 time zones away. So those are a couple. Plus if I hear about a new and interesting app, i know it is not likely to be on Windows Mobile, and it saddens me. I love the UI far better that Android or iOS and agree completely about live tiles, but I am not sure it is enough at this point..
  • Re: Omega Ra,
    I don't let others control or limit how I communicate, even relatives. I'm sure your kid in college must have a phone that can run more than snap chat. There are lots of ways and Windows Mobile Phone apps to communicate with. Maybe expand your kids world by introducing a new app.
    Just an idea.
    We have unlimited text and email. It is especially good to teach kids what email is and how to use it. So many recent graduates are ignorant of it in the work place.
  • I've been using a OnePlus 2 for a while now and I do like some aspects of it and Android. But I do, in all honesty, prefer Windows 10 Mobile, especially the start screen. I think it's time to come back, hopefully I can get my hands on that HP when it comes out later this year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This was such an interesting read. At the moment, I am not using Windows 10 Mobile but this article made me think of positive thoughts with it. I love how you explained your reasons. Props to you on writing this, Richard! It also reminds of how I would like to come back, provided my favorite app returns.
  • I'm quite happy with my 950 XL (also, up to 2TB extra MicroSD storage!) but I'd be much happier if I knew where to find an extra removable battery. Where did you?
  • Currently using a lumia 830, one day I hope I can buy the 950 xl
  • Just love my 950 XL so much
  • I couldn't agree more with this article! Spot on Richard the Devine, spot on!!! I love my 950XL and I'm stoked for the upcoming goodies with w10m!
  • I m using windows mobile since 2014 when 525 was my first windows since i never change the os but device ...i also used android and ios nd have both of em but the reliability that i get from windows is never get from those two...having android coz of clash of clan nothing much...ui made me fan of windows but now i little disappoint from photo have some bugs that need to be fix...
  • I'm enjoying my 950xl for a month right now, even it had gone from me for 10 days to be recovered at Nokia's production plant in Moscow. I love big and bright screen, powerful specs and overall look and feel of windows.
    You can laugh a lot, but it was 3 years old Lumia 520 of my wife that sold this "windows phone" thing. It was 100$ cell that was operating smoothly even after 3 years, looked great and made decent photos! And - the most important thing - it was capable to pull off 3 days without charger. So I looked at my 1000$ 3-years old Galaxy III which can't live for 6 hours without plug and said to myself "Freak it! Let's try some Lumia!" and bought 550 right after launch.
    But 550 is so small, you know.
  • Hey Richard, might I suggest 2 Factor Authenticator ( for all your two-factor authentication needs? It's super simple, has a nice modern interface, and it syncs via OneDrive across all your Windows 10 devices. It's free, no ads, and I love it. :)
  • I use Microsoft Authenticator and LastPass Authenticator. Works great.
  • Lies, Richard. LIES! You just use WP because you want to be able to say "I'm part of the 1%". You don't fool me ;P
  • And you would be a sheep?? ;)
  • Political joke, mate. Political joke ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This 'app gap' argument is really dead in the water, not that it ever had any legs IMO. Windows Phone/Mobile has always had a shortage of 'apps' but guess what...? If all I wanted a phone to do was 'have an app for that' I would be an apple fanboy. The reason I like Windows Phone, now Mobile, is because its a platform that is personal. My home screen represents who I am, not what amazing apps I have bought. My Lumia 950 XL continues to allow my phone to be personal, just like my Nokia Lumia 1020, just like my HTC Titan, just like my HTC Mozart... That is why I am happy and why I like it.
  • Re: LegendaryFOGGY,
    Very well said. I agree. These are real reasons that should be stated more often.
  • I disagree.  IMO the only developers that make apps and have them recently updated in the Windows store are of three types: Windows fan apps from developers like Rudy Huyn which port services not available but get you at the end with no official apps UWP apps that Microsoft pays to companies to get them developed.  For games, the only studios active today are Disney and Gameloft, and Microsoft's own Studio games like Minecraft and Halo franchise. The rest are just crappy apps or apps that haven't been updated in more than 3 years that are vulnerable and put your OS in risk.  
  • Luckily you are a grid of square icons. If you were anything else then Windows phone couldn't represent you. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You're delusional if you don't think the "app gap" is real. And it's not all about the number of apps, but the quality/update frequency of the apps that exist. 
  • If you read the start of my second paragraph, I concede that Windows Phone/Mobile has always had a shortage of apps. Apps are not everything about a phone, unfortunately I also concede that my point of view is in the minority.
  • People around of world ask why i still use the crap 512MB Nokia Lumia 630. Then i answer it, that crap lumia still useful for my life and still waiting Nokia rebuild own phone, then my lumia will be sold.
  • If you love Lumia you should upgrade to 650 at least, it comes with more internal storage and has better design.  I was thinking in getting the 650 vs the Xperia M4 Aqua and at the end I decided I wanted waterproof more than the Lumia brand. Since Lumia 650 is the last Lumia phone, if you pass this time, next time your only option will be the Surface phone in April 2017.
  • Although some percentage of the bashing the 950's got early on was warranted, I have now supported a dozen+ of them selectively deployed in the corporate environment. They have proved to be powerful weapons in the right hands, which might be one explanation. In my opinion, the average user underutilizes W10M when they try to simply mimic their IOS usage. In fact, the mere fact that things are different often draws an immediate negative opinion. Alas, the world we live in. :) I personaly have an ATT 950 on 10586.242 as my offcial device. I have a 950XL that I experiment with scary builds. I no longer make apologies or have an inferiority complex about carrying them either. I can walk into any one of our conference rooms and light up a big screen wirelessly and then launch a remote desktop or an Azure remote app and the insults turn into dropped jaws. (The current Azure client Remote Desktop Preview app is wicked cool)  Just waiting for touchscreen support in Continuum and then there will be shock & awe during a well rehearsed presentation.     
  • Re: snakbitten,
    I agree with your opinion about the average user underutilizing W10M, but I also think the "average everyday user" of all smart phones use only a tiny fraction of their phones capabilities. They learn 6-8 features/apps and they are happy. (I'm not talking about visitors to Windows Central.)
  • I would love to be able to pick up a 950XL. Unfortunately, I'm stuck on a carrier in the states that HATES Windows Phone /W10M and that's VERIZON. In my area, they are the only viable option for a cellular carrier. I'll just keep using my trusty Icon till it dies. Jay
    Lumia Icon Redstone Edition 14295.1005
  • Verizon doesn't hate Windows phones. They hate devices that don't sell. There is a big difference. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Re: Bleached,
    For whatever the reason, Verizon didn't try very hard to sell them. Deliberately diverting the unknowing buyers in their stores to other phones. This is why our family bought ours on the Verizon on line store. Just less grief.
    I'm thinking about "upgrading" to an Icon from eBay.
  • Windows phones have historically had low sales and high return rates. Microsoft was lucky for Verizon to carry them at all. You shouldn't be surprised that they were not pushed harder. The sales people are not going to recommend a device that will likely be returned. They have safe choices like the Galaxy S or iPhone available. Why risk it? The only one to blame is Microsoft for making such a sub par platform. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why the hell should any carrier have a say in any decision regarding "your" device? Always boggles my mind. They really have way too much leverage with their customers. -950XL
  • It is their own private network. Why wouldn't they have a say? Personally, I won't support a network with that mentality, but that is their right. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • OUR airwaves, dude. Only leased to them. 
  • That is a good argument. You are right.
  • Most of the people mocking me for using this device, but once they try this phone, their response is like "yeah its pretty good phone." Sent from Dubai using 950 XL
  • Right on time for me ;-) just got 950XL delivered to me(thanks to the price cut from flipkart) and waiting for the free display dock. If we get clash of clans, I am golden. Hoping for an ios port at the least for the game.
  • I love my 950xl. It is a great form factor, very light for the size, it is very powerful, has a great camera and a nice display and i love the continuum feature which I use with my TV with the dock and I have used it on several occasions with the wireless connector on customer's beamers and displays for presentations. Very cool, jawdropping for most and like that very helpful. I like pretty much everything about it... Before the newest build cortana had a problem but now it works flawlessly again :).
  • My first windows phone was the HTC Surround when there was WP7 that itself was ok, but WP7.5 was amazing and I loved every second I had the phone, integrated facebook and twitter was great, along with the camera app having a few integrated apps. The next few phones I had after that were pretty much all android phones. Yea they were all great but it felt like there was an over saturation of apps for everything. Twitter, Facebook, whatsapp each has their own built app and its fine but my phone, having 2gb ram and quadcore, seemd to always slow down so many apps taking up space and resources. Now I have the Lumia 640 LTE, I notice when I installed Facebook it takes up less than 60mb while on the android it takes up like 800mb for facebook alone!  Yes I know that Windows has LITE versions of the apps but have you seen twitter on windows phone? or the Tinder app? i love them alot better than on the android, the only thing that I miss from having an android phone is the chat bubbles for facebook messenger. other than that I dont plan on going back to the RAM consuming android.
  • Integrated facebook was great, the whole people hub was great. Update your status everywhere at once.
  • That was a killer feature I really liked. If only they had perfected it and proper sync it with notifications and charms.. it would have been perfect.
  • Hello please upload wallpaper!!
  • I have the small Lumia 950 XL, great phone. I wasn't part of the first one who jump on windows phone 10 that can be the reason I'm not bitter on the development or progress because I think they made great progress wp10, the latest version. Besides of smartcam, wifi calling, physical home button I missed, it's a great OS. I only fear that will abandon the market after they've come so far.
    Most of smartphone user don't know what they really need in a phone or what kind of phone they have. I've an android user referring to his phone as a stupid windows phone ( I didn't even say anything cause I didn't know where to start). I've two iPhone users who don't know how to email pictures to each other. My point is even if windows phone is great OS, people won't buy and use it if they don't advertise it well.
  • Re: Bjoli,
    I like your comments about most smartphone users...
  • I'm on the same boat here, I would not trade my lumia 950 XL for any phone on the market right now. The awesome display and display to phone size ratio, best in class camera (yes it is better than the one on the S7) Also nothing comes close to the beauty of live tiles with android looking like a 90's operating system and ios boring as hell.      
  • Great article, I love mine. I like that windows 10 is getting better with time. I like using my phone and finding out what the next improvment is.
  • Is that Daniel on your photos tile?
  • I used to work at a mobile sales department in a big company at my country at christmas days. Company brought around "20" 950 and around 15 "950xl". The number was low believing they will not sell. Well since i was the only guy there believing in Microsoft 2 weeks later we where out of stock and it was my pleasure to do that since i believe microsoft has lots to offer in the mobile technology .if you gonna ask me with what futured i won the customers most well it was easy "offline maps" Live Tiles" "Camera quality" Yeah sure i get mad also i hate bugs they make me mad also but we the microsoft mobile geeks love our phones
  • I miss the "squared-off corners" design.  For me, the physical design of the 950 series was an instant deal breaker for me.  We've been spoiled with beautiful design such as the 920 and 1520, and the 950 lacks character - it looks dull and generic.  A Lumia flagship should have striking and unique design to go along with the performance of the device and stand out from the crowd of "round corner" phones.
  • this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I like my 950XL most days. I do have issues with LTE dropping out to Edge on AT&T alot. And I am in a good coverage area for AT&T LTE. I would like to get a wall charger for my XL. I lost my original one and I can't find an official wall charger for the Xl anywhere. Even Microsoft doesn't sell them, which is absolutely crazy. I'd also be open to third party ones I suppose as long as they have the quick charge capability.
  • I have the 950Xl with a Mozo notebook case. Wondering if anyone has a problem with screen sensitivity. For example: when I go to my email accounts and want to delete a few at a time. I have to hit the select icon twice for the checkmark boxes to open up. Also, when I lay the phone down, the screen doesn't respond to my touch. I actually I have to pick the phone up.
  • I also got L1520 and the L950XL, I like both, but I miss the 6 inch screen. L1520 was amazing but too too heavy. L950 XL better resolution with clear black, amazing camera better w10m experience...hope they release a 6 inch phone in the future.
  • Same for me, i love the big screen, the camera is awesome, i like Windows Hello and i also think Windows 10 mobile is a better OS than IOS and Android, it just need to release in a final bugless version. The only 2 things i don't like that much are the lack of apps in the store and the materials of the back cover, would have rathered aluminum frame like the 930, 830 or the new 650
  • when people ask me, i answer why not or why you use iphone/android, give an answer of that first then i will answer mine
  • Its not even been a year since I got the L830, but I so badly want the 950XL. Sadly my budget won't allow it :( Posted from Windows Central App
    Lumia 830/Win10Mobile
  • Great item. I love my xl's. They do all that I want, and the continuum feature, although in it's early stages, it pretty good. I love a removable battery, I like to change my own shells, and with the Mozo, they look completely different! The screen is amazing, the size is just right and I don't have to hold it 2" in front of me to read it. Every accessory I have, Plantronics Voyager, band 2 and Bluetooth keyboard mouse just work at first attempt. Even the Glance screen is displayed beautifully. I have read many comments above regarding the W10M bashers, who then disappear back into their respective Android or iOS bug out bunkers. Those who keep digging about the bugs, that Android and iOS don't have (?), need to realise that unlike Google and Apple, this isn't just a tart up of previous code released as another update. This has been a major undertaking by MSFT as the phone and PC are pretty much the same code. Just because it isn't your cup of tea, doesn't make you any better than us. Most of us that have a windows mobile device are not followers. We like to be what **** sapiens should be. Unique. I am not a sheep, I am a free man!
  • Anyone know if the 950xl  single sim has visual voicemail??
  • Actually, the ATT variant (singal sim) had vvm from the getgo. But recent updates have reportably extended vvm to the dual sim unlocked phones as well.
  • Mine does. Bought international version off amazon usa.
  • You hit ion the head Daniel. I am only mssing Panorama and SnapChat. Everything else is there. Cant wait for whats next from Microsoft.
  • I still use my 1520. Have some apps you can't find on other platforms. I do still love it. Just upset MS did something to the camera. It's not as good as I first got it. Pics come out blurry and never in focus.
  • I really love mine. I've looked and tried out many phone. Android is pure garbage as far as OS' go. And iOS is so dumbed down you can't do anything. The 950 XL is the perfect blend of a good OS and great hardware.
  • My thoughts exactly. After owning 1520 that felt a bit too large, I went with 950. At the time 950xl wasn't available here so I could not do comparison on size and after 1520 I was afraid to get another phablet as a daily phone. Yes, bugs here and there, camera causing erratic behaviour, so does making call while listening to groove, but I run fast ring so I cant complain too much. FB app (both) are subpar so I run web version. But office and continuum rule. Maybe, I experience more problems because I use also 64Gb SD to handle music and photo
  • I love the Lumia 950 xl, too, and using Windows 10 - and I used to be a MacAddict.
  • Probably my next phone, when its price drops. Or when a good midrange with W10M comes along.
  • Exactly my thoughts. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Awesome article! It's nice to see someone appreciate this smartphone, especially since Microsoft themsevles weren't too proud of it. I like that he also points out the large, removable battery, which is something that I make a huge deal out of!
  • I agree with everything you said man, great article.
    I'm also a proud owner of a Lumia 950 XL Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • The only issue I have with my 950XL is the location of the volume buttons.  I'm constantly hitting the volume buttons instead of the power button.  Other than that, it's been a very good phone and the OS has greatly improved in just a few months.  The phone is a bit big for putting in one's pocket, but I knew that before I got it and I'm willing to make that sacrifice for the larger screen.
  • Same thing here, I eventually adjusted to it.
  • Thanks. Sensibly written, good support reasoning and I love my 950 xl also. I just wish Verizon and MS would meet in private and settle who has the "biggest one" and then allow me to use my Verizon Family Plan and my 950 X together, .
  • People :Why do you use windows phone ?
    My answer: Why do you breath
  • I've owned a Galaxy S6 for about 2 months now and I must say I'm impressed with what Samsung has done here -- except for the battery, which is excruciating! Android is actually very enjoyable and two (really small) features I'd miss on WPA is the ability to close InPrivite apps on the notification shade and the thing where you are not distracted from what you're doing when you receive a call. Other than that (and a couple of games like Yu Gi Oh, DBZ Dokkan Battle and Marvel future fight), WPA wins in all aspects for me!! The reason I'm not with my 930 anymore is because he was all broken and dented, it would overheat a LOT and the battery was abysmal. With no better option here in Brazil, I thought about Android as I never owned one. I don't regret it, but I sure miss my Live Tiles and W10 design language overall!! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well said! There are many android users (including you and me) that are waiting for windows 10 mobile to get epic and they release an epic phone. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who in their right mind still used WP, seriously, WP is not relevant, if it completely vanished tomorrow, no one would care. Even Microsoft doesn't care, WP has been an utter disaster for Microsoft since it's inception. It holds less than 3% market share, if the parent company was not Microsoft it would have already been buried, as it should. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Me! I still use wp, I like it, and I will use it as long as I can. Thanks.
  • Re: Cybertec69,
    You need to read this entire string of comments to understand. Every one of them, the pro and the con. Once you have done that, you will understand, better, why we use and prefer Windows Mobile Phone. Keep in mind, that the Mobile OS was started over with Windows 10 Mobile for phones and is in major development. Read up on and try to understand the wide spread beta programs (slow ring, fast ring, and upcoming Redstone release). What is being discussed here is not just the current RTM production release. It can be confusing for those new to Windows Mobile. Go ahead and read. You will start to understand. Best Wishes
  • Nice article and one to remind us of what is coming to the platform. I must admit I'm asked the same question too and sometimes it is a labour of love. I have been on the slow and fast ring when feeling adventurous but have reset several times (thank you one drive) as I love to use text aloud and Health app and Gadgets. I do feel like a lab rat sometimes and long for thosenew features I have had a glimpse off. Here's to the next production update.
  • Every now and then I take a glance at my home screen on my 950xl and it never ceases to amaze me at how crisp the screen looks, live tiles and all..Amazing..
  • Thanks Richard for a good and positive post!
    I use a 950 as main phone, and for some reason decided the 950XL was slightly too big. Still wonder at times if the hardware difference between the two is noticeable especially for continuum. I guess the only thing I miss now is better Continuum support for Citrix and Netflix.
  • Since I have just got my 950XL, I am still working out it's ins and out but my intent to get the phone was to complement my SP3 and S3 which I use for work purposes. I previously used the 1520 and most recently the 640XL in this role. The 950XL fits into this spot and I suspect Continuum will play a big role. But I am yet to put things through their paces. Among other things, I am waiting for my dock. I do have to say though, the 950XL is a nifty device and I like it a lot.
  • I'm still waiting for 1030
  • Thanks Richard! Wish I could afford a 950XL but the Fierce XL will do for now. Quite happy with it....also big but not as big as the 1520 which is nice. I also, like you, run the four column set up on my start screen :-) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
    Using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL for Windows 10 (Redstone)
  • I agree with this article. I use lumia 650 at work. Whenever I showed it to my colleagues who use iOS or Andorid, they were very impressed with the display, photo quality (captures minute detail compare to lenovo or samsung in the same price range). All members of my family use windows phone these days. I think people who say Windows phones are bad or dead are those who have never used it or had a one-off bad experience. They have ditched Android for good. I love WP10!
  • I like virtually everything on my 950XL including Win10M. Miss double tap to wake. Really need customizable adblockers and custom hosts file. I like replying to notifications in notification drop down. Cortana needs A lot of improvements. I tried Amazon Echo and it is nearly flawless in Response time and quality. Almost always responds, and accurately even with a great amount of noise like blaring music. Cortana on the other hand often times does not respond, crashes when she does, does not interpret speech correctly sometimes, even on production build. Gotten worse with each build.
  • I have the 950XL as well and I couldn't have said it better than the author. I have had IOS and it got boring fast. I had Android and the frequent crashes of both the apps and entire phone (maybe due to so instability) got old quick. W10M is customizable enough to make it personal, but not so much that it is unfamiliar going from one phone to the next. It's not perfect, but it works.
  • Idk I don't really see app crashes on my android. Things have progressively gotten better in terms of quality here. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • For me APP gap is still a big problem for W10M, and the apps which are in windows doesn't have all features like in Android and iOS
  • A lot of this article echoes why I also like Windows 10 Mobile.  I like how it looks and prefer live tiles over anything else you can get.  I also am not bothered about the app gap either.  All the apps I need I can get and they work fine for what I require them for.  I have no complaints and I also like using Windows 10 Mobile, bugs and all. Thanks for the great article.
  • I'm trying to fall in love with WP10 again
  • The camera always THE CAMEERRAAAAA !!
  • Android user, how do you use your SD memory? Automatically or manually? It's a "D:/" drive for 950 and let you set what type of files which drive to save. Can Android do that? If not, what's a SD for? Useless... iPhone won't have a SD for life.
  • why not  use authenticator app from microsoft, I use it for microsoft facebook and google accounts
  • I share your enthusiasm for this phone and the OS. I don't use Continuum on a regular basis.... Yet. Clearly Continuum in it's current state is a preview of things to come.
  • Sold mine since I wasn't happy. Maybe see if that Surface phone turns up next year but happy with my 1520 for now.
  • "We don't judge" Sent from my more personal computer
  • Agree on all points. Love my 950XL, it's what works for me.
  • I loved windows Phone Since version 8. Now I use Lumia 930 with Windows 10. Only thing that bugs me is Groove Music app. It does not recognize single Album. (by the wat all the tracks are exactly same. And all are downloaded from Nokia Music). Yes like you, I do not feel app gap but. This one thing is annoying.
  • Back in the days of windows phone 8.1 I used to say "if the app gap wasn't real I wouldn't even look at an android ever" but with windows 10 mobile I say "if the app gap wasn't real AND there weren't huge number of bugs and issues I would'nt even look at an android ever" Oh how I hope things get better and I get a lumia in future. For now though, android FTW. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So I bought a OnePlus One as a tester device, and it's wonderful. Great battery, OS needed some work and I still need to root it. But I've tweaked it visually for awhile and it looks nice. But using android has always made me so happy I have a WindowsPhone. Because WM10 works, looks good, and you don't have to deal with BS. For example, I had to change the keyboard, apps, UI, and keep messing around with it for hours for the UI to become usable, and that's on Cyanogen mod! Tore out Trebuchet, put on Nova, tweaked that, threw some themes on, and disabled tons of ****** google apps I'm never going to use/perform similar functions. And I'm running 6.0.1, the newest production release. Still, some apps have inconsistent design, and the google play music app looks like a design inspired off of Tide Pods™ . Droid to this day feels like a more delicate Windows PC that's easy to brick and hard to root. Its a fun, flexible OS, but dear god, thank god I'm technologically literate, because I can actually change the OS how I like. My friends just suffer under stock android with no app wrappers/packs, no custom launchers, and no rooting. And the OS just looks...ugh. WM is blessed with consistency in colors, design, and customization. Like, converting most things to a black theme on droid is possible (mostly) but it is a HUGE pain in the ass. On WM you flip a switch and everything including the Calculator app switches colors to accommodate your theme color and B/W. And there is no stupid "Disabling" apps-You just uninstall them on WM. Still, droid's functionality is a step or two up from WM, but honestly the customization headaches are not worth the minor functionality or the "Snapchat" apps that droid has. Definitely sticking with WM, droid still needs work for sure.
  • Great write-up, it really matches my experience. I am happy with W10m
  • Camera is best
  • For me pinning people, groups, websites, audiobooks, navigation shortcuts, music albums is the thing i love windows phone for.
    I thought i would never buy a Windows Phone after switching to iPhone, but there i missed the shortcut livetile option so much, that i gave it to the kids and bought a 950 then. Now i am glad again. But the software version the 950 is sold with was horrible. I use the Insider slow ring now. Feels good. For me the most worse thing is that i can not connect my Polar m400 Sportswatch, but Livetiles are much more important for me.
  • Thank you, for me as a 950XL user very recognizable. Not a big continuum user yet, but I will be, once I have setup the place in the living room/kitchen for it.
  • I loved my 920 and 1520. But the 950XL is just better. I loved my WP8 and WP8.1. But the W10M is just better. I'm not blind to its faults though. And yes, the App gap is becoming more than an irritation. Still waiting for a display dock in my country so have not used Continuum yet...can't wait though. Some 950XP positives: - Great camera - Beautiful display - Specs - Windows Hello - Depth of settings - Edge browser Some 950XL negatives: - No panorama! (how I remember taking a panorama shot in low light with my 1520 when the dude next to me was told by his iPhone6 that there isn't anything to take a picture of. LOL.)  - Battery life (not a shadow of my 1520) - Facebook app is so bad I use the browser It is such a breath of fresh air when you see hundreds of Galaxy's and iPhones and somebody pulls out something different. 
  • I use the 950 and I love it but the only thing that annoys me is apps. Personally I think Microsoft should just make the next up grade to windows 10 phone full windows 10. That way everyone can do everything on their phones including install legacy applications and this puts a new direction on the phone market. The phone and pc markets have both stalled. This might help bring on the next phase
  • For some reason I'm having a lot of issues on mine. Nothing major, just relatively minor annoyances that, when compounded, have created an experience that has really tested my patience. It just doesn't feel like I'm getting flagship performance even though it has all the necessary internals. It's a shame because other people have seen me using the phone and asked questions, and I generally have given them positive responses about how the phone is. However, right now I just don't feel good about the phone, but I'm not ready to let go either.
  • Both the kids 640sare on WM10. The wife and I have 1520s on WP8.1. Why do we like the Windows platform - easy to use, easy to customize the live tiles and the most important - half nerd Daddy can fix most issues right away. All other family members have Android and Iphones. Trying to find solutions to the bugs is the most frustrating thing ever. On Android the settings are different for each phone make and manufacturer and not consistent from build to build so googling it binging a solution seems simple until you try to put it into effect. IPhone users generally deny having bugs and actually have the phones for Facetime. They seem to be the less tech savvy if the bunch and just pay the money for higher quality phones with broken screens. What I am finding is that after years of abuse of us using Windows phone/mobile, it is slacking off. The other devices are nice, but don't really add that more quality to 99% of users life. My kids are under 13 and I don't want them learning the internet is where you express every emotion etc... so no SnapChat is cool for me. I love how My Family sends me reports of each kids usage of the web down to how many times they visited sites and the time they spent on it. Same goes with the apps they use. We discuss this consistently so they can gage how they are using their time and being productive. Grade dropped? Get off iFunny for 5 hours this week.
    No matter what format you use, it has to be productive for you. Windows is on our PC, tablets and phones seamlessly and we're happy so as long as they support it and we can use it to our benefit we will use it. Not worried about bleached sales numbers. In fact Apple is seeing a big drop in sales lately and since their mobile division runs their company I expect a shift from them that mimics what Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.
  • Doesn't Microsoft's Authenticator app work for you? I've never used Authy, so I don't know.
  • I'm still holding onto my Lumia 1020 until the HP Elite x3 to jump into W10M. Too bad the 1020 couldn't get the upgrade, as it is feeling sluggish. As for the "app gap", while I do generally have what I *need*, I don't have what I *want*, and that for me is my app gap. I don't have a Starbucks app (yet), a Caribou Coffee or Dunn Bros app (yes I love coffee). I don't have a TCF Bank app or a true Nest app. I don't have Amazon Music or Amazon Alexa apps. My general point is that I'm still quite frustrated in hearing about a new device/service/app in the market and it always says the app is available on iOS and Android; no mention or love for WP8.1 or W10M. THAT is my "app gap"...
  • I m in love with the Lumia 950xl....when it was released the OS was damn buggy and laggy and all the reviewers jumped on that and gave it bad reviews effecting its sale and overall popularity went down, but after the build .218 windows 10 is soo damn good...smooth lag free though there are some bugs here and there but which phone doesnt and with the latest update the windows 10 mobile got today that is build .318 i guess many bugs have been fixed, so overall if the phone was released with a good stable build ppl wouldnt have asked why ur using lumia 950xl...I love the live tiles over the fixed widgets of android, dark theme, many customization options not forgetting the removable battery and micro sd card, coming from Moto X Force i can say with lot of confidence that m a happy windows phone user.
  • I have the 950, as a comparison. It is too big,so I'm certain the 950XL would be painfully gargantuan. I don't like anything about the 950.  It's boring, plain, ugly. It's poorly designed and built and feels like a device only costing $50---but with a stupidly $600 price tag (the price when we bought ours).  I have never EVER cared about removable batteries, and if this is why they cheap build, then it was a stupid idea.  The camera is meh compared to my 1020, period.  I love Windows Phone 8.  It is as perfect as I really expect.  In fact, Microsoft added crap to it in 8.1 that I never wanted and don't use that actually DETRACTED from Windows Phone's experience.  There is absolutely NOTHING about Windows 10 that I find palatable.  It's an embarassing shadow of what I love about WP8.  It didn't take long before all my disappointments with the 950 and W10 drove me back to my 1020 as my daily driver, relegating the 950 to merely a testing device for the debacle that is W10.
  • Previously I had been using an Android phone, as well as an iPhone 5. Seeing the sales of Lumia phones (Lumia 640 was at $70) being advertised to be soon upgraded to Windows 10 Mobile, I thought a cheap phone could serve as a backup phone in case I would normally need one when going places where it had chances of being damaged. Soon later on, my phone arrived, with Windows 8.1. My review : Crap. I threw it in a corner. One day, I happened to see a notifications to download Windows 10 Mobile, and I let it, and left it in its friendly corner. Two days later, I unlock the phone, trying to find a way to kill some time, and boom, I happen to find a miracle phone in my hand.. Its sync with my laptop, my services I use (OneDrive, Office, Oulook, and many more) seem to be so fluid, that I started using it more than other mobiles. As you say, I have to admit, live tiles are way better than widgets. They seem to show how things are working in the background. I now switched to Windows 10 Mobile - they are not cheap, they are qgreat!
  • android users are the greatest w10M followers no wonder why whenever smthn good is said about W10M , they always like but android is better, we have dat too, wp is dead ,check any W10M article, ul find the android camp, W10M is awesome on my L950
  • 950xl the best smart phone after update so smart if others dont know how to use it.. not ou problems ..leave us alone and stop phones will win soon
  • But can anyone actually buy a spare battery for this? Not at microsoft stores in chicago, nor online, nor on amazon nor on ebay for less that a hundred bucks which is ridiculous.
  • Good question. Seen one on eBay for $80-$100. I'm going to call MS and tell them my battery fried and see what they say lol
  • where can I get this bacl screen background ?
  • 950 XL FTW
  •   I totally share the same feelings!!! I was deeply in love with my Lumia 1520 (bright red, and I confess I miss it because it always turned heads). But practically speaking, carrying that sucker on your pocket was tough and the squared corners were definitely something that could've been better. The Lumia 950XL to me was worth the wait and I consider it a worthy successor to the 1520: I love the screen and it's on-screen keyboard beats ergonomics of iPhone and my old Android device (I develop apps across platforms so need to have multiple devices for Dev/test). Continuum has wowed me, and it's something I now use on a daily basis. I wish there was a dock so cable management was less cluttered but I can forgive it because the usefulness surpasses it. My favorite features of the 950XL: Lightweight Beautiful screen Resolution Camera Windows 10 mobile Service integration with Office 365 and OneDrive Swappable battery Did I say Windows 10 mobile?  
  • Where can I get this black wallpaper shown on the 950XL latest picture ? I love the style it gives to the home screen !
  • I know an iPhone fan once sat at the front of office store. That's crazy enough. But I went for more than 6 months because I wanted a LUMIA. Infact, im on drought because I can't wait for the surface phone. I think windows phone will be the phone people will later come to love -whether they like it or not. They'll like it anyway. And it just beats every other in design. And with daily improvements, you can always expect the sun to shine someday. I love my windows phone.
  • Returned two Lumia 950 XL's when they were first introduced. One for phyical damage other for W10P being unworkable. Utilized BOGO promotion and it's night and day. W10P is solid on my 950 XL and I couldn't be happier. Was going to sell the 950 but my wife had other plans and is getting to learn the OS.  So I agree; it's good hardware with software just coming into it's own. Right now it's a great experience.  
  • And here is why I don't: It sucks. LOLOLOLOL
  • Glancing through most comments here, some are for and others against this device justifiable or not, I have come to appreciate folks’ beagles (it’s from an old film if you get the gist). Here is a quick rundown on my mobile phone history. HTC Imagio (WP), BB, Galaxy 2, Samsung focus 2 (wp), L521, BB10 (no keyboard), L925, L1520, L640XL, L950XL. The closest I ever came to iPhone usage is through my wife who use iPhone 5. Now here are "my experiences and my use case scenarios. I quickly understood that I am not cut out for all the customization needed to make android as pleasantly personal for me, it can be done, the issue for me is the pain I had to go through. I also quickly learned that I love the idea of choices with android OEM wise, this huge plus for me quickly became some sort of negative from fragmentation point of view, I found that if I want to stick with android my best choices are to stick with Sammy or gravitate to Nexus to alleviate these concerns. My HTC Imagio and Sammy Focus seems at home for me because I was totally taken with the fact that I did not have to learn much if you are someone like me entrenched in windows Os all my life. I do believe that I did not give my BB a fair shake because I was constantly telling myself why it would not work or operate like android and windows Os that I was used to. Helping my wife with her new found love iPhone (She said I am first and I believe her, by the way, she still has both of us. iPhone5 and I vying for a beautiful woman's love) I found the iPhone really simple to use, smooth, well-polished but for the life of me can never get the justification of what I call ridiculous price, we bought it unlocked smacking new from Apple store $650. I was pissed, but I love my wife, it offers no expandable storage, change of battery, proprietary charging cable, No NFC, does nothing out of the ordinary for that high price, I was really pissed, but I love my wife. The price and arguments for it boggles the living crap out of me. (I pray and hope this is not personal) My first affordable windows 8 showed up in form of L521 for a smacking $79, Never loved anything cheap (Price wise) this much in my life (except for my wife [She is not cheap] without her iPhone5). My progression through windows phone after L521 was natural for me. I felt at home mobile computing wise with WP, MSFT met my needs features wise and continuous Os development wise all the way through my current 950XL (The only one I bought at retail price and did not even flinch). Using preview builds are painful at times, But, I see it as enjoying the journey with MSFT and truly loved that journey. My total Apps list are less than 300, I use max 30 of them heavily. Facebook, office suit, skype, msn news, msn weather, flipboard, msn money, candycrush, msn sport, groove, video, authenticator, cortana, scan, office lens, tubecast, whatsapp, windowscentral, mspoweruser, winbeta,, alarm, ms health, xbox and smartglass, onedrive, instagram these apps I use religiously. Continuum took my love for WPM to a totally new level, I love the live tile, seeing live activities on my start screen and the tile arrangements give me joy and sense of lively mobility. So, you see when I hear iPhone fans bashed for their high price little featured phones etc. and these fans look you straight in eye and say it is their user experiences plus the ecosystem it offers they are paying for, I can relate. I read what HP X3 will potentially bring to the table and I drooled because if my experience with my 950xl is anything to go by, I know I will triple enjoy that HP x3. As of today, our 10yr old daughter have my old L1520, our 17 and 16 yr. olds have the BOGO L950xl and 950 with Mozo suits to fit, Grandpa has the L640XL my wife the love of my life still has her iPhone5, the only mobile traitor in our household, but we have all rescinded to accept the fact that she is our loved traitor, interestingly, I told the older kids they can get iPhone or android if they want, they loved WP who knew. Finally; device specs apart, WPM has a ton going for it, UWA, Continuum, Live Tiles, open to OEM for choices, kids’ corner, more cohesive services, Edge browser, family security and device control / monitoring which are few reasons in spite of what flaws might plague it, I love the platform and I am here to stay, simply said, Windows/Windows mobile speaks me.
  • The fact that I could use 2 SIM cards AND a Micro SD Card (128GB for my case) at the same time is what sealed it for me.. I've realized that no Android (or iPhone for that matter) could do this. Sure, I also own a iPhone for 'everything else' but I keep going back and using my Lumia 950XL more and more lately. I also have to agree that if you're in the Microsoft ecosystem (Xbox, Office 365 etc), then the experience is way better on a Windows 10 Mobile by far. The Outlook Mobile app on the 950XL is simply amazing. My company recently switched to Office 365 and I've practically turned my Windows mobile phone as the main work phone. Continuum has its limitations but the promise of desktop portability is clearly there. 
  • I definitely would say that the 950xl has the best smartphone camera. The Iphone 6s struggles under low light conditions. Only the S7 could be slightly better. But the biggest difference: I just hate Samsungs Android version. the colors + design are ugly as hell and I cant flash it to stock android when iam on contract plus warranty. Samsung Knox security could brick the phone when I try it anyways.
  • Funny enough I could reinstall photosynth on my l929(mw10 slow)
  • Agree with your assesment. W10M is ready for prime time. Lumia 950 XL hardware is great and will be better with updates. Good job.  
  • I just traded in my wife's old 925 for an unlocked 950. I'm thinking about going back to switch it to an XL instead. I know everyone has their own idea of what's a good phone, but what's better on the XL besides the battery and display?
  • Looks like this author had been longing for a note or an ipone6 plus, as he didnt like teh design of the Lumia 1520.  Departing from the sleek look of the Nokias is one of the reasons I dont like the 650xl.   The exceptional difference between the everyday phoe is what makes windows phone unique, so that right angle edge design was badass.  Also, of course, wp8.1 operating system is much better than 10....again an andorid wannabe. 
  • When people ask me why I use a Windows Phone, I just gave them a stare and say "Because I'm Batman!"
  • Anyone switched from Android flagships or IOS? Please share hits and misses 
  • AT & T Customers  be glad you can even get a 950 USA Verizon Windoes fans cannot get a 950 pray for us that the HP X3  comes to verizon
  • I keep on trying other phones and always come back to the 950XL, some of the reasons I try something else though are: The battery life: sometimes the battery can just zip down and I'm not even using it, other times it's the fault of Groove. Coming from Windows 8.x where the battery life was awesome this is something I hope Microsoft fix soon. Groove: where do I start? I've had this eat 25% of my battery in 20 minutes before. It doesn't sync music correctly as it can't find the tracks, incorrect album art, crashes regularly etc.. Windows Hello Iris scan: so frustrating as when it works it's quick and other times it leaves me hanging; if there is a bright light close by or I'm walking it seems unable to deal with the changing circumstances. The phone heats up even if I'm just browsing or using NextGen.
  • I absolutely love the windows phones, right from the days when I bought a 710 for my brother. I currently own a 640XL, and intend to buy a full fleged flagship phone soon, though it won't be the 950XL. But I have expereinced most of the things said in this article. A lot of people around me do get surprised as to why I love windows so much. Not to mention that those are all those who have never used it at all. There are a couple of friends who have moved (back) to android, but they did so because of the app gap, which is considerable here in India as most new apps do not get to windows at all. I love the fact that my phone's battery lasts whole day long and even the next day with some limitations, if I forget to charge it in the night. I really like comparing pictures taken from my 'entry-level' phone with flagships. I love the balance between size and weight of this phone. I don't have continum but am absolutely convinced that it will force me not to upgrade my current laptop and move to continum directly in future. Future looks good, just that I hope that market share improves, which will reduce the app gap and then windows ecosystem will be by far better than the other two.
  • I am also in full agreement with the article. The other key deal clincher for me is the benefits I get from being part of the W10 eco system, as I also own a W10 PC & Surface Pro4. The benefits of the whole are greater than the individual products.
  • Upgrading to a Lumia 950 XL has really benefited me on a busness level. I'm a surveyor and out in the field often. The Lumia 950 XL is able to directly connect to and interface with my digital survey equiptment (a Trimble R10). I can collect data in the field and send it it to the Lumia, and from there email it to any client. It's already earned his price tag over and over. This is something I simply cannot do with either an Adriod or an Apple.    However, I realize that wouldn't benefit most consumers. Windows Phone is a great device in many business applications but it obviously falls short on the social media front. So it's not for everyone. I just feel it's the best fit for me and it allows me to do things other phones simply cannot. I have a duel sim version of the Lumia 950 XL and use it for both buiness and personal use. I'm not a soical media guy anyway, so that doesn't affect it. It has all the apps I personally want (except for a capitol one app). So far my experince has been A++++ with it. 
  • Justin, Do you know you can easily create a Windows Phone app online? Capital One website does have mobile version. You can use that URL to create an app. Select "Hosted Web App" template, enter the URL. You can use the logo from Captial One website. Screenshots here:!AofctA_lUHy4lL05g-haq4POePxmKw!AofctA_lUHy4lL04DtkMMRbecgCPhA!AofctA_lUHy4lL06i8SG74pS1a_WnA    
  • Hii dr frndz!! Im planning to buy a lumia 950xl , bt my frnd told me his 950xl selfie camera capture always the mirror many times get irritated.. so anyone conform how is the selfie camera capture the image.. its mirror face? How to fix it ?? Plzz reply soon as possible!! Bz today im planning to buy a mobile!! Thankz in advance... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree with this article. Hardware and software is good. But Microsoft's commitment to customers is doubtful. Recently I purchased a lumia 950 in India. It was advertized to be having Volte capability. But jio4g sim is not working for voice call though I get data. In spite of various complaints from multitudes of customers, there is no response from Microsoft. It appears that they have stopped producing any phones. It was news of new Surface phones which deterred customers from buying lumia phones. Microsoft should have shown will to proceed with introducing windows phones
  • My first phone was an Android known as the G1. That piece of dog poo failed in less than a year. I never liked the iOS either and I feel like iOS and Android try to be too much like each other with the same type of features. I may not use the tile features on my laptop much (but I do use Cortana all the time and sync a heck of a lot of stuff between my phone and my laptop) but on a phone, it makes sense and I'm sure it makes sense for tablet computers too. iOS and Android made a mistake in trying to make their OS too much like a multi screened computer. I don't like that. And then I see people with their cracked iPhones and Android devices and I'm like "What'd you do, throw that off a high rise building or something?" only to find no, it dropped when they got out of the car or they sat down with it in a pocket or something stupid like that. My 950 XL got baptized the first week I got it and while the warranty is void due to that, it works with no sign of failure anytime soon. It has been dropped so many times there are bits of softer material that have gotten barely visible chips in them and the screen has been scratched, but when that screen lights up, do I have any issues seeing every pixel clearly? Nope. Even fingerprints don't seem to hamper my visibility either. This is a phone that I don't have a case for because I couldn't find one that I really really liked and would still allow me to put the phone in it's cradle inside my car for use as a GPS unit and music player but so far it's held up to the abuse it gets and wow, the battery is still lasting a long time. I'll forget to turn off a game that I was playing in the morning before classes and then at the end of the day it still has plenty of remaining battery power to still talk to my fiancé for two and a half hours and also play some games or browse the web before I hook it up to the charger and go to bed. It also has some pretty damn good specs that I'm sure would enable it to play Pokémon Go if Niantic wasn't OSist.