Peopoly announces the Phenom Prime, a giant 5K resin 3D printer

Phenom Noir Hero
Phenom Noir Hero (Image credit: Peopoly)

What you need to know

  • Peopoly has announced the Phenom Prime resin 3D printer.
  • It uses a 5.5K mono screen to print large-scale 3D prints.
  • Peopoly says the Phenom Prime can print 100% faster than the original Phenom.
  • Pricing and preorder will be available April 2021.

Since 2017, Peopoly has been making some of the best 3D printers that offer large-scale 3D printing at a price that any small business should consider. Large-scale resin printing is perfect for those who want to mass-produce highly detailed 3D models from a small workshop or home base.

The Phenom Prime is the natural evolution of the Phenom and offers higher specifications. As I mentioned in our Peopoly Phenom review, the size of the printer is not only impressive, but it's also made me rethink what it means to have a resin printer, and who it could benefit.

With a build volume of 277-by-156-by-400mm, the Phenom Prime is almost identical in size to the original Phenom, but it's the LCD panel and new controller boards that really make the difference. The Prime comes with a massive 5484x3020 (5.5K) mono LCD panel that, according to Peopoly, can significantly reduce printing times.

"The monochrome panel has a significantly higher light transmission rate that leads to an over 70% reduction in exposure time. When used in conjunction with Peopoly Deft resin and Peopoly FEP film, users can expect a 100% increase in speed over the current Phenom."

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CategoryPeopoly Prime
Operating SystemChitu
Panel5484 x 3020 (5.5k HD)
Print Volume277 × 156 x 400 mm
Aspect Ratio16:9
Pixel Pitch51um
UV Light Power75W
Expandable StorageDiskTech
Vat Volume1.8kg
ConnectivityUSB, Ethernet

With the higher resolution on the 5.5k LCD, you can expect an even higher model quality than you normally get on resin printers, as the pixel density will reduce the square edges that can sometimes occur on lower-resolution printers. Coupled with the latest Chitu controller boards that have the potential to output 8K images, this LCD in the Phenom Prime has the potential to generate incredibly detailed 3D prints in a fraction of the time they normally take.

The peopoly Phenom Prime will be available to preorder in early April 2021, with a price that is yet to be confirmed. You can view the landing page for the printer here.

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