Phantom Trigger is a neon-filled slasher with Xbox Play Anywhere support

If you're looking for a new Xbox Play Anywhere title to check out, Phantom Trigger, and action-packed slasher, is now up for grabs for Xbox One and Windows 10. Very much a hardcore experience, Phantom Trigger represents a difficult, fast-paced, neon-filled adventure with a deep combat system.

Phantom Trigger follows stan, who finds his ordinary life upended as he's thrown into a world where he has to fight wave after wave of neon demons. From the game's description:

Stan is losing control. The phantom realm brings arcane hexes into a pulsing neon reality, where demons fight in packs and use every trick they have to break your defense. Throw spells and traps mid-combo, ride the edge of control and chaos in this fresh take on action combat. You are your own worst enemy in Phantom Trigger.

The game uses a combo system combined with RPG and rogue-like elements, so combat should be relatively engaging. The story has a total of four alternative endings, and there are five worlds to adventure through. Altogether, developer tinyBuild estimates there are around seven hours of gameplay.

Phantom Trigger is up for grabs now for $14.99 and, since it's an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you can buy it once and play it across both Windows 10 and Xbox One. Your saves will also transfer, and local multiplayer is supported.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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