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Poll: How do you use your smartphone keyboard?

SwiftKey on Surface Duo
(Image credit: Future)

Google's Gboard beta gaining support for splitting the keyboard on the Surface Duo piqued our curiosity about how people use their smartphone keyboards. Our friends over at Android Central ran a poll last week on which keyboard people prefer (Gboard and SwiftKey won), but we want to know how people use their keyboards.

Nowadays, users have a wide range of options for setting up a smartphone keyboard. They can swipe or tap. They can split the keyboard in half or float it around their phone's screen. Obviously, people also have the choice to use their keyboard in the traditional way, as a single rectangle at the bottom of their phone's display.

Please let us know how you use your smartphone keyboard in the polls below.

We split this week's poll up into two categories since people may swipe or tap on a variety of setups. We included the most common options in our poll, but if you use your keyboard in a different way, please let us know.

We're trying something new this week to engage with the community and hear your thoughts. Every time we run a poll over the weekend, we'll create a forum thread on our official Discord. Make sure to hop on over to this week's thread and read through our previous forum posts. As always, you can also reach out to me on Twitter as well.

Sean Endicott
Sean Endicott

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