Photosynth for Windows Phone coming soon?

Photosynth just around the corner?

One app sorely missing with Windows Phone is Photosynth. You already have a desktop application and, to the dismay of some, an iOS app for Photosynth. We've heard that Windows Phone was a top priority with Photosynth and it now looks as if a Windows Phone version is close to being released.

The website GEMIND has stumbled upon signs that Microsoft has been creating accounts on the Photosynth website to test the integration of a Windows Phone app. They have even stumbled on test photo sets on the Photosynth website that appear to be have taken with various Windows Phones.

For those not familiar, Photosynth (opens in new tab) stitches together series of photographs to create panoramic images. Microsoft stalled on developing a Windows Phone version of the app due to camera API issues. Issues that should have been resolved with the Mango update.

No clue as to how close the development is but based on the dates of the test sets, a Photosynth Windows Phone app might be just around the corner.

We'll echo GEMIND's sentiments on the issue, It's about time Microsoft.

source: GEMIND (opens in new tab); Thanks, Rodrigo, for the tip!

George Ponder

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  • Yea,at last.
  • Sounds great, Look forward to the arrival of this function
  • Look forward to the arrival of this function
  • Has anybody noticed thats since the changes of personnel on the WP team that the app count has seriously slowed down??
  • To be expected as they ramp up in their new roles. Or is it that they are hard at work cooking up something really cool?...
  • I think your right, it can't be easy to be a dev at Microsoft, w8 x86 x64 & ARM and wp8 to be completed by late 3rd quarter.
  • Yes, please
  • Maybe a MWC announcement for this app and Skype? One can only hope.
  • It would he cool if they announced 20 major apps at the same time!
  • This app and a killer camera phone from Nokia and that's my day made.
  • The thing is, Nokia has their own Panorama app/tech for Symbian; hopefully Nokia will also include their panorama app for their WP devices going forward.
  • Is that anything like the app called Zitch?  Sounds like it...
  • Ztitch isn't very good nowadays, though.
  • It still works pretty decent though the Deve sort of stopped working on it
  • What???? a seperate app??? wouldn't it be better if this is somehow intergrated with the camera app??
  • This!  I guess I don't understand why the uproar over this app.  It would seem as though WP users would want it built into the OS, not in an app form.
  • If it means not having to wait for AT&T to approve/push through an OS update, I'll take it as an app.
  • Definitely looking forward to this
  • About f-ing time! What took so long? This should have been released with Mango!
  • "Soon" for Microsoft means "within the next 2 quarters." Still waiting for that MSN Weather update...
  • Can't wait for PhotoSynth!!!  However, it looks to me like people are taking photos with their Windows Phones and then stitching them on their PC.
  • There's a great app called Pano that is already out.
  • I'm just trying to understand the point of contention about this app not being on WP - is it because Photosynth is the 'piece de resistance' of panorama technology or is it because Microsoft perfected it first for the iPhone or some other reason?
  • When I switched from iOS to Windows Phone, there wasn't much I missed, but PhotoSynth is one app I really do miss and never expected I'd have to do without.
    This is WAY overdue !
    If Microsoft wants people to take Windows Phone seriously, they ought to start at home with their own developers.
  • What's the difference between this and HTC panorama mode?
  • ABOUT FREAKIN' TIME MICROSOFT!  This is my leading example of MS not truly giving a crap about this phone.  Maybe there is hope after all.  If this one is was not out by the time a new larger screen iPhone showed up, I wa seriously considering eating the cost of switching back to iOS and chalking WP7 up as an expensive mistake on my part.
  • If I have an HTC Titan, why should I care about this?