Indulged brings Flickr to life on Windows Phone 8

Being the OS in third place means Windows Phone is slowly gaining major apps from big brands and companies. If those apps aren’t “officially” on Windows Phone the development community steps up and produces solid third-party offerings. And often those third-party apps are equal or better than the official apps.

Flickr is one of those apps where the official offering is lagging behind what the community deserves from an app. So join me in welcoming Indulged to the Windows Phone platform. It’s a brand new app for us that is poised to be an excellent way to experience Flickr on Windows Phone. Let’s check it out.

Windows Phone is no stranger to great Flickr apps from indie devs. Pixl comes to mind as a great choice. Indulged is brand new to Windows Phone. The app currently sits at version 1.0 and was released a little over a week and a half. We missed the initial announcement of availability from the developer in our Forums. So what’s can you do with Indulged?

  • Powerful photo editor with more than 20 filters and effects
  • Manage Flickr groups and photo sets
  • Subscribe to recommended stream and favorite stream
  • Manage your contacts and view their profiles and photos
  • Browse EXIF, tags and comments for photos
  • Posting comments
  • Search for photos and groups

What initially drew us into Indulged was the beautiful UI. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its covers, but we’re all guilty of it from time to time. Thankfully, Indulged sports a fairly nice looking UI that we’re digging. It’s not bad for version 1.0 and we’re excited to see it refined and improved over time based on community feedback.

As far as features go, Indulged does what you’d expect out of a Flickr client. Browsing is pretty fun and quick. You can also upload images and edit them with over 20 filters and effects. Powered by the Nokia Imaging SDK (so no Windows Phone 7.x version).

Indulge is brand new, but there are more features planned for the next update. Here’s what the developer has in mind for upcoming versions of Indulged:

  • Live tile
  • Lens
  • Scene choose in camera
  • Filter preview
  • Ability to remove photo from set

Download Indulged and try it out. It’s free with no ads. And of course leave feedback below for the developer. It’s an app with a lot of potential that can be better with some good community interaction. Grab it in the Windows Phone Store. You can also use the QR code below or swipe to the right to get it. 

  • I've heard of Flickr but haven't used it. Perhaps I'll give it a try.
  • 1TB free storage and a beautiful interface! You really should.
  • Beautiful app been looking for something to replace yahoo's horrid excuse for an app
  • Wow I just noticed the official Flickr app hasn't been updated since March 2012! Shame on Yahoo!
  • I really don't find the UI attractive at all. I do wish Flickr would overhaul their app.
  • Something about UI is not jiving, I agree ^^
  • Awesome. I just freed up some space after giving a deep six to Inpic. Thanks for the heads up. I am a long time Flickr fan.
  • Not a single unofficial app is better than the official one leaving 6tag. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  • 4th and Mayer was the best way to use Foursquare on Windows Phone before they teamed up with Nokia to redesign the app. Beem has features the official Digitally Imported app will never have (save to SkyDrive is killer). I'm sure others can think of some. Those two just come to mind first. Corrected. 
  • This is true. I used 4th and Mayor on my first Windows phone. HTC Arrive.
  • Wikipedia!!
  • Wow so many, they are uncountable.
  • On the Lumia 720 4th And Mayor has better performance and faster GPS detection than the official 4sq app.
  • Mehdoh is better that Twitter
    Metrotube is better than YouTube
    Pixl was already better than Flickr and this looks to be too.
  • Good guy wpcentral, supporting 3rd party developer since day 1.
  • Cause we don't have official apps :')
  • But... There is an official app...
  • He's not HSN2013... He's still stuck in 97....
  • HAHAHAH! Lame. -.-
  • Oh, yes.
  • Some people get obsessed w/ the word "official" even when the 3rd party app does the job ir even if it's superior.
  • I didn't know anyone used flickr.
  • Now you know❕
  • I still do, from HTC Mozart to Lumia 610.
  • Everyone I know with a camera has one
  • Installed after I saw the article. Beautiful app, gonna give it a try. First impression is it looks great. I love when developers put time into the interface of the app and not just the features. Makes for a much better experience.
  • Off subject, but is anyone else having trouble with Mail start screen app in W8?.. It stopped showing my messages...
  • Is it possible for apps to upload photos to Flickr sets and groups?
  • Need auto upload to Flickr.
  • That's what I was hoping for.. I attempted to make an app simply for Flickr auto upload but failed...
    It would be great to take advantage of the 1tb worth.
  • There is several combinations with Flickr and Skydrive available.
  • It has a bug the dev needs to take a look at. After joinng a group, the app crashes. Consistantly. .
  • I love that UI.  awesome
  • You know, in first developing an app for WP I could see how easy it is to make some really un-imaginitive designs. I mean, metro is a dead simple design principle and because of that it's so easy to do a bad ob with most apps on WP. 
    I remember when Android first came out and people compared many of the Apps to those on iOS and called them looking abysmal. I know it's visual thing, and they had far more function there. Here it's a similar thing. It's easy to make dead simple apps that look kinda nice because of the basic  no Metro design but people easily, easily, do it badly.
    So, it's always great to see an app that does just enough more to stand apart. Yea, it's usually a lil easier I feel for the photo apps, but look at the blending they do. Shakeing it up with fonts, some highlights and accents. Keeping to the noMetro design, but doing it so sweetly. A good amount of animations, very smooth and well placed.
    I'm not saying it is the best designed WP app I've seen, no, but it's up there, if not for the fact many others don't put in as much effort, but because there's a good amount placed here. 
    Weild on your WP and say to all who over-the-shoulder-glance, we have APPS! Functional! Beautiful! Supported! 
    lol... chessy enough?
  • How it compared to Pixl?
  • This app looks great indeed, but is it me or you really cannot upload any of the pictures shot before opening the camera through it's interface?
  • Its really pretty but the UI is super confusing to me. 1. Where do I upload images? I looked everywhere. 2. What the hell do the tabs mean? "violet", "prelude", "summersalt" (note the spelling is incorrect). 3. What does the lip page fold on the bottom right of the images mean or do? Tried tapping dragging everything. Its really nice looking for sure, but its confusing for me to use :\
  • Finally a WP Flickr app where I can log in using Google...! Pixl gives me a java script error and the developer can't be bothered to reply to me. 
    However, Indulged does indeed look confusing. Takes some time getting used to.
  • First impression: fluid and nice looking, though confusing because of extra categories like violent, summersalt etc., but one could get used to them.
    What I'd like to see in an update:
    - upload from pictures hub
    - upload already taken pictures from within Indulge
    - editing info (tags, title, privacy)
    - sharing via WP's inbuilt social media accounts/ email
    But overall, really not bad for a first release! Keep it up!
    Edit: already broken?
  • Why aren't the WP 7.x people screaming yet?
  • Why are they not bulding one for Skydrive?
    Who keeps photos on Flickr when you such an awesome Skydrive integration with Windows Phone.
  • 1TB vs. 7GB free storage?