Phrozen's Sonic Mini 8K 3D printer sets a new bar for resolutions

Sonic Mini 8k 3dartdigtal
Sonic Mini 8k 3dartdigtal (Image credit: Phrozen)

What you need to know

  • Taiwan-based Phrozen makes commercial 3D printers.
  • The startup announced its new Sonic Mini 8K, which it says will elevate the precision of printing thanks to the device's ability to reach 22μm.
  • The printer starts at a price of $349.99 and is expected to ship out a month after the pre-order phase wraps up.

Taiwan's Phrozen, a startup that develops 3D printing technology, has announced its newest printer: The Sonic Mini 8K. It packs 22μm and 1152 PPI on its specs sheet, with its high resolution "surpassing the resolution of every single electronic device on the market!" according to the company.

Phrozen credits its ability to produce an affordable 8K printer due to the cost of LCD tech. The Sonic Mega 8K was its debut 8K printer and launched earlier in 2021, and now the company is back with a new printer it claims will be even more precise. This feat will be achieved as a result of the high resolution on the printer's small screen ensuring that pixelation is minimized, meaning you won't miss any key details while printing due to anti-aliasing.

Whether the printer will live up to the hype Phrozen is building behind it remains to be seen, but at a starting price point of $349, we at least know it's aiming to be competitive in the market from a sticker perspective. We'll all find out soon enough if it stacks up well against the best 3D printers.

You can sign up for Phrozen's (e)mailing list if you want to stay up to date on all of the company's latest printing activities.

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