In Pictures: the Lenovo Yoga 910 is thin, light, and so flexible

You've read about the Lenovo Yoga 910 and its thinner bezels and lighter design and always beautiful watchband hinge, but now it's time to just feast your eyes upon this beautiful Lenovo design. If there's one thing to say about Lenovo, it's that they've dramatically upped their design game in the past few years, and the Yoga series has always led the way for them. The Yoga 910 is the latest refinement of that design language, and it's simply a gorgeous machine.

Seriously, just look:

Derek Kessler

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  • Sitting here, weeping over my Yoga 900.   /s
  • What's with that huge bottom bezel?
  • some place to hold in tablet mode and also there's a windows home button on the bottom,
  • Take it away. Now when you close it comes up short to the base. Put in a larger panel (they already did) and you alter the aspect ratio, increase the cost, and decreased the battery. Alternatively, shorten the base to match the display size with no bezel. Now you decreased the area for your palms, made the trackpad smaller, and shortened your battery life since you just cut out 1/7 the size. There are limits to engineering and goals for specifications.
  • They shouldn't have moved the Camera to the bottom. I don't mind little bit bigger bezel at top for Webcam just like Lenovo 710. One of the biggest complaints about XPS is WebCam placement.
  • Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. That huge bottom bezel is a result of having 3 sides of super slim bezels while retaining to have larger trackpad, normal size keyboard, and lastly a body that can accomodate bigger battery. Things that actually matters to laptop (especially battery, which is a common hit-and-miss between their marketing and real-world usage). It's possible to have smaller bottom bezel, but that would result compromises. Though it can be minimize when sacrificing having smaller bezels at top for webcam (which I think people would appreciate more than just small bezels). One thing that is indeed I'm actually interested for more OEM to offer, having 3:2 aspect ratio which will reduce the bottom bezel as a result. It will indeed add some cost but other people might willing to spend more for that aspect ratio which is better for productivity usage, not so much for videos and gaming. Battery life is legitimate concern though, I guess this can be mimized with higher quality and higher density battery and better software optimization.
  • That's too big even for holding as a tablet.
  • Looks slick
  • I just got my YOGA 900 two days ago...
  • I'd honestly say return it and wait for this unless you need absolutely need a new machine today.
  • Wow ....
  • Is my mind playing tricks on me or is the bezel in the last picture look like it got thicker in tablet mode?!?
  • Yup. bezel looks bigger in Last Picture...
  • This must be illusion created from shadow, cause just 2 images before the last one has showing very slim bezel.  
  • To me it looks like it has some software that automatically increase the size of the bezel where your hand is, so it's easier to hold.
    Or is that just crazy talk? :p
  • They need to bring back the volume rocker STAT--like yesterday! Otherwise it's a non-starter for me. 
  • Looks sick. 11/10 i want to buy
  • That hinge looks so....girlish
  • I just dont get why they add no Pen Support
  • Does it have ports that could support external graphic cards?