In pictures: Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones

You want to see what the Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones looks like, right? Well, we've literally just finished installing on our first batch of devices, but while we're picking through it all we've got a bunch of images to show off what the new OS looks like.

From the new look Start Screen, to Cortana, Settings and more besides, check out our first look pictures in the gallery below.

Windows 10 for phones

Windows 10 for phones

Windows 10 for phones

We've got a video hands-on coming up very soon, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, drop a line in the comments and tell us what you think of Windows 10 so far!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • I love it
  • That's my forum topic
  • Yes, n feedback session is great..
  • Looks very nice to me. I actually dont mind the hamburger menus, but they better not do away with the AppBar, its a unique part of the WP design language. I understand these images were taken on a large screen device but it looks smooth. Look forward to testing and helping shape the future of Windows.
  • Everyone is always so quick to point out the "hamburger" buttons... But that is no different than the current Cortana design.
  • Actually, on Cortana, it was on the right instead of left of the screen. I don't care about the hamburger menus, they're nice and efficient.
  • Yeah, as long ad they keep the menu in the right side and for lefties provide left hand mode, that would be ok.
  • For right handed, one handed users, it's very different. It's now placed in the worst possible spot to reach in the new layout rather than where it is now which is still reachable. It's as bad as the Android implementation in that regard.
  • True, yeh.
  • Exactly. This is what I cannot stand about that "hamburger" icon menu. Other than its name... Since when was "Menu" so hard to understand? Look at all the Android models over the years... 4 started, 2, 3 or 4 lines. A circle with"menu" written in it... They ask worked as long as the were in the right place. Now its in the upper left. Worst. Design. Ever.
  • Try it with a 1520..
  • Nice! Me too!
  • More detailed screenshots here
  • Thanks, but I think its kind of disrespectful to Windows Central to share other news outlets posts, I know WC does sometimes themselves, but for other reasoning.
  • +1
  • Seriously?  Really?  Don't blink or you may miss the tear about to roll down my cheek. 
  • Im trying to be respectful to the community and was not being rude Mr. Artificial Tears.
  • So, when they create an article based on someone's article, are they disrespecting themselves?
  • No... When they list another article they talk about that news outlet as in "Neowin conducted an interview with this guy and he said this blah blah." Source is Neowin at that point.
  • Does this have transparent tiles??
  • Yes... But not the one we have with wp8.1.1 .. Must be an option in the final release
  • Has to be, can't change the entire start background image from tile background to behind-tile background, needs to be an option. Hopefully Microsoft will provide this later on :).
  • I hope that it will be an option. The parallax effect is cool. Semi-transparent tiles over a background image feels like a step in the wrong direction. Choice is good though. MS, please give us the choice to customize with either style.
  • Having access to both (simultaneously) could be interesting. Does the current version support transparency? Could possibly create some very cool effects.
  • Vote here to bring back the "old" styled background image:
  • Yes, please tell us we have the option to make tiles completely transparent, as we can now in WP 8.1. This mildly transluscent business just doesn't cut it. What's the point of having a background picture if all of our tiles obscure it?
  • +720+1520
  • me too. I'm dying here.
  • The real question is.....when can my 1520 have it?
  • Exciting times!!!
  • Actually more exciting times to love. Buyya
  • ?
  • Probably meant to say more exciting times to come
  • LOL
  • It is definitely a preview, lol.
  • Is the Mobile Data toggle still not available in the Action Centre?
  • The Mobile data toggle is there in windows 8.1.1. So I am guessing yes
  • You would think all WP8.1 features will be in W10P preview? You'll be sorely disappointed
  • Nope.. It's not there..
  • Weird. I don't see it
  • Too much Android for me.
  • Like..?
  • It's more like Windows 10 for PC's.
  • What?!
  • Stuffs I hate about Android. Google
    OEM skins
    Shitty updates
    Lack of proper RAM mgt
    Dumping of unwanted files on phones memory
    Third party app store
  • And literally none of that is present even in this early build LOL
  • Can the background be on the tiles or just behind them?
  • That's what I'm wondering, I like how the background works now better. It's probably just an option
  • I too would like to know this.
  • Yup I also want to know, I prefer the parallax effect with the image just in the tiles as well.
  • Same here!! Who's got the answer???
  • Joe tweeted that its going to be an option. We can choose to have image as full background or only in tiles.
  • I want to know this, I'd be gutted to loose the current look
  • It seems like W10 actually copied the windows 8 launcher pro for android. The pic is in the background on it. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • From Joe's video earlier, he said this is a new option. That leads me to believe that the existing options are still there. I hope, haha.
  • That was my guess too, but until I know for sure, there's always that voice in the back of my head that says they took away one of my favorite UI designs lol...
  • I hope too. Would miss very much my transparent tiles!
  • You can keep background only behind the tiles.. But the tiles are little transparent.. You are gonna miss 8.1.1 transparent tiles for sure
  • I'm actually using it and can confirm that you can leave the tiles as they are in 8.1. The picture behind the tiles is an option.
  • are they fully transparent? Or partially so like Yasar Harafath says?
  • They are not fully transparent ... !
  • Good,,nice to know that there are more options. I like the new option personally.
  • I must be the odd one because I didn't care for fully transparent tiles that much. I feel it makes it harder to quickly identify tiles, plus I enjoyed the different colored tiles throughout my screen but of course, that's just me
  • Neowin's screenshots show both implemented.
  • I must be blind...all I can find on neowin's page are the new transparent tiles...where's the picture of the current transparent tiles?
  • The new tile sizes are available already?
  • Yep, a Giant Square (takes 2 columns in 3-columns screens) & a Vertical Rectangular.
  • What about OTG? :O
  • I don't know, I Didn't install the preview
  • i actually goog... hmm... binged... yeah, binged "Virtual Rectangular". DUHHHHHH xxxo
  • Oopps Vertical, I meant Vertical ... Damn Windowsphone's version of autocorrect lol
  • Yeah, that would interest me as well! :)
  • Yes they are.
  • Thanks guys. I can't wait to have have those in my 625.
  • I have new insider to download windows phone 10
  • Err. What?
  • Looks great so far!  Can't wait for the next wave of updates so I can get it on my 920 :)
  • Precisely. I have an old 920 that I'll be using for just this purpose. Obviously not today but hopefully soon.
  • Excellent! Thanks Richard,
  • Whoa, those tiles shown in the show more tiles menu are really huge. It would seem that long vertical tiles will come to the OS. 
  • Awesome. Very excited for the 1020 to be able to try this (when added to the list)
  • It looks gorgeous, can't imagine how awesome and fast it will be when it's completely finished.
  • Yep, can't help getting my hopes up.
  • You must be kidding. It looks terrible. Everything is out of balance and inconsistent.
  • Technical preview mate.
  • What happened to transparent tiles?
  • Look closely
  • But we are gonna miss transparent tiles as in wp8.1.1..,now we can only keep the background behind the tiles.. :-/
  • It's a preview. Download it and have your say
  • Someone else posted that you can do both.
  • I feel good
  • I see vertical tiles!
  • Meh, no new music app.
  • Have you tried a Bluetooth keyboard yet? Does it work?
  • Yes! That's what i want to know! The screen shots show "Bluetooth keyboard" under Devices. Please say this FINALLY works!
  • Its it!
  • Vertical tiles don't seem to be working
  • Yes they do. But app needs to support it. People Hub does.
  • It's not a dp it's a tp. Meaning apps won't be updated yet to use the new tiles.
  • They have to delete this "grey" title-bar... I hate it! 
  • Why'd you put grey in quotes.
  • I don't like how you can't position the pictures used on the lock and start screens.
    In 8.1, I had pictures that I had in just the right positions. Then the preview screwed that up.
    Just gives me more reasons to look forward to the next build.
  • OMG looks beautiful!!!!!!
  • You are delusional.
  • It's a subjective topic, relax.
  • so you will keep spamming people's comments just becuase they like it and you don't? oh wow... I love how trolls like you use their brain. maybe you need a life? and stop caring for people who actually like the preview?
  • It's funny how you feel soo ill about Windows phone and how far it came I have a HTC one m8 Android and in fact I love how beautiful it is makes me miss my lumia925 soo much everything about Windows phone is amazing and to be honest I'd give this phone up to have a beautiful OS in the palm of my humble hands ... Use a blackberry phone if you hate the most underrated OS dude Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Phone tile is ugly! that phone icon seems huge . . .
  • Patiently waiting for the preview on 820... Exciting news
  • Ahh man. Can't wait for this on the 1520. :P
  • This. x1000   Hopefully the swipe-as-touch issue won't be as prevailant. 
  • +1520
  • FYI you can drag\snap keyboard around. Drag using handle on space bar.
  • Can the attachment of more than just pictures (documents, PDFs, etc.) be achieved from within the e-mail being composed?
  • Right! This^^
  • I would imagine yes, WHEN the new office apps become available (they aren't yet). Speaking of- the calendar app looks horrible...
  • Is there still a dark theme for the mail?
  • Email hasn't changed yet, still the old app.
  • Transparent tiles + Accent colour = Translucent.
    Looks nice. Edit: Also add an option to adjust transparency levels on tile.
  • Yep I love this new look!
  • No transparent tiles option?
  • Still there
  • Obviously didn't read the article, look at the pictures or read the previous comments. Congratulations!
  • They're still there, just different. There's a uservoice to bring back the old way:
  • The new tiles are huge, the settings text is very small, the left-right sliding is missing from most used apps like phone or alarms.
    I will go back to 8.1.
  • The new tiles are literally the exact same size.
  • I was referring to images shown on tiles. Like phone or settings.
  • Be prepared for Pivot controls like that left right sliding to go away completely. Pivot doesn't seem to be part of the Windows 10 design language. It's sad, but a bit understandable; no one else uses it, so porting apps from other platforms is harder, and it doesn't scale well to tablet or desktop, so it messes with their attempts at creating a more unified UX.
  • Pivot and panorama controls were what kept me why Windows, it will be a sad day when they are finally done away with. :'(
  • Can the background picture be behind the app list or is it just available on the start screen?
  • This^^ but when they had announced at that conference they showed it on the app list side too. It should
  • Yup, it's behind both.
  • Awesome, thanks.
  • Looks great! For the moment I would be pleased with Denim for my HK Lumia 1520 ;-) .
    ​Sure, I will give 10 a spin next :-) .
  • Transparent tiles ??? Is it there?? Plz add that feature too
  • Learn to read.
  • Windows Update on phone, that is awesome.
  • Everything looks so ugly. Yes it's by far not finished I know.
  • What?! It looks so much better
  • You must have zero eye for detail and zero knowledge of UI design. Please enlighten me what looks better.
  • Maybe it looks ugly in your eyes that doesn't mean others have to find it ugly too..I personally like it.
    Now the picture stays in app list too..Its great
  • Yeah, man it's hard to look at that system settings page and accept that this is where the design is headed toward...
  • Transparent tiles?
  • lol! Welcome to Lumia Denim? :P 
  • Who? Not AT&T lol
  • Brightness slider!
  • New Phone tile looks a bit odd. Old tile was nicer.
  • Hum, I agree. That is one giant icon on that tile.
  • Yes, is the music app also buggy like in 8.1 or it is fast
  • Isn't there Wi-Fi direct ?
    Usb otg?
    Double window?
    Bluetooth HID?
  • What's inside device then? Can I use a printer and keyboard?
  • A friend with 630 told me his phones used to open 7 apps
    Now it opens more
  • Updating my 635 here but cant wait to get it on my 1520, 930, 1020, 920, 520 and 521. Will be cool to see how each type of phone handles certain things.
  • HELP! No builds found for my 830 UK
  • Finally brightness can be adjusted by a slider or whatever it is called.
  • True, but it's weird having two different customizable ways to change the brightness, especially one being preset parameters (low, medium, high) in the action center brightness control.
  • LOL, I bought the wrong "experimental' Lumia. I bought a Lumia 535 for this preview, had I known the list of devices for the first wave of this preview, I should have got a 630 or a 635 as my experimental unit. Sigh. But thats fine, I can wai. I am not complaining nor sad. I'm just more excited.
  • What are the 512Mb RAM limitations?
  • I'd love to let you know what I think of the software but my 920 nor my 1520 aren't eligible for it. I definitely think Microsoft put priority for getting this software out to the wrong devices.
  • It was technical restrictions based on the size of the OS partition, not Microsoft picking and choosing.
  • So disappointed I wanna cry
  • Wow...taking it to seriously...
  • waiting for video :D
  • I don't care how long I have to wait for W10 as long as it comes -hopefully- by October 2015 for my AT&T Lumia 1520. So far I love what I am seeing it looks so futuristic:)
  • The current background image option which only shows on tiles background has been replaced by this new background setting? Or do we have both of these options?
  • Both options.
  • Thanks
  • Thought Lumia 535, the first Microsoft phone ever, would be in the first release!
    So sad :-(
  • I gotta get those wallpapers...
  • looks great, am interested in performance
  • Cortana not available in my region??? UK - how come
  • Means you need to make sure the right language pack has been downloaded. Windows Central has an article on known issues and the solutions and I believe this is on it.
  • My question is... Did they kill the wp8 start screen. Is it optional? Itd be dumb if they remove the option if some like seeing a clear picture. Though the new is nice id like to be able to have the option
  • It would especially be strange for them to remove the option for solid background with "transparent" tiles as we currently have considering they just came out with the TileArt app. Why go through all that trouble of creating an app for putting pictures on tiles if W10 will just remove that ability and force you to just have an over all background with slightly transparent tiles.  I'm sure we'll know the answers soon as people use this.
  • Maybe because Win10 wont be out for quite a while, officially. I really don't want them to get rid of it though. Or at the very least, add a slider to adjust the tile transparency??? Yes... This would help me to forgive them.
  • I will admit... The new look is fresh though. Definitely good-looking and more mature, for sure.
  • Yeah i kind of like the new look. but option tohave both would be better.
  • Optional, old still available.
  • Awesome! Thanks for the reply!
  • Yes, thank you.
  • Excited about seeing how the text pointer dot works. That and having more tasks available in Action Center are the only things I'm excited about with W10 on phone.
  • damn looks nice *-*
  • Mines is not working
  • Please tap the dropdown arrow for an email in action center.
  • Looks great, a really nice evolution of the Modern UI, not a complete whipe out like some where saying.
    I really like what I saw.
  • No transparent tiles??
  • A cuestion for me whatsapp work in Windows 10 for phone and telegram too??
  • Whatsapp works, telegram idk, don't have it installed. But I would guess, since all my apps work.
  • Still not sure on the "Settings" UI/UX, prefer the pivot and more pronounced headings. Looks lost and icons can tend to distract when reading the headings.
  • Pivot seems to be dead. :(
  • I have 1520 with cracked screen (BIG CRY ;C ), lcd itself intact, unfortunately back/win/search button don't work and he bottom part of touch panel doesn't work also (i cannot press zero on lockscreen/pin keyboard). rest of the touchpanel works ok Is it possible to somehow enable software keys on preview and place them on top of the screen?  
  • Fail
  • It's a beta!!!!
  • Not even, it's still in alpha! (alpha = features still being added; beta = features being bug-tested)
  • I have a really bad feeling that they screwed the consistency of the UI really hard, I hope things get better in the next versions.
  • Thinking the same. Everything looks horrible.
  • Does the text look really small or is it just me? Especially under "Extras".
  • I thought the same, looks smaller
  • That's what...
  • It IS small. And thin. Havin a 830 its ok with the sharpness, but on a 520 I have no idea how this works out.
  • Might be even smaller on the 1520 
  • what about htc 8s? when released update for htc 8s?
  • This year.
  • Nice! Can't wait to get it on my 720 :)
  • They changed the colour of the setting background from black to white? Well, that's it. I'm not installing WP10. No. No no.   I already hate to deal with white backgrounds on Android, I don't need to now have to deal with them on WP too. Congratulations, Microsoft, you just f*cked up the only UI element that Windows Phone had that I considered better than Android.
  • Wow...its a beta!!! More features will be added! Geez....
  • Except here is not a case of features missing. It's a case of features removed/changed. For the worse.
  • I'd be really surprised if those setting menus stayed white when using a dark theme, given that the *rest* of the settings menus are black. Probably an unfinished implementation of theme support for those pages, or it could be a bug.
  • Hmm...doubt it. The same black/white inconsistency already exists on Windows 8 and was kept on Windows 10. And now comes to WP to ruin yet another OS.
  • I am worried about new features..Still now I haven't seen any features that will make Windows 10 legendary..Expanding of quick settings are too basic and should be there at the 1st place..Real multi tasking is still missing..Action centre should be improved and functional like android. They copied the interactive message from Apple..So what's new from Microsoft in 2015 that is not present in both android and iOS and it should be revolutionary..Which would make Windows 10 a game changer.
  • What's wrong with a white background? Don't cry for silly reasons..
  • Had to buy the 635 so I could try it out before putting on my 1520 when that is available
  • The real question is... What does the camera button on the action center do ?
  • Launches the camera like it already does in phones with no physical camera button?
  • Extras screen seems weird with everything repeating twice... But I guess just lack of polish at this point.
  • my phone can't get it!  it says no preview is available.  are they only allowing certain phones to get it?  I have an Icon
  • Yes
  • Yes...there is a list in a previous article...please read it
  • I used to get mad about Windows Central and Microsoft constantly repeating over and over that its not finished software but now I realize its for people like you. And unfortunately since you don't seem to read, you probably still wont get the message.
  • I agree Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • What's the little nubbin on the bottom left of the keyboard for again?
  • Cursor
  • Got that, but what is it used to precisely control?
  • A cursed?
  • It controls where the blinky line that sets where your text goes down is.
  • Can someone please try OTG? And USB keyboard?
  • Are the new live titles sizes available???? The last image shows it.
  • Yes they are. But only for few of the apps already updated. People hub as a example.
  • Ugly UI , but it's just preview so, but status top bar rly must disappear.
  • Agree. It looks hideous.
  • Windows phone is gettin ugly and uglier man!!!!!
  • Yea lets hope they can fix it all. Everything is ugly as hell now.
  • The people that say it looks nice are just fooling themselves because its something new
  • Don't like the white screen hope it is optional
  • what phones are getting this!?
  • List in previous article...
  • All that light theme based. I prefer dark.
  • Make a vídeo review please :) and new size of tile ?
  • ok it works! now release public version of win10!! :)
  • LOL
  • we still have the background option like in Windows Phone 8.1 or not.....
  • Really liked the new Background + Tile accent, best of both worlds (I hope that tiles like Facebook and Instagram gets a little bit transparent too)
  • Agreed
  • How much mb takes this update....
  • You guys forgot something
    The new tile sizes
    You may say you tried it but it didn't work
    You must have forgotten that The app must be updated to be capable of doing more size options
    But BUILT IN apps don't
    I told my friend to do it , it worked
    Do it with people tile
    And Cortana tile !
  • Really liking what I'm seeing. The only question I have is... is the option to have the picture still available on just the tiles as well?
  • Holy smokes, I'm stoked. I''m glad the feedback app is in there. I also can't wait to see the new mail client.  
  • Are the FAMILY ROOM's still there?
  • Looks a LOT more like 8.1 than I was expecting.
  • I feel like I missed it....but are current apps compatible or will hlwe all be waiting for developers to get on board AGAIN? I was looking for apps in the pictures to give me a clue, but didn't see any but universal apps.
  • Windows 10 will be the Beast when it's released. Great UI , great policy , great hardware. And I personally will help to shape the Windows 10. And what's even better, partnership with Cyanogen and Universal apps will solve the problem with low marketshare and lack of apps.
  • But some people here are too pessimist and whining as always..
  • 1520 please !!
  • Sweet, but what's with the white settings menu??
  • Good news is there is finally a functional brightness slider, bad news is they fucked up the image backgrounds
  • am I dreaming? is that a brightness slider?
  • I really like The background and transparent tile. Been waiting this for wp8.1, not behind the tiles thing. I couldn't get used to it.
  • Just checked out the screenshots at Neowin... Has anyone noticed very few (if any) pages that use the Pivot control?  Or Hub control?   Could it be these are being phased out?  Along with left/right swipe navigation?  Just speculation. Also, the File Explorer is gawd-awful!!  Serious, what the hell is with that??
  • It has a file explorer? Great!
  • Pivot is almost certainly dead. And there are good reasons for it, even if it kind of sucks. Other mobile OSes don't use it, so porting apps from them to meet the WP design requires more significant design work, the new style is more consistent with other OSes, so apps will be easier to port. Pivot also doesn't scale well to larger form factors like tablets and desktops, and they're trying to create a more consistent feeling across devices. The heavy typograhpy focus is also being scaled back for something that's a bit less bold, but a bit more mature feeling.
  • Still early days I suppose.  The Pivot is unique to WP and is a great navigation control.  I hope WP10 does not become the lowest common denominator for the sake of portability.  I think that would be a mistake and shifts the design focus away from UX. The typography changes have been coming for a while now, which I welcome.  No need to consume 30% of your screen real estate with 100pt fonts. But that File Explorer...phew!  What were they thinking?  Hopefully they're not done.
  • <sarcasm>Ok, I will be the one to ask: Where is that "start menu" we were promised with Windows 10 (on the phone)?</sarcasm>
  • In the display settings the gradient color of the bar is ugly and in the start screen I can't see the background image, I prefer my tiles to be completely transparent or at least with less opacity. Also I love white in my phone as opposed to the ones that just want black themes for everything.
  • This is why we have dark and light themes though. If you're set to dark, it should be consistent, same if you're set to light. Jumping back and forth between the two is a little silly.
  • Is it possible to stream music and video to dlna-receivers like the xbox one?
  • I love it, and I know that the longer we wait the better... Cause we don't want to spot out alot of bugs from the OS. Sometimes it's better to wait longer for something that is of high quality.
  • All these folks asking about transparent tiles: Did you actually look at the picture?
  • Pretty sure they're asking about WP8.1 style transparent tiles, not the translucent tiles in W10.
  • Background image is not showing on my L730!!! If I pull notification center up, it shows up briefly, but it returns to black...
  • FYI you can drag\snap keyboard around. Drag using handle on space bar. Also what build number do you guys have? Go to settings, system, about.
  • Oh no, Just lost Cortana (regional issue) oh wait, changing it to U.S region and voice works.....ahem, oh wait, She seems to have forgotten what to do! Glad I used my back uo 635! In my humble opinion "Wait until the cakes baked" this one's too soft in the middle and needs to go back in the oven. Not one for the everyday driver.
  • Looks good so far for a preview. Can't wait to see it progress and become available for my Blu.
  • Who cares windows phones are awful. Biggest mistake I ever made
  • I'd tell you what i think! But i don't have it yet! M8 :(
  • what's that dot over the .com key?
  • It allows you to move your typing cursor around. (not a on-screen mouse) like the Lenovo keyboards.
  • Pointer. Used like a keyboard nub on Lenovo keyboards.
  • Can Cortana still have a dark background in W10?
  • Neenaw, I made that Mistake with a "Crapple Pie" 6 bone. I did have it on loan, good job, I nearly used it as a coaster! There's nothing to defend it other than the screen. At least WP10 preview's usable so far!
  • So everything is a white background now. Goodbye battery, it was nice knowing you when you lasted more than thirty minutes.
  • Try updating my Lumia 630 to Windows 10 and the first update I get is denim, now I get to play with denim less for some minutes while I wait for the windows 10 build to download. Nice try Microsoft...
  • Picture password in signin options???
  • Looks great but, to be honest, the new background setting is a bit ... meh. It looks nice, but it seems it's the same kind of background technology you find in any other phone OS: Static with moving icons. The current background tech used in Win 8.1 is more appealing (to me at least), is different and looks nice. Makes Windows Phones stand from the bunch. I know this was a many times requested feature and I'm glad they included it, I just hope I can decide if I can use that or if I can use the current style with the parallax effect. -------EDIT-------- Just read Jas00555 's comment and I'm glad it's only an option.
  • Not a big fan of the new background system. I'd prefer if there was an option to keep the background "behind" the tiles and scroll with your start screen like in 8.1. Also find the Cortana UI less appealing based on these images. (Id try it myself but i only have a 521 & 810, neither on the list of supported devices)
  • Would love to see how the music app has progressed (or regressed if it's anything like the windows phone 8.1 experience). It's long overdue that a quality music app is available
  • +930
  • Wow, looks so good!!
  • And they finally cleaned up the settings page! mostly.
  • Hamburger menus too hard to reach, background pic or parallax should be an option...
  • Well its... something. Hope the next build is available for 520 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • if there is no transparency tile, it seems i wont upgrade my phone.
  • From the other screenshot galleries that I've seen it's apparent what has yet to be updated (as in they still have Pivot). Looks good otherwise. I'm patiently waiting for the next build (hopefully) to invite the 1520 HK variant to the party
  • The settings remind me of the Vista Control Panel.
  • I like it, the new designed keyboard.
  • Few Apps are not working ( not getting opened ) After Installing WP 10... Such as,
    & Most Importantly You Can't Check App Updates Manually In the Store..
    If you do so your mobile will get Struck..
    & You can't even directly update the app , even if you have direct link for It too...
    And No New apps are getting Downloaded..
    It keeps on showing Downloading .... ( as like Resuming )
    M.S pls solve this problems as soon as possible in future updates..
    I know as this is not a Official Release of WP 10, it'll be having some major bugs too..
    But as a Customer I'm requesting you to pls solve this issues
  • Finally, we getting a brightness slider and more toggle switches! Well done MS! Looking forward to the next big OS coming onto my phone as well as desktop.
  • It's too lagy
  • Please post image with data connection on notifications.   Thanks
  • Can snd apps via Bluetooth. ??.
  • Why update is not available for Lumia 520, is 512 ram supported for windows 10
  • Lumia 630 got the update which has 512 MB ram
  • Why is it Nokia camera??? Shouldn't it be Lumia camera??????
  • Where is Spartan?
  • In Halo 5!!
  • Expanded action buttons is the best new feature. After that, I like the new start screen look. Organized settings is good too but less critical now that there are so many action buttons. Menus and text boxes at the top of the screen need to die a fiery death, of course. And by that I mean be moved to the bottom of the screen where we can actually reach them. Also, the microphone button needs to be on the right unless the user is left-handed.
  • I thihk, the startscreen needs more options:
    1. the choise with new style of background and old style like wp8.1 
    2. I wanna choose the level of transparency of tiles; semi-transporansy, full transporancy and not transporancy at all! I'd love to use non-transporansy tiles and background. 
    3. Please make more colours of tiles or to make each tile was a different color, just like desktop Windows 8.1/10
  • When it will be available for Lumia 520
  • i wish you guys changed the keyboard. ohh wells...
  • Well we got brightness meter
  • What about the Outlook Mail and Calendar Clients? I'm not able to find them
  • Where do you get those beautiful wallpapers for start screen?
  • So Daniel uses a light theme.
  • I think they should've included the "All Settings" button in action center . Also when will we have different icons for notifications from different apps in the top notification area?
  • Feedback:
    1) Bring back the old typography centric headers and no title(header) bars.
    2) Bring pivot pages for each category of settings.
    3) Emoticon button should be brought back. Some way to decrease the height of the keyboard manually. Dictation symbol either in suggestion bar or navigation bar. Addition of Ctrl key with Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V shortcuts. Shift(⬆ )+direction keys(navigon) for text selection. Option to copy multiple instances of texts simultaneously. An icon for cut pasting selected text like copy pasting.
    4) A quick action toggle for turning flash on and of.
    5) Download status in action+notification center.
    6) Downloads page in IE/Spartan.
    Way to change size of pinned live web tiles as well as transparency/translucency options for them.
    7) Top and vertical menu bars in files/photos app should be placed at bottom on top of ellipses bar.
    8) Interactive live tiles i.e. ability to search on Cortana, updating status updates and tweets from live tiles of facebook/twitter, composing new messages on native message app as well as other services like skype/whatsapp/viber, ability to call/text from the vertically scrollable contacts in double down people's tile etc.
    9) Always bright(grey?) option for on screen navigation bar.
    10) Full colour palette for accent colours including white/grey/silver as well as black. Also include user controlled opacity meter for live tiles.
    11) Small, medium, large, extra large font size options for normal text(app list) as well as app titles(headers) and pivotal typography.
    12) Ability to select panoramic images for system apps as well as 3rd party with user controlled blur meter.
  • So Sad!!!
  • Should I be doing it or not??
  • How much time does the download take
  • neden 920 yok 
  • Looking good Microsoft! Windows 10 from phones to tablets to dekstop seems to be killer! Just wodnering, can anyone tell me if there is location settings on a per app basis and system services like that in iOS? 
  • The setting design if change to number pad design will much better. notification icon if can reduce to eight , that's enough. app list can be better if put most used up on it and app list covered by window icon, that are appear on navigation bar. How exciting if got scroll bar beside the apps tile. 
  • Is this the slow or fast update?