Platformer Pixel Slime jumps from Wii to Windows 10 as a universal app

Indie games publisher Freeman Technologies has announced that, in partnership with TD2TL Games & RCMADIAX Games Publishing, it has brought WiiWare title Pixel Slime to Windows 10 as a universal app.

Whether on your Windows Phone or PC, Pixel Slime looks to incorporate some simple gameplay with an interesting mechanic: you're playing for the lowest score possible. You'll take control of a pixel-y slime ball (hence the name) as you jump and twist through 40 levels while trying to snag the lowest score. Each time you die, you have a point added to your score, so be cautious!

You can check out some of the gameplay in the video above. If you're interesting in snagging the game, it can be had at the Windows Store link below for 99 cents.

Download Pixel Slime from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

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  • Welcome Pixel Slime! The more the merrier Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Not working on my 1520 w/ latest W10 IP. Just gives a blank white screen. Humpf...
  • Yeah I have it on my New 3DS XL and now on Windows 10!
  • I hope they won't regret it, I know they won't!
  • When I get off work I'll check this out. So cool that they are supporting Windows!
  • There's a game kinda like this on the iOS Store called Bouncing Slime. Granted, this looks better
  • Really
  • We have the official now and they have the clown app:)
  • Nice!
  • it doesn't work on my windows phone and desktop, there always a blank screen.
  • Not working for me either. Just gives a white screen on my 925 and gets stuck at the splash screen on my DV8P.
  • "Universal" so exciting to see "universal"
  • Free trial available
  • Doesn't feel like appealing, judging by the picture
  • Not working, just a white screen
  • I'm not sure I'm gonna like it but I totally love the support so I will surely give it a try
  • Let's Wii games coming to Windows 10 !!! Next: Super Mario Bros ?  ;-)
  • Wii games -> universal for windows 10 -> Xbox one ;)
  • lol, Pixel Slime is not a WiiWare game and it's never was in development for Wii. For shame WindowsCentral, you don't even know that Pixel Slime was released on Wii U thru eShop.
  • Very nice, but it doesn't work...