Plex coming to Xbox One

One of the cooler announcements from BUILD this year was the support for universal applications — software that can run on more than one Windows-powered device. It appears that Plex, the popular fork of the XBMC project, is going to take advantage of this and is coming to the Xbox One. Want to hear even better news? Since the Xbone can't yet run these apps, a stand-alone version is also coming as soon as it is ready!{.nofollow}

Tyson Edwards, posting in the official Plex forums{.nofollow}, broke the news:

I would like to make you all aware of some very exciting news...Microsoft has approved the development of a Plex Client for Xbox One.That is correct, we have been granted membership into ID@Xbox specifically for the development and eventual release of Plex for Xbox One.This is in no way saying that it will be coming next week, or even next month, but starting tonight I will be applying my first test code to an Xbox One.More details will be coming soon.Thank you very much for your patience in this matter, and thank you very much for your support.

An official Dashboard update is expected soon that will allow universal applications to run on the Xbox One, and hopefully Plex will be ready with the universal app then. In the meantime, get ready for Plex on your Xbox One soon.

Via: TNW

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