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Pocket Casts for Windows Phone: Now available to supercharge your podcast experience

I'll confess something. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but I nearly always avoid using my Windows Phone to do so. Why? Because I've used and enjoyed Pocket Casts on other platforms so much over the years that I could never feel as comfortable with something else. And there are some good apps to choose from.

Now, Shifty Jelly, has brought it to Windows Phone for the first time. It was teased a short time ago but as of today it has officially launched in the Windows Phone Store. And it's a good 'un.

So, what makes it so good? We'll start with the developer's own description:

"This is the simplest and most powerful podcast app on the Windows Phone platform. The app draws on Windows Phone design principles while maintaining the familiar Pocket Casts UI.""Pocket Casts delegates podcast parsing to our online servers. Other clients spend time at launch checking each subscription one-by-one to see if there are any new episodes. Pocket Casts makes one call to one server and receives many results at once. Thanks to the server based parsing, Pocket Casts can refresh hundreds of podcasts in only a few seconds, so you can start listening sooner."

Pocket Casts

Part of the big appeal of Pocket Casts is cross-device syncing. Be that multiple Windows Phones, iPhone, iPad, Android, the web, or a mixture of all, you can take your podcasts pretty much anywhere and keep everything perfectly synchronized. It requires a free sync account, but once you've done that, you need never worry again.

It doesn't just sync your subscriptions, either. Your favorites and even current progress can be carried across from device to device. And that's all pretty sharp.

Since your subscriptions can refresh on their own, Pocket Casts allows you to set latest episodes to automatically download when you're on a Wifi connection. It works as well as advertised and means you've always got your latest listens ready and waiting, especially when cellular connectivity is going to become an issue. The default setting will check for new episodes every hour, but you're able to change this to between 30 mins and 12 hours at some set intervals. Or, just check manually. Your call.

"Users can create episode filters to match whichever criteria they'd like. Want a list of every downloaded but unplayed episode? How about a list of video episodes that you haven't downloaded yet? Easy with these filters. "

Pocket Casts

It doesn't forget the basics, though. And that is, it's a good podcast listening app. If you want to listen at reduced or increased speed, not a problem. There's a sliding scale between 0.5x and 2x to change listening speed that you can apply to specific, or all of your podcasts. If you missed something, tap a button to go back 10 seconds at a time. If you want to skip on, no worries, a tap will punt you forward 45 seconds. Or, you can just scroll, as you can in any good music player app.

Better still, you can change those defaults of 10 and 45 seconds. Customize to your own liking. Just like you can tell Pocket Casts to stream or download by default.

The rich experience continues with support for full show notes and an "Up next" queue to create a constant playlist. And for those that will ask, yes, you swipe between the headings, no taps required.

Pocket Casts

So far, it's all been about the listening experience. But Pocket Casts is also pretty handy when it comes to finding new shows to listen to. It's got a fantastic Discover section which has a whole host of shows to recommend to you. There's three headings: Featured, Trending and Most Popular. All pretty self explanatory, but all well worth browsing through if your library needs freshening up. Or you can just search, as you'd expect.

So, what's it like to actually use when you put all this together? I'm fortunate enough to have been playing around with it for a few weeks now and I'm not at all disappointed. This isn't some half-baked 'port' for Windows Phone. This is the real deal, the proper Pocket Casts, and it's excellent. Shifty Jelly has done some fine work, and if you're a cross-platform device user, this is definitely the one to have. Even if you're not, it's up there with the very best podcast apps Windows Phone has to offer. There are a couple of things it doesn't currently support, like the import/export of OPML files (though it is something Pocket Casts deals with elsewhere, so it's possible for the future) and there doesn't seem to be any current support for video podcasts.

And it's only just arrived. But if you've been looking for something to devour your podcasts and haven't yet found something that feels right, check out Pocket Casts. Because it could be the one you've been waiting for.

QR: Pocket Casts

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Wow so fast... It was said a week before that it's making a way here.. Hope further updates comes in same way Its features are looking brilliant
  • So much work from the developers and tomorrow MS will announce android apps in windows phones...which will make all the effort worthless.
  • It is only a rumor.
  • If they do this, it will kill WP. Surely they must realise that, as it's patently obvious.
  • WTF? No it won't.
  • Ssshhhh. The developer of this newly published app is reading and replying to comments. Keep mum.
  • Enabling Android app support in Blackberry really gave those wait, it didn't. I could go on about this for literal days, but building native is always going to be different to just porting some Android app over. You won't have the same APIs and it will be hobbled to all hell. We _always_ build natively for every platform we're on. That's how you get the best results long term and as indie devs who care about the quality of our product, there's no other way :)
  • "...different to just porting some Android [crap] over..." is what I think you meant.
  • Exactly! And would you quit developing for Windows just because it had some ability to run Adroid apps in a container? Thurrott thinks you would.
  • Because the compeition is much tougher. Also, with those well established versions of Android apps, do you think there is any chance for WP apps to outshine them??? No way. Rudy apps may seems to be excellent now, but with Android apps start to pour in, all his apps will no longer shine as they are now.
  • Well put
  • No it won't. A native app is still superior. If they want the most users, they'll want a native Windows app. It sounds like they're here to compete.
  • You do realize that anyone running Android OS has to pay Microsoft to run it.... They basically own Android yes theres technicalities but a slave is a slave no mattet the ethnicities
  • Having Android Apps has helped nobody. Blackberry, Jola and Amazon are classic examples.
  • But Windowsphone is better than BB , JOLLA & AMAZON
  • They probably won't, more likely they will announce easy ways to port android code to their platform, or even have a java compiler so you can code windows apps in java with native performance.
  • Sadly now seems to be abandoned and is full of bugs. Wont download anything in background for example.
  • Alright Devine.  I've been hoping to get into Podcasts and on your word alone, I'm goin' in with this app. Looks good so we'll check it out.
  • Windows store is growing more and more...
  • Oh yeah. And it was a nice week for wp since there was no news of any app leaving wp.
  • The best benefit to me is syncing across all devices, but I don't want to pay $4 per devices of different OSes.
  • If they are different OSes...i think you should have to pay
  • Universal app?
  • Funny you ask that, because a lot of these bone heads keep saying that Universal apps in W8.1/WP8.1 aren't yet Universal apps... Doesn't really make any sense, when we know they are. MS says they are, WC says they are... SMDH.. We've been using COMPLETELY Universal apps since W8.1......
    Why do people think this is new to W10❓
  • W8.1 are universal apps, dot.
  • Tell that to your friends..... They argue that they are Universal only in looks, and synchronization..
    I beg to differ, and say that from what MS says, and what we learned at Build 2014, they are already apps with shared code... They also say that the Universal app symbol in the store isn't a Universal app symbol, rather just a "purchase once, download twice", symbol...... Lol❗
  • Technically speaking, most universal apps out today would need to be rewritten once their APIs were complete.
    Hence not actually universal yet. Little incentive to develop for an unfinished platform. Not developer friendly either!
  • So, why does that not make them universal❓ Are you saying they would have to be recompiled for W10, or that they are technically not Universal❓ As far as we know they are, from the core, universal.
  • WinRT for mobile and desktop only contain a subset of the APIs available on both OSes, and neither runtimes have fully converged.  There is no Skype Universal app (WinRT) because VoIP API is nonexistent for WP8.1... You can imagine how this might roadblock a developer working on a complex app. Want to know why WinRT never took off?
  • Here is one of the quotes from the link:
    I agree with you but XNA games can run on Windows 8 desktop PCs/Laptops. I hope Microsoft may come up with some kind of library similiar to XNA to help XNA developers. They may have to plan to port XNA from DirectX 9.0 to 11.0 or they may come up with version of XNA just specific to Windows 8 Metro. If they do that they will see great number of 2D/3D XNA apps for sure. XNA is really easy to use since it hides all the inner plumbing and provide re-usable library code which helps a lot.
    As it stands, Universal apps do not help developers.  All Universal apps do is increase the amount of apps across Windows devices :/ I wonder what they will announce later this afternoon...
  • I see the difference.. Nice❗
  • 8.1 offers the ability to create a universal app, but only if the developer does so. It is still possible to make 8.1 apps that are not universal. As far as I can tell this app is only for phone.
  • Sure.. The same applies to W10.. The developer is commenting below. We can ask if he plans to make it universal in the future.
  • Some apps on Windows Phone 8.1, are silverlight or WinRT apps and some on Windows 8.1 are WinJS, so they can't be Universal apps. (native MS apps) ;) But, if the app is WinRT+WinRT, like Flipboard or WinJS+WinJS like (Tweetium) you can be sure that is Universal. The diference, is that 8.1 apps just share the code and not the design (XAML). So isn't really universal. Windows 10 apps are 100% universal. Is one Package (one .appx to PC, Phone)   Calendar, Mail, People, Music, Video on Windows 8.1 are WinJS. Calendar, WinRT on Windows Phone 8.1 Music, Video are Silverlight apps on Windows Phone 8.1 People, Mail, is a low level app, native on WP 8.1 
  • I see.. Understood. Nice summary. Thanks❕
  • A universal app is one where you have one complete, self contained set of code for the core app and the various UI code for every device form factor it might run on. It's one app in one store that can be installed and run on a phone, PC, tablet, Xbox, Surface Hub, etc. Windows 8.1 apps were distinct and different from Windows Phone 8.1 apps, This was necessary because the OSes could not run each other's apps.
  • Lot of official apps coming in.... This always happens around build.
  • Is this Windows Phone only, or can I install it as well on my Surface 2?
  • Ps oh hell, loved it on Android, so ill take a chance on it for WinPhone... Just wish one could kick the tires a bit before buying it. Will just do one less Starbucks trip today :-)
  • I spread paid for the Android version. I shouldn't have to pony up again...
  • I appreciate that sentiment, but I spent 3 months of my life building this app. If you want to see it grow and be maintained, $4 isn't a lot to ask once off is it?
  • Do you plan to make this app Universal in the future❓
  • One step at a time. Making a universal app is not some magical checkbox we can push, you have to design the UI and functionality that makes sense as your app moves between the different platforms. The app is written in a way that the code is universal, but it would take a lot of work to support it. All of which means, we'll see, it's a possibility for the future.
  • Great, and we completely understand.. Thanks for your support❗❗❗❗❗❗
    Just, one more question....... I see this is your first WP app... Why exactly is it that you chose to finally support WP❓ Is it because you see promise in WP itself❓ W10 is promising❓ Demand from WP fans❓ You personally like WP❓ Or, was it out of sheer pity❓ lol... But, seriously... What's your reasoning❓❓
  • Good question. Some of the main reasons: -the amount of people that contacted us, it wears you down after a while. -all the buzz around Windows 10, and it looking like MS is going all in on Windows Phone. For a while with the split between 7.0, 8.0, 8.1 and WinRT it all just looked a bit messy to even bother. -playing with new tech. I love anything new and shiny and C# was right up my alley having done a lot of Java coding before, so it was fun to play with Do I see promise in WP? Sure, but I won't lie to you it feels like right now is when it's all happening for this platform. Either it takes off in a big way over the next few years or it dies slowly and MS kills it off. I'm hoping for the first one obviously, otherwise we wouldn't be here ;)
  • Nice❗❗❗ I hear you loud and clear.. Cool.
    I lied, another question.... In your opinion, is it just as easy developing for WP, as iDroid❓ Or, in order what's the easiest, to the hardest, platform to develop for❓Which is most annoying❓ And, don't say me.
  • What is this, like a Reddit AMA or something? Ok last answer one :-P Funnily enough MS I'd say has the best SDK and IDE out there. Eaisly better than iOS and Android. They have the nicest language in C# as well (though that's a religious debate that I don't want to argue with people over). That said it's actually the hardest one to develop for. Main reasons: - nowhere near enough people developing for it, which means not many good third party libraries and common problems are often hard to find answers for. So a lot of people end up re-inventing the same thing. In terms of libraries, soooo many abandoned wp 7.0 and 8.0 libraries that look like they were good in there day. - the confusion over 7.0 -> 8.0 -> 8.1 API changes. As a new developer when you go looking through documentation it's really hard to make sure you've found the right APIs to be using, and even then it's hard if you don't know the history of how things changed through those transitions. Felt like a history lesson in some respects ;) - it's just not as streamlined when it comes to building UIs as iOS is. It's probably on par with Android in this respect. The above might sound negative, but like I said, those things aside it's the best of the 3 development platforms. Just my 2 cents. Don't hurt me ;)
  • Seems as though Microsoft is working on UI consistency with W10, if that's what you mean.
    You schooled me a lot.. That's perfect, and those are the exact answers I was looking for.. Just your honest opinion.. Like I said before, thanks for supporting WP...
  • Its probably only easy if devs kill off older versions of roid
  • You sold me. I'm in!
  • True. Thanks for supporting the platform.
  • It would be nice if there was a trial mode that had a limited number of background syncs or something... Because I am more than happy and willing to pay for an app that I like and use, but I'm not inclined to spend $4 on something that might not function any better than what I already use.
  • There's no trial mode for now. It's just an odd philosophy that we have. As independent app developers we decided to always put a price on our work. No ads, no free trials, no in app purchases. Just a once off, fair cost for an app. I understand that for some people that puts them off, and that's the price we pay, but we feel overall it really works for us. Plus those that have bought Shifty Jelly apps before know that they always get quality and ongoing updates and support :)
  • I downloaded your app last night based off what Richard told is in another article and I'm glad that I did. Your app is awesome it's worth the money, the user interface is amazing great mix of hamburger and swiping. I can't wait to see what features you will add.
  • Sold - looking forward to trying it out.
  • I gladly own it for Android, iOS and now Windowsphone. This is the best podcast app available and well worth it.
  • Well, they can't make an app literally universal between platforms.. Well, they can, but they aren't yet....
    What you're looking for is an other side of the black hole app....
  • I gotta say... even though it was a little bit off topic... rodneyej's little mini-interview of rustyshelf was probably the most interesting & insightful commentary I have seen on here in a while. It is very interesting to get a developer's direct & candid take on developing for this platform compared to the others both from an effort standpoint and a motivation standpoint. Thanks for being responsive, rustyshelf, and excellent app!
  • I think you should...
  • Looks like in line with W10 design, nice! Bring it on and those Android apps too!!! In fact bring as much of anything apps!
  • Can you guys do a hands-on video? I'm not a heavy podcast listener, but I like what I see. Since it has no trial, I'm not sure if its worth buying it since I usually listen to only 2 or 3 podcasts. But the app looks great! It's always nice to welcome great apps to Windows!
  • Does this app allow you to just set a podcast to keep playing? I have lots of podcasts I listen to that have very short episodes and I like that the stock podcast app (crappy as it is) lets me play them all in a row without having to start each episode or make a playlist or anything.
  • There's an "up next" queue. Add what you like and off you go.
  • But can you just tell a particular podcast to play, and have it advance automatically from episode to episode without my intervention?
  • This is incredibly great news. Pocket Casts is one of the things that has me hooked on Android (plus CalDAV and IMAP email support) and it's the best app I've ever used on Android. Having it on Windows as a universal app is simply amazing especially since it syncs across platforms. I don't even use my Lumia 925 anymore, only tinkering with Windows 10 on it, but I'm going to buy this app on the app store just to support this excellent developer and hopefully keep it improving so it's waiting for me when I can return to the Windows platform for my phone. On Windows 8 and 8.1 I actually really liked the different first-party apps and I have a serious bias for first-party apps in general, but my experience with Pocket Casts on Android makes this a must buy.    EDIT: Ah crap. Not supported on Windows 10 TP, also doesn't appear to be a universal app. Hopefully Shifty Jelly will get there once Windows 10 is GA.
  • That's funny because when I was on android (coming from WP7.5) I found no podcast apps that were as functional as the podcast support built into the old Zune music hub and pocket casts was one of the ones I used. That's one of the reasons I'm unwilling to pay for it here without being able to try it first
  • Any chance of Cortana integration? I'd pay for that, otherwise I'll just keep making do with the MS podcast app.
  • what kind of thing would you like to be able to do?
  • Cortana,play latest podcast from diytryin
  • makes sense, thanks. We've got a list of things we're looking into for future versions so I've added that :)
  • Pocket Casts is my podcast app on Android and iOS. Glad to see it make it's way to Windows Phone. You guys are in for a treat!
  • Make it Universal and I'll buy it for sure... Or does anybody know if when an app that is not Universal is updated to be universal, will the user who paid for the phone version be able to install on the tablet as well? If so I'm buying this now. I need it on my phone more than on my tablet anyways.
  • Yes me too.
  • You can buy now, and later the app will be "free" on the PCs. Afterlight first come to WP and after to Windows and was this way.
  • Thank you!
  • How does this compare to Podcast Lounge? Would like to know before I have to buy one less coffee, coffee is very important to me...
  • Don't buy one less coffee, just pretend you're are treating a friend to a coffee... Then never buy another friend a coffee... Ever.
  • Seems like a win-win situation, I like your thinking! ;)
  • Right now, based on a few minutes of testing, I have to say that Podcast Lounge is superior. PL's on-the-fly playlist building isn't present in PC, as far as I can tell. Neither is PL's OPML file support and OneDrive usage. Had I known these things, I would not have bought. Pocket Casts. The hype on Windows Central seems to have been a disservice to the readers...
  • Always someone who reacts this way. No matter the app. OPML support is in other versions of PC, so its something the devs support. If its not here there's a reason for it right now.
  • OPML import/export is coming in the next update. On an episode page tap the '+' to add it to your Up Next list. You can do that from any of our lists, and it goes straight to the full screen player queue. We're going to be making this even better in future versions. What our Android and iOS apps look like today is not how they looked in version 1.0 and the same is true here.
  • As a podcast lounge fan and daily user I agree that PC is missing some key features around playlists. I understand this is v1 and felt good paying $4 to see the app mature.
  • I would have been happy to wait for a more full-featured app - the release was a surprise, more so, now, given the comparisons we can make. Given the responsiveness of the developer, I'm okay with having paid. It'd be nice to see something like Downcast's import of archived podcasts add to PC - I don't know if any WP podcast app that does that.
  • Any other Podcast Lounge users who can tell about their experience with this new app?
  • I'm also curious to find out. I do like the idea of faster syncs and the 10s skip back feature. The 30s in PL is too much. Without a trial, I'm loathe to spend £3 to replace an app that already suits my needs, but I'll have a look into it a bit more shortly.
  • I bought it. I can't wait to use it
  • Looks really nice
  • Pretty awsome, I'm a big podcast listener and this app is great on android . One less app i gotta worry about not having once I get my L640 : )
  • Can anyone who's purchased tell me if it has transparent tiles?
  • we don't put a background color on our tile, if that's what you mean? So it picks up the colour you choose or transparency if you have a background pic.
  • Perfect. Buying now, thanks!
  • Why buy something that do the same thing that Microsoft podcasts App do?
  • This is far better than the stock app.
  • Wow no trial mode ???? why do develepors still do this ???
  • Some devs just like to see the world buuurn :p
  • Hey Rusty, as a former user of Pocketcasts on Android for years, I can't express enough gratitude for your hard work bringing this over to WP. I gladly paid the $4 as soon as I got word it was out (thanks WC) and I hope you have a pint on me. Do you think you'll be able to maintain it as frequently as you do on Android, and if so can we look forward to the same hilarious change logs?
  • ha ha you know I hadn't even thought of that. This might just end up killing me...having to write change logs for three different platforms!
  • ISOMETRIC FTW!! /fanboy
  • Hi Russel aka shustyrelf. I have never heard of your app before today, but I am giving it a go now after seeing all the appreciation for your earlier work.
  • thanks! I love your re-spelling of my name too :)
  • Sounds good, but I'm down with Windows Phone , and My Lumia comes preinstalled with podcast and I'm sticking with that.
  • I'm feeling all nostalgic from my HTC trophy days with Zune. I'll try this app on drying everything just for the cross platform syncing
  • Longtime fan of Podcast Lounge, but I bought this to support the devs and will test it out. Already not thrilled that this doesn't offer a way to import an existing list of subscribed podcasts. :|
  • coming in the next update, didn't quite make the cut for version 1.0 :)
  • Richard Devine I have to laugh about you still using this app on Android. I carried my old iPhone for months after I got my 920 because I could not find a replacement for Instacast.
  • Laugh away. Used this since it came out and never looked back.
  • Is it free to use the web version once you've bought the app? Since there is no trial I wanted to try the web version on Windows 8 first so I registered and now it tells me that I can try it for 14 days and then it's 9$. So if I buy the app for 5$, will I also have to pay 9$ to use the web version on Windows 8?
  • These guys are a small developer. It's not unreasonable to pay to support a great app/service. That's what pays for ongoing support.
  • Yeah, I never said it was unreasonable, I was just asking since it wasn't clear if one unlocked the other or not.
  • Each version of their app is its own entity. I assume the paid nature goes into supporting each different variant. Windows/Windows Phone users have a better prospect: See above, there's chance this can be a universal app in the future.
  • The web app is a once off fee of $9, yeah. To cover server costs etc. Most people don't need it, once you have the app your phone tends to be wherever you are anyway :)
  • Here I m still waiting for an update of Instagram
  • Does this support password-protected podcasts? Given that updating is server-based, how are passwords handled and stored?
  • Bump.
  • Just bought it. Love it already.
  • I have zero problem buying a high quality app like this. They've obviously invested alot of resources into it. The half baked versions geta trial. That's it. SOLD!!! Code is art.  
  • Great way to end the day seeing this released. I consider this one of those "no brainer" app purchases. For those of you new to the Shifty Jelly dev team, if they treat this like their iOS and Android release, you can expect frequent updates and plenty of humor and personality as you have already seen via the comment interaction so far. It's a shame more devs do not tend to their apps like this. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • And it only requires internet connection! Nothing else!
  • Bought it but I can't see to watch my video podcasts
  • You know, not something I thought of since I've never used a podcast app for a video podcast. Just had a quick look and it doesn't look like this version supports it. Will add to the post.
  • I greatly appreciate the hard work and interest the developer put forth in brining this badly needed app to WP. However, you describe it as "not some half baked app..." - no video support certainly sounds half baked to me.
  • Video podcasts will currently play as audio. That's on our todo list though :)
  • With many on this forum wanting a free trial consider making this a free app until video support is added. It is not complete until then so why charge for an incomplete product? BTW, I already paid for this app not knowing it does not yet support video. I have no use for it now but will use it once video is supported.
  • You can't ship everything people want in a version 1, but that's why developers like us release updates. We take on board your feedback, and mold that into new features. We hear you, you want video, and as I said that's on my todo list ;)
  • STILL NO VIDEO PODCAST SUPPORT! The developer made a huge deal about "not abandoning" this project and video support would be comming soon. None, nada, zero, zipo, nothing in 7 months. Just empty promises :( Come on Shifty Jelly (rustyshelf)...release this as a univerdsal app or at least get the video support working like you promised. I want what I paid for!!!!!!!!!
  • Whoa. Had I known it lacked support for video podcasts I would have waited to buy. Sorry Richard Devine, but that's kind of a big hole in your review process. Now that I think about it, perhaps you actually should be trying other podcast apps to get a better sense of how they compare.
  • Hmm, no video is kind of :'( But ill wait, already paid now so.
  • Brilliant. Glad to see Pocket Casts is here on Windows Phone! Time to sync all the things.
  • Hey @rustyshelf, For a first version of this app, this is WONDERFUL!  Great design and works great on my Lumia 920.  Can't wait to see more updates from you :-)
  • Hey! Thanks :)
  • @rustyshelf I'm enjoying the app on WP. I love it on iOS and Android. It has been a very long time since the WP app was updated. When is the next update planned? I need some feature parity.
  • I dont get all the people crying for $4 . We all complain about how bad is the app situation for the WP ecosystem then a great app arrives (never heard of It) and yall (not all but you know who) making the developer feel unappreciated for his hard work. Smfh... If you broke, might as well start wearing leggings, I mean why u need the pockets for..... To the developer thanks for the support in WP ecosystem. I'll buy your app just to show support cuz I dont listen to podcasts.
  • Thanks! We killed ourselves laughing over your 'might as well start wearing leggings' line!
  • I decided to purchase to support the developer and to get a decent podcast app. I'm not disappointed it is a very good version 1 and I've discovered new interesting content. Thanks for supporting Windows phone!
  • Thanks and welcome aboard! He's hoping you like where it goes over the next few versions :)
  • I bought the app. It performs very nicely. I'd love to see the guys bring their AU weather app to Windows Phone and Windows. A decent, BOM sourced app is sorely missing. It's great to support local talent.
  • It's public knowledge that the BOM tendered for a WP app. As far as I know it was meant to ship last year. So maybe soon?
  • ohhh, came THAT close to buying before I saw the lack (for now) of support for video playback. That is a big one for me. I saw the $4 and thought, "no thanks", but the comments here lauding it and the comments from the author won me over. Once video is added I'm in too.
  • I haven't heard anything about that. I know that the BOM made a mobile friendly website mid last year. On Windows and Windows Phone you can pin a location to your start screen and have a nice looking icon, but it doesn't show current temp/forcast or anything like that.
  • I'll throw my hat off for a universal app. I already bought the app on WP and I would love the opportunity to play something on the go and come home to continue playing it on my desktop :) The only thing that I can see is that it might canabalize the web version. But I wouldn't mind paying another 5 dollars for the Windows app. That would make it 9 dollars for WP+Desktop versions (equal to the web version) :)
  • Huge podcast listener here. April 28 was my B-Day, so I decided to treat myself to this. I will give this a try, and either use this or Podcast Lounge which is my choice for listening right now. Happy to support app development. Happy to support Podcasts. Happy to have options. Happy to have good news!!!
  • Hope you had a nice B-Day.
  • i'm nowhere in the podcast scene.
    never listened to any.
    but this app looks so beautiful and feature-full, i feel like buying it! :D
    to the developer, thanks for supporting windows phone. it is people like you that give our community hope for a better future. (i know that sounds like some poor guy's lines in a drama movie, but still!) :)
  • Bought it. But it is not a universal app so beware of that.
  • well, too bad there's no trial. I currently only listen to one podcast anyways so for me the built in podcast app does the job. Still would be nice to try out what this app does better.
  • That's my problem, too.
  • Hey guys and rustyshelf! I am going to purchase this even though I use podcast lounge, because I like the look of the UI but mostly because of the developer and his honest answers in the coms section! Sometimes you have to wonder wether it is a human that spits these apps out, and you proved that you are 100% human! :) I hope you keep your word with the regular updates! Thank you for supporting such a (grumpy most the time) great ecosystem!
  • I will probably switch to this eventually, because of the UI. Look at me talking to myself..
  • Wow, it never felt so good to be 100% human ;)
  • Can this app import subscribed podcasts from the stock Podcasts app?
  • not currently, but we're working on OPML import/export and a lot of other apps support this standard
  • As long as it playback stuff flawless I couldn't care less, and recently most podcast apps have failed annoyingly. So I'm giving this a try.
  • It works like a charm. It's pure awesome!
  • Just purchased, brilliant, just what I was looking for
  • Purchased.  Works fine.  One minor point : The thumbnails of my subscribed podcasts don't appear on my phone.
  • Mine didn't at first but I gave it a minute and they popped up, have you tried it again since?
  • Yes.  Maybe it's because I'm not using wifi at this moment.
  • Still looks like this.  When it changes I'll let you know.   
  • Try a reboot mine was fine after that
  • Tried reboot, re-install, refreshing, etc... nothing helps.  Anyone else having this problem ?
  • With the wifi at home I have the thumbnails ! :-)  I see that everytime I open the app it has to load the thumbnails again.  The downloading of podcasts doesn't go as fast as Podcast Lounge and there's no live tile.  Now I'll try it out for a few weeks.
  • Buying this in a heartbeat, looks absolutely amazing!
  • Bought, is very fast and I've just added a load of new podcasts that I'd not seen before. Kudos to the devs.
  • Just bought it. Works great. Many thanks to the developers. Keep up the good work.
  • What is podcast guys???
  • Smaller internet video/radio shows that can be subscribed to s one way to describe it. Lot of specific topics so often easy to find interesting stuff to listen /watch.
    As a example: If you like Windows Phone, "All About Windows Phone" is a nice podcast that is updated once a week, dedicated to Windows Phone ONLY. Podcasts is never live, but can be through other services then apps. If you like Microsoft talk there currently not any good ones active anymore and Windows Weekly, that have been the king of podcasts for Microsoft stuff, and have the wonderful Paul Thurrott, have been going downhill somewhat with more and more Apple and Google talk or side tracks from the show host.
  • Have you heard of the MS Mobile Show? I would recommend giving it a listen if you are looking for a Microsoft devices/services podcast.
  • Fantastic! I use this on Android, iOS and the web! It was well worth the money! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • would definitely try this soon but wow their desktop site has already been updated with available from windows phone store and with pictures of Nokia Lumia's as well  
  • Wow.  Just looking at the screenshots was enough to get me to shell out $4 for this.  Looks like the podcast app I've been waiting for.
  • I love this app, it looks and feels amazing! And hey; if this is how W10 apps are going to look, I got no complaints!
  • I'm an Android guy, but I do have a Windows phone to play with to make sure I keep up on that ecosystem (currently a Lumia 635).  I use it for media playback on occasion but having the ability to sync my pocketcasts account to use it for podcasts is going to mean I use that phone about 10x more than I do now....when the Windows 10 build on it isn't crashing :D
  • For me this is probably the biggest app release for Windows Phone that could have happened. This answers one of the areas where the platform was lacking for me.  Awesome news, this is the best Podcasting App. I use the iOS, Android, and web versions. Now I will use the Windows Phone version too.
  • Looks fantastic, the best podcast app I've found so far is iPodcast but this app has become very unstable lately and often loses downloads.   Just one question, the pocket casts website suggest taht web account is paid for, does this app purchase include free web syncing or have I missed the point here? Just be nice to be able to subscribe to podcasts from a web interface and have them download to the phone
  • You get a free 14 day (I believe) trial. After the trial is up, the web version will set you back $9 USD. But if you do buy that, you can have all of your podcasts synced across any OS you have purchased the apps for.
  • Just purchased and installed on my 635.  Already listening to a podcast after a few minutes of setup. Many thanks for this app.  Nice to see it in the WP stable. Thanks again.
  • It seems very promising (then again, so did CastCenter and quit a few other podcasts apps not worth their cost), but I can't help but $4 with no trial is a little steep. If you're going to charge that much, even a timed trial seems necessary.  I guess I've just bought too many podcast apps that flat-out don't update or don't autodownload. This seems like it might have some features ChannelWize doesn't...can anyone tell me if 1) autodownload actually works and 2) it can display individual show art for a podcast (for example, podcasts that regularly change their cover art for each episode?). 
  • Lack of apps ----- complain 4 bucks (cost of a Happy Meal?) for a very popular app on other platforms  ----- complain Hung with a new rope ----- complain  
  • I don't see how it's an unfair complaint--I don't want a free app, just one I can try out, if only temporarily.  Especially since, as this thread demonstrates, it doesn't work right for everyone.  if your comment was directed at me, anyway, I'd say we have an abundance of podcast apps right now. :P
  • Everyone complaining about the $4 price tag. I have two words for you: Bing Rewards.
    That's how I get around the "dilemma" of an app or coffee (I just make coffee at home). You already do searches using Cortana. Just save up the rewards, buy the $5 card and support the devs who support the platform we enjoy so much.
  • Yes yes yes! 4 bucks is a small price to pay for a quality app. Thank you!
  • Bought. Not a big listener of podcasts but appreciative of hard work and support of the format.
  • This is FANTASTIC! I use this app every day and switch between iOS and's always in sync and it's my go to cross platform podcast app.I have nothing but good to say about this app and i'll be buying it right now. Thank you SJ! :)  
  • I'm going to buy this app just on principle even though I'm a simple -- download file, play file -- kind of guy. Thanks to dev for making it. Btw (to anyone), does it work well as a simple player?
  • It does work as a simple podcast player.
  • Thanks. I'm not seeing any controls for moving around the file. Don't need my hand held. Would just like to know they exist.
  • LOL at myself. Yeah, I'm going to buy it. Like I need to wait until I've accumulated the money or something. OK -- purchased.
  • Alright, found the controls. Nice app. Happy to pay for it and contribute any way I can to future WP dev incentive.    
  • Fuck that, $4. If it was half that I'd consider it. It's only for podcasts for godssake
  • I give it 4 out of 5 stars on WP since this app is nearly the best implementation of cross-platform, cloud-based podcatcher app on WP. Several missing features and version 1.0 cons are holding back that fifth star from me. For the price, I expect a lot more. See my list of pros, cons and requested features here: