Pocket Explorer for Windows Phone 8.1 updated with thumbnail view and more

Last week we told you guys and gals about two new file explorers for Windows Phone 8.1. One of them, Pocket Explorer, just picked up a really nice update. It’s a really nice app that allows you to manage your documents, downloads and much more! Let’s check out the latest release of Pocket Explorer for Windows Phone 8.1.

Head to the Windows Phone Store and you’ll see Pocket Explorer sitting at version Here’s what’s new and different in this release of Pocket Explorer:

  • Feels faster
  • (NEW) Thumbnail view added
  • Better support for very large folders
  • Multiple crash fixes
  • Accurate properties for folders
  • (NEW) Can move/copy multiple folders at once
  • (NEW) Can cancel file operations

Ha. It probably does feel faster. Jokes aside, this update will be welcomed by the community. Most crashes that users have been reporting seem to be fixed. Let us know if you experienced crashes with Pocket Explorer and whether or not this update fixed them.

You’ll also notice the new ability to move and copy multiple folders at once. In addition, you can now cancel file operations using the app.

Looking ahead, the developer informs us that we can look forward to things like OneDrive support, prettier/colored thumbnails, sorting options and a possible search function. When Pocket Explorer picks up this update we’ll let you know!

Pocket Explorer is a free app for Windows Phone 8.1 users. The trial is fully functional, you’ll notice a banner on the bottom asking you to upgrade. Other than there’s no difference between the trial and paid version of the app.

Download Pocket Explorer from the Windows Phone Store.

Via: Reddit

QR: Pocket Explorer

Sam Sabri